Drawing Courses And Tips For Beginners

Do you dream of being a designer but don't know how to draw? Or do you already know how to draw something, but have specific difficulties? Maybe you're a little lost, thinking it's impossible because "you don't have the gift". After all, those who are “born with the gift” already pick up a pencil and start drawing since they were a baby, right?

Well, that's totally wrong! Of course, there are people who can draw well from a very young age, but there are also those who only learn when they grow up and become a good artist in the same way. So, forget about this “gift” thing and go for the fight! Don't know how to draw? Having trouble drawing? Let's try to solve this!

If you live in one of the great capitals of the country, you will find drawing courses that teach you how to draw step by step. They are not as numerous as language courses, for example, but there are certainly some of good quality. These establishments also occasionally offer workshops or mini-courses for specific difficulties, explaining how to make certain drawings step by step.

With a Google search, you will find the most popular drawing courses and, from there, you have to carefully choose the best option. Some examples of good drawing courses are Quanta Academia de Artes, Área E and Impacto Comics. Take into account the location, price and schedule of the courses and visit the facilities, if possible, ask to attend a class.

Now, if there is no drawing school where you live, or if you don't have enough resources to pay for a course, it becomes a little more difficult, but not impossible. Don't be discouraged! There is a way to learn to draw well without spending a lot.

Drawing courses and tips for beginners

Drawing Tips and Tutorials on the Internet

The internet is a great source to discover cheap or even free alternatives to learning. Searching, you can find online drawing lessons, step-by-step drawings, tips for drawing and much more. But be careful: be aware that there is no miracle. It doesn't matter if you found a super cool drawing tutorial, or a video that promises to teach you how to make beautiful and easy drawings, it will only help if you put in the effort. It's no use reading a thousand and one drawing tips if you don't take paper and pencil and put these tips into practice. So, first of all, make a commitment to yourself to do your part to make your dream come true. Are you ready? So let's go!

As we have already said, the internet is a great source to discover alternatives, yes, but you also have to pay attention to separate what works for you and what doesn't. A drawing tutorial that was made for someone who is already a professional, for example, is probably not going to help you, as it would be too difficult. Beginners need more basic information. Look for things like step-by-step simple drawings, or tutorials with step-by-step drawings for beginners.

A lot of people turn to Youtube, and you can really find a lot there. Online drawing class, step by step of drawings, tips for drawing or how to draw well, or even videos teaching how to draw step by step, search and find!

A positive point of this medium is that you can observe how to make drawings step by step, see how to hold a pencil, and other cool things. There are really good videos that really teach you how to make step-by-step drawings for beginners, really “level zero”. And those who do this usually choose beautiful and easy-to-make designs as models, as in this video where the designer Ivan Querino teaches in a video how to draw Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen, which helps to motivate those who are watching. After all, who doesn't get excited about cute and easy drawings? There are also several other videos that give very good tips on how to learn to draw well, just search.

The disadvantage of an online drawing class or a drawing tips video is that afterwards you don't have the exercises on paper to use as a reference for studying. You would have to play the video again, pause it, and often the paused image is not good enough to see all the details. To solve this problem, some YouTube channels sell workbooks of their activities. It's a good option if you like the videos enough to invest. But before making a decision, see if there are no complaints from people who bought the workbooks and did not receive them. It's always good to be careful when making online purchases.

Another problem is that it can happen that great video, which shows how to make step-by-step drawings the way you wanted, can be in another language. And then, when the professional explains some important detail that doesn't appear in the video, you can't understand anything! Unless you are multilingual or have a friend who is, this can make things a little difficult.

Drawing courses and tips for beginners

Free Drawing Courses

A good way to facilitate your search for information is to use comics and manga websites. Some indicate links to good videos and texts on how to make step-by-step drawings and the like.

Others have their own drawing tips section. These sites regularly publish texts with tips for drawing, how to learn to draw well, information about materials, and much more.

Some, like Heroes on Paper, in addition to a tips section, also offer a drawing course teaching you how to draw step by step. Content varies in level, cost, and format. In the case of Heróis no Papel, for example, the course is basic, free and in text, but with illustrations showing step-by-step drawings for beginners.

Other Tips and Techniques for Drawing

If you are just starting out in the world of drawings, a great exercise for you to train is simply to make straight lines by hand. Trace two dots, one dot 'THE' and a point 'B' and trace the straight line between these points. This will make you train your stroke a lot more than you think!

Another great exercise is to simply observe the strokes of other designers. Observe how everything was done and also try to research what were the methods and techniques used by that artist.

And, of course, the most valuable tip of all is: train! Always train and train all the time! Only practice and effort makes perfect and will make you a great artist!

Anyway, whichever method you choose – taking a face-to-face or online course, or studying alone through a drawing tutorial and tips – what matters is that it works for you. And, above all, that you are conscious and committed to doing your part and trying your best.

Now it's time to take a deep breath and chase your dream!

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