Visual Novel - Why play? What is the secret of success?


Visual novels are games of choice, of Japanese origin, that have become quite famous over the years, and now, not only the east, but the west also creates these games. But what is so special about them that win so many people?

We have previously written an article talking about the origin of visual novels. Today in this article we will talk about its characteristics and why simple games of choice and narrative are so successful.

Visual Novel Choices

At some points during the texts, you will need to make an important choice, which will decide the fate of the character and the end of the game. It is almost as if you become "owner" of all that, as if you can control that world.

Visual novel - why play? What is the secret of success?

In various stories, readers or viewers think of the different “what ifs”? In a visual novel, they are real. With simple choices, you can define the destiny of an entire story, of several characters. However, all these choices will have consequences, whether good or bad: they can improve or worsen the relationship with a character, they can help or worsen the resolution of a case ...

Anyway, you will have to suffer these consequences and learn from them if you want to make a different ending. As much as visual novels depart from reality, as they are just games and some have some supernatural and fanciful content, they also come closer to reality than any other medium, as they make you make choices that will reflect in your future. It's like a life lesson.

The characters in Visual Novel

When playing a visual novel, you are introduced to several unique characters with incredible personalities and stories. Outgoing, shy, funny, cold, sentimental, insensitive characters ... you will find everything in these VN's.

Visual novel - why play? What is the secret of success?

You also find tragic stories involving family, past loves, traumas that need to be overcome, childhood friends etc. All these things that make them unique and human: their history, their fears, traumas, tastes, way of speaking, and that is why it is easy to identify with any of them and even easier to get involved with their stories.

Because, for the most part, they are composed only of texts and choices, visual novels need to captivate with their characters and stories, and they do it very well.

The Emotions playing Visual Novel

With visual novels you experience a mix of emotions. Be it the emotion of loving and being loved, the adrenaline of an adventure, the tension of a mystery, the sadness of a loss, the fear of the supernatural… Each story presented within this world is unique and each one of them provides different emotions, which perhaps you've never felt before.

Visual novel - why play? What is the secret of success?

The emotion of creating a theory and knowing if it is correct, the feeling of a right or wrong choice, of getting a good or bad ending, these are some of the emotions that you will never forget when playing a visual novel.

The end of a Visual Novel

As has been said before, there are endings that are defined based on your choices, but what is so special about this? It's simple! Having multiple endings for a single story makes everything more complete. In a visual novel, you will see happy endings, where everything ends completely well; normal endings, where there are farewells and regrets; and bad endings, where fights, losses and the destruction of relationships will occur.

And you can see all these endings, all the consequences for your choices, and all of this in a single game, which makes it vast, makes you cry, laugh, smile, blame yourself for something you said or did or just keep smiling in front of a computer / cell phone because he got what he wanted. It is a sea of possibilities.

Visual novel - why play? What is the secret of success?

Anyway, VN's are portals to unique and equally incredible worlds, that is why they should be played by everyone, from everywhere and that is why they have become so famous worldwide. It is a way of escaping from reality, while learning to deal with it, with your choices during life. It is a world where you can be anything from a hero to a villain; where you get attached or angry at other characters ...

If you are interested in knowing more about this world, feel free to enter this world amino community and explore all kinds of visual novels! Article written by Maitê. 

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