Wasabi - Strong Root

Wasabi (山葵) is a famous spice used in Japanese cuisine in the form of paste. Made from a Japanese strong root called wasabi from the Brassicaceae family.

Wasabi comes at a high cost because it is grown in cold water and in mountainous regions, mainly in the Amagi highlands, on the Izu peninsula, Shizuoka, Hotaka and Nagano.

The wild Japanese horseradish appears to have been used as a medicinal plant and antidote for food poisoning, so it has been served with raw fish since the It was Nara between 710 and 793. His first historical record was in the botanical dictionary, compiled in Heian era between 794-1185.


Wasabi in cooking

Wasabi is used in cooking in several ways. First, the root can be consumed either in paste or powder or fresh along with its leaves. It has a slightly spicy flavor and gives a completely different mouth feel.

Besides the traditional use together with sushi and sashimi wasabi can be used in recipes like ochazuke rice and some types of pasta. They often use wasabi powder to season other recipes such as fried and roasted vegetables.


In Japan some restaurants allow the customer to grate their own wasabi root to eat as fresh as possible. Japan is famous for inventing flavors in its products, so it is common to find ice cream, drinks, chocolates, snacks, popcorn, peas and peanuts with a wasabi flavor.

Unfortunately the famous green pasta that we eat in sushi restaurants is not pure wasabi but a mixture of wasabi with dye, mustard and other ingredients.

To finish and complement the article, we will leave a very fun video of our friends from Japan our daily visit the largest wasabi farm in Japan.

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