Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman - List of sweets and places - Part 2


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Continuing now with the second part of the Japanese series sweets and places Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman which is available on Netflix for you to watch.

Now we will see the last 6 episodes indicating the sweets, which is usually the name of the episode and “main attraction”, plus some that was mentioned.

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Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman - Sweets and Places - Part 2 (This article)

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

Following the same way of presenting each sweet and place in the first part. You will see a short description of each candy, store name in the respective episode plus link to Google Maps.

The goal is not to know the recipe to learn how to prepare them, but rather that you know the name to research on or even who knows how to visit in person when you go to Japan.

Episode 7 - Savarin

Unlike the other episodes he is focused on Kanako Dobashi who after seeing an analysis of a sweet on the blog, he wants to try it. Coincidentally, her boss invites her to try to win new customers and will stop by the cafeteria.

English cake

There are several types, sizes and fillings, but in general you find it in a rectangular shape. Its main ingredients are butter, margarine, candied fruits, etc.

Store: Patisserie Gondola 【ゴンドラ】

Local: Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Mame-Daifuku 【豆大福】

Many Japanese sweets are made with azuki bean paste (anko) as a filling, but this version of Daifuku add soy, mixing it together.

Store: Tsuruse 【つる瀬本店】

Local: Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan


Almost finished the job Toru, Dobashi's boss, invites her to go to a cafe, but she decides to take the opportunity to visit another cafeteria that has savarin.

As usual this candy can vary and the ingredients most found in your recipe are brioche dough, syrup, rum, whipped cream, English cream as a filling, etc.


Lemon Financier

In the same cafeteria, Dobashi buys some to take with him to work. Similar to a small dumpling, we have the most diverse flavors, in this case butter, egg whites, lemon, almond flour, etc.

Store: Rec カフェルシェルシュ】 Café Recherche - (Permanently closed on 9/22/2019)

Local: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Episode 8 - Ohagi

On his day off Kantaro responds to a request / favor that his boss asked him to. He asks you to take care of your son while going on an appointment. As your main goal in life is to taste the best sweets, you already have in mind which one and where you will buy it.

Ohagi 【おはぎ】

Similar to mochi, it is made with glutinous and non-glutinous rice (where he bought it) generally and more other ingredients such as vanilla bean paste, flowers like yaezakura, seaweed salt, coconut, lemon peel, walnut, etc. This confectionery has a wide variety of flavors.


Store: Takeno to Ohagi 【タケノとおはぎ】

Local: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

You may have noticed that a lot of Japanese sweets are going to be anko made from azuki beans, right? It has some variations in name and preparation like koshian and tsubuan.

Episode 9 - Éclair

Before even starting to eat Kantaro receives a call from his mother asking to sleep at his house and at the same moment begins to panic. She is a dentist and has always forbidden him to eat any kind of sweets in his childhood, and this ended up being one of the reasons that triggered his fanaticism in adulthood.

Sweet Lip

Before his mother arrives he feels that he has a low level of sweets / glucose and as he is always prepared, he takes a bag out of his pocket sweet lip which is nothing but a mitsuame, made with caramelized sugar and malt syrup, and rubs on your lips.

Store: Ameya Eitaro 【あめやえいたろう新宿伊勢丹店】

Local: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Caramel and chocolate eclair

As he was unable to eat, having to run home, he ended up asking to be packed for the trip. After his mother falls asleep he eats both flavors in front of her to prank.

Also known as a stuffed bomb, it is made with caramel cream, sugar, guérande salt, butter, wheat flour, chocolate, etc.

Éclair de caramelo e éclair de chocolate
Éclair de caramelo e éclair de chocolate

Store: Rue De Passy 【リュードパッシー】

Local: Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

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Episode 10 - Caramel Pudding

As it is not customary to work late, the office staff is surprised that he did not leave at the usual time. Before you go your boss gives you a donut that you forgot to eat that day.

After everyone leaves, he plans to eat a type he calls night sweets (夜スイーツ - Yoru suitsu). His plan does not work when his boss comes back and asks him to come together to socialize.

Almond tofu

While the fraternization takes place, Kantaro smiles at the guests, but inside he only thinks about the pudding. Before they finish, their chef orders dessert, almond tofu, and makes it sway, but still resists "temptation". Its main ingredients are milk or almond cream and agar.

The restaurant he is going to follow is Italian and besides the Neapolitan pizzas he offers the most diverse sweets of Italian origin and also makes a good crema caramellata. He quotes three and eats the main.


This is the first one he comments on and it is made with champagne biscuit, coffee, cheese-based cream, etc.


Similar to ice cream, but with the difference that it is always fresh, produced daily, and less greasy than a conventional one. It also generally uses natural ingredients.


Another Italian dessert made with vanilla gelato and served mostly with hot espresso. There are variations, but in general these are the main ingredients.

Caramel Pudding (Caramel Pudding)

Firmer than a conventional pudding made with egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, milk, whipped cream, etc. The specific pudding in this restaurant has a larger size, 20 centimeters, than is usually made.

Pudim de caramelo
Pudim de caramelo

Store: ESSE DUE 【エッセドゥエ】

Local: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Episode 11 - Chocolate

Unlike the other episodes here, there will be a store specializing in chocolate that he will visit to taste the options that are offered by the owner.

Mame daifuku (豆大福)

Once again Dobashi fails to awaken Kantaro's “instinct” by offering him to taste mame daifuku purchased from Tsuruse, as he had already left for his routine of visiting bookstores. Daifuku adds another name depending on the region in which it was made. In this case, blue beans or soy are mixed in mochi.

Cocoa seed and juice

Arriving at the store accompanied by a co-worker Kentaro Ito (伊藤健太郎) who had already discovered about his escapades to eat sweets during his visits in episode 4, but was neutralized by Kentaro also knowing his secret. This juice is made from the pulp extracted directly from the fruit. Then Ito himself tastes the cocoa seed and compares with gooseberries.


With a good variety of cocoa available at the store in various parts of the world, such as Ghana, Haiti and other countries, Vietnam seeds were chosen for them. Chocolate bars were made on the spot and only sugar is included.

Chocolate fondant pie

Not content with just tasting this chocolate bar, he asks for the store’s “popular attraction”, special sweets (スペシャルスイーツ). The special treat of the day was the chocolate fondant tart, which is made from Haiti's cocoa (he describes this as having smell of amazake), almonds, javanese long pepper, ganache, chocolate ice cream and caramelized honey tuile.

Barra de chocolate e tarte de fondant de chocolate
Barra de chocolate e Tarte de fondant de chocolate

Store: Minimal Tomigaya 【ミニマル富ヶ谷本店】

Local: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Episode 12 - Mont Blanc

In this final episode he mentions a sweet and local already mentioned two more places that are pastry shops that famous artists have already recommended. They are:

Roasted chestnuts

In addition to trying roasted chestnuts, you have the option of choosing to have them prepared in the “kanro”. The method of preparation is to remove the peel and skin, cook and then soak in the syrup for some time.

Mont blanc Hitomura

This restaurant is specialized and serves everything based on nuts. O mont blanc premium hitomura it has a different preparation from the standard for not using liquor or flavorings and goes with meringue around it.

Mont blanc premium hitomura
Mont blanc premium Hitomura

Chestnut tart

This is the last candy closing the first season of this Japanese series. Kantaro buys chestnut tartlets (which is very rare on his part) to offer to the people in his office. As the name says, it goes chestnut, flour, butter, etc.

Store: Waguriya 【和栗や】

Local: Taito, Tokyo, Japan

Closing song

Do you know what the credits song is? It's the band Itowokashi and the name is Ice Cream. Check out the player below:

And so ends the adventures / madness of Kantaro Ametani tasting the most diverse sweets in stores throughout Tokyo.

It probably won't have a second season (it doesn't have enough material), but what can happen is having a original material created especially for the series as with anime (dreaming is free:) ).

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