Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals?

Some think the Japanese are perverted. Others believe that Japanese morale is very high. Who’s right? Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals? Remembering that we are talking about the morality that involves indecency and sexuality.

In the West the Japanese gained a reputation for being perverted because of anime, games, manga and other elements with an erotic content, not to mention the very bizarre +18 that Japan invents.

Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals?

At the same time the Japanese are known for their education, respect and humility. Not to mention that research reports a great lack of interest in sex and relationships among Japanese people. In this article, we will try to understand whether the Japanese are perverted or have good morals.

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The Japanese have a high morale

Japanese morality does not have a concept of right and wrong as in the West. Nothing can be right or wrong by itself. It always depends on the situation and how other people see it. The Japanese are not bound by religious laws that involve fornication and adultery and shameful conduct. Even so, they have a higher morality than many religious.

While in the West the lack of morals is fully expressed in music, films and everyday conversations. Japanese people avoid speaking slang and sexually suggestive words in public. Their songs do not usually have lyrics involving sex and deal with different subjects besides romance.

Many comment that the Japanese are extremely shy and polite. You will not hear whistles or words like kitten, delight, hot, etc. If someone shows the middle finger they will probably be speaking in Japanese sign language.

Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals?

The culture and customs of society are responsible for making a population with good moral values. In Japan many young people are not so interested in these immoral things because their minds are clean.

In Japan there are perverts and many, but only those who want to be perverted. In Brazil, morale declined causing everyone to be exposed to indecent things through music and conversation. It is a really difficult task to maintain good morale in Brazil.

Perverted Japanese without good morals

Japanese culture is completely different and has different patterns, some of which can be disturbing. Things like mixed baths, kancho, exposure to sensual images and Japanese fetishes leads Westerners to believe that Japanese are perverted.

Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals?

Japan's western stereotypes date back to the late 19th century, when Japan opened up and there was a huge interest in Japanese art and culture. Throughout the century the Japanese are famous for inventing things.

So, they try to reach different people with strange proposals like high school menstruation perfumes, feminine bars to talk about masturbation or grope breasts campaigns.

As there is no moral standard in Japan, some Japanese people are not ashamed to randomly reach out to a girl and make some proposals… I think we don't even need to comment on certain anime and other indecent works.

Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals?

Did I personally find the Japanese perverted?

Being in the presence and surrounded by Japanese you will hardly think about sex, since you will not hear slang or songs with that content. The fact that the Japanese maintain good public morals does not mean that you are free.

When walking on the streets of Akihabara and Nipponbashi you find schoolgirls delivering pamphlets to possibly go to massage parlors toasting your money. In more innocent cases you find girls dressed as maids or inviting you to toast money in chance catcher machines.

The Japanese shorten their skirts without any problem. On the train two schoolgirls sat in front of me and literally spread their legs showing their panties and giggling…

Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals?

Just enter any random stores or newsstand you find gigantic sections written +18. Some stores don't even mind putting an indecent image prominently on the door. Fortunately, there is censorship in Japan.

I personally found the environment in Japan wonderful for people who don't like perverted environments like Brazil. In Japan you need to go after the perverted things while in Brazil you are literally exposed to them without even wanting to.

In conclusion, are the Japanese perverted or not?

The idea that Japanese people are perverted and perverted stems from a kind of cognitive dissonance that Westerners face when they encounter Japan for the first time. Westerners remember that Japan is not like any western country, but an Eastern one. Any strange habit they tend to face with greater sensitivity, reaching these hasty conclusions.

Are the Japanese perverted or do they have good morals?

Japan is both close and far from being perverted. Japanese culture forces people to follow rules and be good. What makes some feel repressed, thus generating a strange form of expression from the West that is extremely seen in anime, manga, TV commercials and other media.

As for sexual fetishes, Japan is one of the most sexually open cultures, simply because it lacks a moral standard. Not just perverted things, Japan is very open to new ideas and creations that no one has ever tried.

It is now fashionable to find perverted things related to Japan and share them in the media to gain visibility. Perverted attitudes, fetishes and strange behaviors happen in any country.


Just as Indians are not branded as perverted for having invented the Kama Sutra, why conclude that Japanese are perverted? We are all perverted in a way, now it will depend on each one whether he will let sexual desires extrapolate and cause us to lose morale.

I personally feel offended by living in an environment where sexually suggestive words and songs that explicitly speak of sex are popular and common. Brazilians, yes, I am absolutely sure to call pervert (without generalizing, not all)

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