VRChat - The experience that all otaku will want


VRchat is an environment created for those who have virtual reality glasses (VR) and want to make friends in a virtual environment. Fortunately, anyone with or without VR can access this chat / game and enjoy its many interactions and mini-games. In this article we’ll talk about VRChar which has now become a real home for otakus and gamers.

VRChat was released for free on Steam on February 1, 2017 for windows and RIFT glasses and HTC Vive. The Game / Social Network allows you to create and mold a character and enter an online environment to chat and interact through voice chat, messages, gestures and emojis.

VRChat has several minigames such as tennis, bowling, catching the flag and discs, as well as interactions such as dancing, restaurants and Stand Up. The game is open and allows anyone to create their games allowing for infinite game modes and interactions.

Vrchat - the experience that all otakus will want

VRChat - The home of Otakus and Gamers

The game is very funny because it allows players to create their own character skins to use. Upon entering the game you will come across several characters from anime, games and other iconic ones. A full plate for those who always dreamed of flirting their waifus in virtual reality.

VRChat is also a huge source of meme and banter. One of the main memes that spread through VR chat was a bunch of users wearing a strange skin from Knuckles (from sonic) asking with an African accent “do you know the way?” (Do you know the way?).

As it is an open game with no rules, you can find many conversations and unpleasant things. Although the team tries to supervise the created skins, it is still possible to find certain things ... You can find several videos of zoeira inside the VR chat. Let's leave some random below:

Playing VR Chat is a unique experience that you need to experience. Have you had this chance to try it even without VR? What was your experience at VRChat? We appreciate comments and shares. We also recommend reading:

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