Monster Parents - Monster parents and super protectors


In Japan and other countries in the East, there is a term called “Monster Parents ” (モンスターペアレント) that characterizes irrational parents. These monster parents are known for raising their children with authoritarianism and overprotection. Teachers face a lot of problems with these types of parents, who make various complaints and irrational requests.

This term originated in Japan and gained quite a reputation in Hong Kong. The word originated from English was created by the Japanese educator Yoichi Mukoyama in 2007. This term gave rise to a drama on Japanese TV that bears the same name as Monster Parents.

The drama showed several real-life situations, where parents of students often interfered with school affairs and teacher education. Even a handbook for dealing with monster parents was created, which was given to more than 60,000 teachers in Tokyo.

These types of authoritarian and overprotective parents are believed to have been growing for decades. Many parents end up meeting, fighting with teachers or even participating in online forums.


How are Monster Parents?

The Monster Parents usually force children to follow tight schedules. They restrict and control their children's lives by forbidding them to do certain things and ordering unnecessary tasks. Other parents pressure their children to pursue the same career as their parents or something they desire.

Monster parents - monsters and super protective parents

Parents often have extremely high expectations of their children, which puts great pressure on children. Some parents do not accept their children's failures, demand high grades and good school performance. Other parents end up becoming real monsters and causing physical or psychological damage to your children.

The Monster Parents they usually interfere with their children's personal lives and try to control them. As a result, these children often end up developing antisocial personality traits and attitudes and tend to be overly dependent on their parents.

Other monster parents just want their son's good. They end up worrying too much and treating their children like gods or princes, which bothers and disturbs other people involved.


Complaints of monsters parents

Some monster parents are practically crazy, they question the school and teachers about things that are not within their reach. Some parents do not want their children to participate in cleaning the school. Others are furious only with a burn and hurt their children.

Monster parents - monsters and super protective parents

Some even demand that the school pay medical expenses for a simple injury. Others complain that the child is bitten by an insect. And do not think that this type of personality accompanies children only in elementary school. Some protective parents do this even after adulthood.

Some parents are really unbelievable. Overprotective and authoritarian parents are common in all countries, but today we know a great term and also some absurd things that we did not imagine.

This may be a major culprit of social problems in Japan. Parents must not pressure their children into anything, they must let them be independent. There are constant movements and criticisms about these types of overprotective parents.

I thought about writing this article after seeing Erina's father in the anime Shokugeki no Souma. That is a great example of Father Monster! Have you ever met a father like that? We would like to see your opinion and your possible comment.