Magic: The Gathering – Japanese and English Vocabulary

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In this article, we are going to see the Japanese vocabulary of the card game Magic: The Gathering (マジック:ザ・ギャザリング). We will translate the Japanese letters into English and Portuguese. for those who don't know, this is one of the best and most famous TCG games in the world. Estimated that there are more than 12 million players around the world.

Even if you don't play Magic, but end up playing other TCGs, this vocabulary list might be useful to you, because most TCGs use similar words.

Why would I buy a letter in Japanese? According to official Magic rules, all languages are accepted in battle, there are no rules discriminating against languages. So you can get a rare card or a cheaper deck.

We recommend having at least an idea of the hiragana and katakana to be able to play magic In japanese. It is worth remembering that you also need to have good skills in speaking the Japanese numbers.

Magic: The Gathering in Japanese

Let's cut to the chase, below you'll find a list of terms and words related to the Game. So you can play Magic in Japan or buy the cards in Japanese. (Unfortunately, some important terms may be missing…)

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
こうげきkougeki attack Attack
こうげきをしますkougeki wo shimasu I am attacking I attack
ライブラリraiburari library Grimoire (deck)
カードkado card Letter
手札tefuda hand Hand (deck)
ターンtann turn Shift
ゲームgaymu game Match
戦場senjyou battlefield Battle field
カウンタkaownta counter counter
ゆうはつyuuhatsu trigger Initiate
せんこうsenkou Play First First
こうこうkoukou Play Second Second
 島 shima island Island
 山 yama mountain Mountain
 森 died forest Forest
 平地 heichi plains plains
 沼 in swamp swamp
 荒地 arechi Wastes Exile
無色 mushoku colorless Colorless
 高名 koumei Renown renown
 威迫 ihaku Menace Threat
 魔巧 makou Mastery mastery
 生け贄 ikayniae sacrifice Sacrifice
 墓地 bochi graveyard Cemetery
 ライフをえる raifu wo aeru gain (life) get life
 追放 soooo exile Exile
 はんこん hankon lifelink Link with Life
 ひこう hikou flying To fly
 さいせい saisei regenerate Regenerate
防衛 bouei Defend Defend
 はかい hakai destroy To destroy
 速攻 sokou Stem Impetus
 接死 sesshi deathtouch deathtouch
 先制攻撃 senseikougeki first strike Initiative
警戒 kaykai surveillance Surveillance
 呪禁 jyugon Hexproof magic resistance
 瞬速 shunsoku Flash Flash
 すてる suteru Discard To discard
 破壊されない hakaisarenai indestructible Indestructible
 いかく iikaku intimidate Intimidate
 二段攻撃 nidan cougeki Double Strike double blow
 装備 I am bi team Equip
 はずれる hazureiru Unequip unequip
 うちけされない oochikay saraynai Can't be countered cannot be canceled
 打ち消す oochikay su counter Cancel
 到達 toutatsu reach reach
 召集 shoushuu convoke summon up
 占術 senjutsu script clairvoyance
 果敢 Kakan prowess Dexterity
 覚醒 kakusei awaken Awakening
 結集 kesshu cally Get together
 収斂 shuuren Converge Converge
 上陸 jyouuriku landfall Landing
 嚥下 fool ingestion ingest
 欠色 kesshoku devoid Devoid
 支援 shien support Support
 昂揚 kouyou delirium Delirium
 変身 henshin transform To transform
 調査を行う chousa wo okonau investigate Investigate
 マッドネス maddonesu madness Craziness
 潜伏 senpuku Skulk Elusive
 増呪 zouju Escalate Climb
 現出 gen shutsu emerge Emerge
 合体 gattai honey Fusion
 製造 I know fabricate Manufacture
 エネルギーカウンター energi counter energy counter energy counter
 構築物 kou chiku butsu construct Ramp up
紛争 founded revolt Revolt
即席 sokuseki improvise Improvise
 サイクリング saikuringu cycling Recycle or take turns

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