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The Beastars is a Japanese manga series in the genre of romantic comedy, mystery, romance and suspense. Written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. Beastars has 22 volumes and the manga publication period was from September 8, 2016 to October 8, 2020.

The anime aired on Netflix had its adaptation from October 8, 2019 and still continues to release new episodes. The series has already been awarded and was the first Akita Shoten title to receive the Manga Taisho award. The details and trivia of Beastars you check now.

Beastars Plot

The story portrays the animal life with everyday human attributions, such as work, family, responsibility and others. Conflict exists because of the coexistence of carnivores and herbivores. The carnivore that eats meat is seen as a prejudice, so they are given special rations so that they do not have this need.

The protagonist of Beastars is a gray wolf called the Legoshi. He is shy, nerdy and studies at Cherryton High School where he shares a room with other carnivorous students.

Legoshi is a member of the school's drama group and helps lead Louis the Red Deer into stardom. Until one day Tem, the Alpaca is brutally murdered and devoured. There is no way to identify the killer, but the other animals begin to suspect Legoshi for being a carnivore with a reputation for being ferocious.

Beastars - Meet Beastars - The Good Wolf Story

Legoshi ends up meeting another classmate, a bunny named Haru, and will need to understand the conflict between her new feelings and the predatory instinct. But over time he became part of the gardening group in which the rabbit was the only member, and she had the reputation of being a "flirt". Haru was poorly spoken among herbivores, with time the wolf began to have feelings for her. But, Legoshi found out that she had a relationship with Louis the red deer.

The Beatstars was a representative of society that came out of the school community and Louis tried at all costs to get the title, always keeping up appearances and showing no weaknesses. For this achievement it was necessary to leave the boarding school and go to the community for the event that would be chosen to be the Beatstars.

The carnivores could not eat meat either, but there was an illegal meat market run by a gang of lions called the Shishigumi. Legoshi and other carnivores went to this market, which for him was new, but for his colleagues and their families it was common to eat there. But, the wolf was very instigated upon smelling the food, so a panda bear named Gohin captures him until he calms down. The bear is a doctor responsible for the rehabilitation of meat addicts who cannot contain themselves in society and attack other members of society. And to fulfill his role, Gohin uses brute force.

Beastars - Meet Beastars - The Good Wolf Story

The Shishigumi group kidnaps the white rabbit. And Legoshi tried to save her and also warned Louis (who apparently was more than her friend) that he didn't care because he was more concerned about the contest. Then, he tried to ask Gohin for help, who at first refused, but later helped by covering him.

The gray wolf then went in search of Haru and used his predator strength to face the Shishigumi. Louis decides to go look for them at the request of the mayor of the city, who is also a lion. And he makes it right down the stretch and manages to kill the leader. The first season ends with the fight.

In the second season, it is aimed at understanding the past of Louis who was adopted by a red deer from a large society family. And he begins to remember that he was taken from an illegal market rather than an orphanage. And he becomes leader of Shishigumi for showing honor during the last fight.

Beastars - Meet Beastars - The Good Wolf Story

The group at all their meals ate meat and Louis as leader was also supposed to eat, which was challenging for him because he was an herbivore. Then Louis disappears and it is unknown where he could be.

With the investigations into the alpaca's death, the school's security leader (a rattlesnake) assigns Legoshi to uncover the riddle since he has an extremely accurate fact. He then keeps busy discovering Tem and Louis' whereabouts. But Louis turns up quite a while later at school, but he was actually growing up in the illegal market with the gang.

Legoshi asks Gohin for training in order to be stronger. As part of the training he must abstain from meat and focus on using only body strength, he also goes through risky situations, wears a muzzle (so as not to use his jaw) and has his fur shaved.

With the investigations, the gray wolf finds out about Louis and tries to get him off the black market and also unravels the mystery of who killed the alpaca. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll be amazed by the real Tem's signature!!! Season two ends with the fight between Legoshi and the real killer.

Beastars - Meet Beastars - The Good Wolf Story

The Bestars Record

In November 2021, the Beastars manga, by author Paru Itagaki, reached a new global sales milestone, currently reaching 7.5 million copies of its printed story circulating around the world. The author celebrated the achievement on the social network Twitter, along with a new sketch of the main character.

The third season of the Anime was confirmed in July 2021 by Orange Studio on social media. The next arc portrayed should be Interspecies Relations, or Inter-Species Relations (free translation). Probably the third season is also adapted to a part of the fifth arc. There is still no forecast for the premiere of Season 3 of Beastars, in Japan. The television adaptation of the manga was elected by IGN Brasil as one of the best Anime of 2020.

Beastars - Meet Beastars - The Good Wolf Story

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