Japanese artists more controversial than nude performance


Some time ago, Brazil entered into a discussion related to the nude performance of some artists. Brazil is not the only one that does these things, some foreigners were even arrested for trying to perform similarly in other countries. What about Japan? In this article, we will see some Japanese people who claim to be more bizarre and controversial artists than nude performance.

There are many anonymous Japanese people who are looking for something to look talented. On the internet, many Japanese people seek prominence with strange and bizarre performances and ideas. They consider themselves artists and make very controversial presentations. ATTENTION! THIS ITEM IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SENSITIVE PEOPLE! 

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Japanese artists with nude performance

One of them was the comedian Shogo Yasamura known as Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura. In 2015 he decided to make a presentation where he poses to look like he is naked, even in his underwear. Below we can see the video that surpassed millions of views, probably because of the comedy and not the art.

Another artist nicknamed Uespiiiiii he took a tissue and placed it on his private parts, then placed a cup with saucers and tried to remove the tissue from under the cup without showing its parts. He does this in a number of ways, even using a measuring tape. How did the Japanese manage to take the famous tablecloth trick to the extreme?


Not even women escape, in Japan there is an orchestra group that makes their performances totally naked. They are professional presentations, playing famous works by Tchaikovsky (Nutcracker). These images or videos I will not share in this article, but you can even find them on youtube.

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Some Japanese in an attempt to rise through sex appeal, ended up getting screwed. The famous musician DJ Ozma, ended up receiving a lifetime ban from the national broadcaster NHK because of a musical performance with naked dancers covering their parts with fans.,

When we talk about nude performance, artists don't want to pass on an indecent idea. At the sex robot museum, there is no way to visit it without seeing anything indecent. Located in Nikko, there is a museum full of robots and dolls doing extremely perverted things. The museum seems to portray the history of Japan in a very indecent way.

Artistas japoneses mais polêmicos que a performance nu

Japanese culture in relation to nudity

The Japanese have never been so ashamed of their own bodies. All people usually go to the hot springs and take a bath totally naked without any shame. Of course, nowadays baths are separated by sex, but it was not like that before. Even today it is possible to find mixed baths.

We already talked on the website about a festival called Hadaka Matsuri, where almost naked men end up rubbing themselves in a tight temple. Not to mention the famous chick festival called Kanamara Matsuri. There are even nude restaurants that unfortunately have age and weight restrictions. These occasions are not at all cultural and it ends up reminding us of the famous secret hostesses.

Artistas japoneses mais polêmicos que a performance nu

The great truth is that Japan is also a country that ends up wanting to expose nudity in a natural way. It doesn't matter if the person is a child, he will end up going to an onsen. Of course, things like what happened in Brazil, probably would not be tolerated. As much as some believe that Japan supports pedophilia with its lolis anime, the country's laws are strict when it involves real people, even on occasions said to be art.

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