Japanese bathroom ghosts!

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From bathroom licking goblins to the local version of Bloody Mary. Japanese bathrooms can be terrifying if you believe any of the famous ghost legends that are supposed to inhabit there. In this article, we will learn about some of these bizarre legends of the ghosts of Japanese bathrooms.


There is no need for any cleaning supplies in your bathroom, as long as you believe in Aka-name. He is a “Dirt Sucker,” a Japanese monster that feeds on the dirt that accumulates in dirty bathrooms. This monster is said to have a body similar to that of humans and to have a Goblinlike face, with slimy hair, a nail extended on each foot and a long tongue that has poisonous saliva. As long as you are not licked by your poisonous tongue, Aka-name is relatively harmless.


Make sure to stay away from the third bathroom stall on the third floor of the schools, unless you want to come face to face with the ghost of a WWII girl named Hanako. There are rumors that hitting the third box three times, then asking if Hanako is there three times, a girl with short hair and a red skirt will appear. While it is generally considered to be harmless, the most terrible tales say that it pulls its prey into the toilet to drown them. It is interesting to note the similarity of this legend with the infamous “Blondie from the Bathroom”.

Aka Cloak

The Aka Cloak (Red Cape) wears a red cloak and a white mask to cover his irresistibly beautiful face while chasing his next victim. Depending on the version of the story, he finds his female prey and then asks, "Would you like a red cape?" If the victim’s answer is affirmative, Aka Mantle will tear the skin off the victim and wrap the prey with its own skin, leaving the victim with a strange resemblance to a red cloak. To avoid this terrible result, simply answer "No, thanks", this will cause Aka Cloak to leave his path and he will go to his next victim.


Reiko Kashima

Legend has it that Reiko Kashima was attacked by a group of men who beat and abused her in a bathroom, then left her to die. Still conscious, the girl began to crawl, crying out for help. No matter how loudly she screamed, no one could hear her. Finally she gave in to exhaustion, fell on some train tracks along the Meishin Expressway, where, eventually, a train came and cut her waist in half, killing her.

Now she starts to haunt the bathrooms saying, "Where are my legs?" then you must say: "In Vila Expressa Meishin". Otherwise, she’ll cut it in half or take home a souvenir: her leg. If she asks, "Who told you that?" You better respond with "Reiko Kashima told me", and risk the chance of having another leg amputated.

Another version of the story features a similarly divided woman named Teke-Teke, named after the sound she makes when she moves in her hands. However, Teke-Teke has nothing to do with bathrooms.

Akai Kami, Aoi Kami

You just used the bathroom only to realize that you are out of toilet paper. Suddenly, a nearby voice asks you to choose between red or blue. You can think of it as a strange gesture and without knowing it you have just become a victim of Akai Kami, Aoi Kami (red paper, Blue paper). Either way, you are already doomed.

If you decide to use red toilet paper, Akai Kami will either cut your throat or peel all of your skin out of your body. So do you think blue is safer? Think again. Aoi Kami will blow you up inside and strangle you to death, leaving your face a purple-blue color.

So, how can you survive this nightmare? Some versions suggest to respond with a different color, this will keep the ghost stuck; others say it will only result in the victim being dragged into the underworld. The safest bet could be to answer yellow, which, unfortunately, means getting soaked in urine. Although this is unpleasant, at least you can escape with your skin intact!

Source of inspiration: All About Japan.

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