The secret of Japanese beauty, thinness and longevity

Have you ever wondered what the secret of Japanese beauty is? Many Japanese women are in their 30s and 40s, but they look so young and full of energy. Many are very thin, have a clean face, not to mention that in Japan we have the largest number of centenarians.

In this article, we will analyze some points that are probably responsible for the youth and thinness of the Japanese. Let's try to understand how they manage to maintain their health, their new skin, their body and other aspects that represent Japanese beauty.

See the girls in the photo below, they are all about 40 years old. You can see how thin they are and seem to be under 20. I was in Japan and I really noticed that most of the girls I knew were 25 to 30 years old and looked like 18 year olds.

The secret of Japanese beauty, thinness and longevity

But they are not just skinny and young, we can see that their voices and sizes are really smaller, so that beauty may be a little bit in the genes. They also wear young clothes and act like teenagers in attitude and voice.


A good diet is essential to keep the body slim and young, but Japan has a controversial diet. Although the cuisine has many healthy ingredients, the country is famous for eating industrialized products.

There are thousands of beverage machines spread across the country, markets and restaurants on every corner, and most Japanese are fed by lunchboxes. Not to mention fried foods like tempura, tonkatsu and karagee.

The secret of Japanese beauty, thinness and longevity

Analyzing the positive side of food in Japan, even industrialized products are well supervised, they do not have as many chemicals as in Brazil. Japan appears in fourth place in the ranking of best food, but Brazil does not even appear in the top 50.

Our country allows several chemical products that are even banned in several countries, a major contributor to obesity in Brazil. Many even feel a huge difference between soft drinks in Brazil and Japan.

Japanese sweets use little sugar and little salt in cooking, this has a very positive effect on health and appearance. One of the things that helps keep Japanese young and thin is the miso soup it's the green tea every day.

The secret of Japanese beauty, thinness and longevity

In addition, the high consumption of vegetables, fish and soy products are part of most Japanese recipes. Even though fruits are more expensive than in the West, Japanese people consume a lot.

Hot springs and Baths REJUVENATE

Something fundamental in Japanese culture is bathing in hot springs called onsen, which are extremely hot and full of minerals that help a lot to rejuvenate the skin.

The hot springs are rich in several minerals and help to fight various diseases, relax, burn calories, remove impurities, improve blood circulation, relieve pain, reduce pressure, moisturize the skin and thousands of other advantages.

The secret of Japanese beauty, thinness and longevity

There are Japanese people who go to an onsen almost every day or week. In addition to going to an onsen, most Japanese houses have a bathtub, and the use of it has similar benefits as a hot spring.

It is worth remembering that the PH of both hot springs and piped water in Japan is much higher than the PH in Brazil. Japan's treated water also lacks fluorine, in fact neither Toothpaste has fluoride from Japan.

Climate collaborates from Japan

One of the main reasons for skin aging and wrinkling is the strong heat from the sun. Something that is provided by our tropical climate. In Japan, the weather is cool and cold, and the sun likes to hide a lot in the clouds.

The secret of Japanese beauty, thinness and longevity

Some even come to the conclusion that the Orientals have their eyes drawn due to the weather, we can reach the same conclusion as their skin.

Not everyone has this beauty, in fact many Japanese neglect their health and beauty. Some end up not caring for their teeth, or just eating nonsense until they get fat.

And it is not having clean skin and being thin synonymous with beauty. Despite appearing to have many beautiful Japanese women, they are not free of pimples and wrinkles, and many use a lot of makeup.

The secret of Japanese beauty, thinness and longevity

As in any country, there are ugly, beautiful, fat, thin people and there are also different tastes and definitions of beauty. But it is undeniable that the combination of size, weight, face, voice and skin ends up deceiving us when we know the age of a person in Japan.

Of course, one day the wrinkles will come and the beauty will end. and elderly Japanese people are cute because they are short. So enjoy your youth and do your best for your health and beauty.

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