The 5 nationalities that Japanese men married the most

Japan is a country with unique customs and an ancient culture that has been maintained for many years, but with globalization, the influence of the West and other Eastern countries in Japanese society has become increasingly common. As a result, many Japanese began to relate to people from several other nations. These to whom are residents of Japan.

According to Japanese government data, this number is higher among Japanese men than Japanese women, that is, men Japanese are relating even more with foreigners.

In this article, we are going to look at some 2021 data from the Japanese government and find out what these nations are and understand some of the influenceithat these countries have in present-day japan. In order from least to greatest in numbers of couples who have performed their weddings.

About 9,000 Japanese men married foreign women in 2021. Estimates are about 40 couples a day. A pretty impressive number.

5 - Brazil

About 240 couples were married last year, that is, Japanese and Brazilian men.

First, it is worth remembering that Japan and Brazil have a historical connection. in the middle of
20th century around 1900. The ship Kasato-Maru arrived in São Paulo, this process brought about 200,000 Japanese to Brazil.

During the periods of Japanese and Brazilian history they mixed, forming the so-called descendants. And how did that influence Japan? During part of history a good portion of Japanese with their descendent children returned to Japan.
These descendants began to cultivate the Japanese language, culture and language, and this process has been repeated until the present day.

Thus reaching a good portion of the population of descendants in japan. Currently about 130,000 Brazilians live in Japan, being among the main groups of nationalities living in the country. With this number and the historical relationship between the countries, it is not surprising the high number of Japanese people marrying Brazilian women or descendants.

4 - Thailand

About 620 Japanese men married Thai women in 2021. The average distance between Japan and Thailand is about 4310 km (or 2330 nautical miles). Much closer than Brazil.

- the 5 nationalities that Japanese men most often married
A graphical representation of the distance between countries!

What is the historical relationship between Japan and Thailand? Historically, there has always been a commercial relationship between these two countries.

Going back over 600 years to the 14th century when there was a trade between Siam and Ryukyu Kingdom in (Okinawa). While there has been an exponential growth, there has been a decline among the trades of these countries over the centuries. But in 2019 at the beginning of the Reiwa era, both countries celebrated the strong union between the royal families, which is expected to remain for many years to come.

This strong historical correlation and distance influence the growth in the number of Thai residents in Japan and consequently couples.

Another detail is that Japanese men actually have a certain popularity among Thai women, this is because Thai women tend to like hardworking and hard working men, and the Japanese in short are like that.

The 5 nationalities that Japanese men married the most

3 - Korea

About 1270 Japanese men married Korean women last year.

In addition to the aesthetic influence of the Koreans, as they are very beautiful, there is a great
Korean population in Japan. Something that facilitates contact between people is a similar culture and habits.

Japan and Korea are countries with very strong historical correlations, from good to bad.
These countries are neighbors and both are the United States' biggest allies in East Asia.

A curiosity is that the Korean and Japanese languages have great similarities in their structures and part of origins. Both countries have already invaded, and there has been enmity between them throughout history.

We can see that both countries are like very close brothers in many aspects and with correlations from good to bad, they have always had economic correlations too, even if in mandatory moments, in this there is a large Korean population in Japan and consequently
couples formed.

- how do koreans find their perfect match? relationship in korea

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2 - Philippines

About 1900 Japanese men married Filipina women in 2021. It is common to see couples across Japan. And there are some famous Filipinos around Japan. Some of these celebrities are:

  • Alan Shirahama (former member of the group EXILE, generation);
  • Chieco Kawabe (Singer, model, and actress);
  • Maharu Yoshimura (Professional table tennis player);

In this, it is noted that Filipinos manage to have a part of cultural influence in Japan. Being an Asian country, the proximity is greater, both countries also have historical correlations dating back many centuries.

1 - China

About 2,330 Japanese men have married Chinese women in the last year.

China, the most populous Asian country. It is worth remembering that China has a population of about 1.387 billion people. So it wouldn't be surprising if a certain portion of this population were in japan.

But beyond that factor, China and Japan have very strong historical connections. to the point of part
of the use of writing in the Japanese language to have its origin in Chinese, that is, kanji. In addition to cultural, religious, philosophy and even laws used in the past.

In the past, japan was quite attached to China, as if the arm of the chinese state influenced several factors, from economic to social, but after mid-1949, japan began to adopt more individualism in its positions, since they perceived a certain delay in certain positions. from China. Seeking to modernize more and more.

Today its correlations are more relaxed, not 100% peaceful, but there is a balance.
And in this there are many Chinese who move to Japan for various reasons. According to a 2020 survey around 770,000 Chinese live in Japan.

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