Why do Japanese and other Asians have slanted eyes?

A question that many ask is why the Japanese and other Asians like Koreans and Chinese have slanted eyes and sometimes even smaller than Westerners. Is there a scientific explanation? In this article, we will try to unravel this great mystery.

According to scientists, this is the result of an evolutionary adaptation of the Mongoloids, the biological group from which most Orientals originated. 

Research says that the palpebral fissure is smaller in Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and other peoples as a practical matter to help against cold regions, a way to reduce the light reflected by snow.

According to scientists, Mongoloids arose in an icy area in northern Asia thousands of years ago. Genetics is developed during the process of adapting people to a given geographic space or ecosystem.

Here are some characteristics of Japanese and Asians:

  • Slanted eyes;
  • Straight and black hair;
  • Fair skin;
  • Smooth and soft face;
  • Oval, round or narrow face;

You might be wondering why the Japanese still have slanted eyes, since Japan is not that cold, and there are countries in North America that are much colder and nobody has slanted eyes. Not to mention that even Russia, which is very cold, the Russians have not acquired this characteristic much.

Why do Japanese and other Asians have slanted eyes?

The slanted eyes of the Japanese

We don't know if slanted eyes are the result of human evolution, or just characteristics of DNA. The most certain is that all Japanese have slanted eyes due to their isolated nature.

Japan and other Asian countries still have slanted eyes because the country has lived far away from the world for a long time. Even after becoming westernized, there are still few relationships with westerners to mix and share this characteristic.

The eyes of Japanese or Orientals are not slanted or smaller than Western eyes, but the eyelid is smoother, and not curved as in Western eyes. 

The superior palpebral sulcus, usually well defined and about 7 mm above the ciliary line in Westerners, is absent in Easterners.

Another reason that helps to give the appearance of slanted eyes is the epicanthic fold, present in most Orientals, while Westerners have lost this lid.

Research reveals that Westerners suffer more prejudice than people with skin color, size and weight. Do Westerners feel superior? This is ironic since Asians are the majority in the world.

The Japanese are heavily influenced by western culture and anime. This ends up resulting in a lot of young people and people who want to increase the size of their eyes.

Why do Japanese and other Asians have slanted eyes?

Is this theory true?

I myself have some doubts about this theory of the cold and the evolution of the Mongoloids. I personally think that this is a characteristic of DNA, it would explain the color, size and body of the Japanese.

Many Asians from China have darker skin, while Brazil has a good mix, even Indians from Brazil have slanted eyes, so I believe the climate is not that related.

I think the determining factor for differentiating the Orientals from the Occidentals is exactly the absence of mixing peoples in the past centuries, this helped to pass the gene on.

Why do Japanese and other Asians have slanted eyes?

Currently the Japanese have more open eyes than the Chinese and Koreans, and with the westernization of Asia these characteristics can increasingly spread and diversify around the world. 

Just as people are more brunette or white due to the amount of melanin produced in the skin. Asians and Westerners have differences in faces, eyes, sizes and weights due to weather conditions, diet, lifestyle and due to genetics and characteristics of parents and offspring.

What do you think? Is there a secret behind the slanted eyes of orientals? Hope you enjoyed the article, thanks for the comments and shares!

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