Is there prejudice with hair types and colors in Japan?

Because of genetics, most Japanese women have straight black hair. Because of this and other events, some people are afraid and doubtful about hair styles and colors in Japan. Is there prejudice against wavy hair, curly, red or colored in Japan?

Why do people think there is prejudice? Some students have already been forced to dye their hair black to maintain a pattern at school. In places like businesses and schools, Japanese people are encouraged not to be different from one another. There is even a saying that the nail that stands out will be hammered.

Some schools are really strict about haircuts, changing color or lightening. Some workplaces also like to maintain a certain standard, but there are no rules and there are few cases where people are forced to maintain an appearance. This pattern is so common, that the subject is not much discussed, but there is no prejudice as they imagine.

Is there prejudice with hair types and colors in japan?

In the 90s most young people wanted to color and change their hair, but the school rules did not allow it, some simply ignored the rules. In some cases teachers ended up forcing the student to return their hair to the standard. Some were bullied by other older students who liked the traditional.

Some even with brown or another natural color, faced problems in schools. Some had to sign documents to certify the natural hair color. These rules are not as strict today, but there are still people who love to impose irrational rules. Only, they are school rules and not prejudice.

Japanese people like different hair!

Even though school rules are strict, especially in clothes, Japanese people are free to do whatever they want in their hair. The greatest artists and singers usually have totally different and crazy hair and styles like visual kei. Japanese women with brown and red hair also become increasingly popular.

Is there prejudice with hair types and colors in japan?

In Japanese anime, games and manga, most characters have colorful hair and are very stylish. These cases only show that the Japanese, especially young people, want to diversify from one another. Hair in Japan is taken seriously, some strive to invent diverse styles.

Several Japanese fashion segments use totally different and colorful looks. At gyaru usually have blonde and curly hair, some lolita usually color their hair. A few decades ago, it was common for young rebels to have extremely funny looks in their hair.

Currently, in big cities, you can have hair up to your feet with the colors of rainbow and all tangled. The Japanese will not mind, they will remain friendly and polite, some are more likely to show up to take a picture with you.

Is there prejudice with hair types and colors in japan?

Can I have colored or curly hair?

This idea that there is prejudice with curly or blond and brown hair is something totally absurd. They are just uncommon because of genetics, many Japanese people envy these hairs and many end up painting and waving their hair to differentiate themselves from others.

The only place that different hair can be frowned upon is in schools. If you are a young student, try to know the rules of your school. There is no need to worry about what people will think of your hair. In Japan the unusual is cool! Enjoy your charm!

Is there prejudice with hair types and colors in japan?

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