Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman - List of sweets and places - Part 1


Those looking for some fun series to watch on Netflix Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman (Kantaro: The greedy seller - Title in Brazil) can be a good option.

If you like sweets even better! This live-action, based on mango Saboriman Ametani Kantarou (さぼリーマン飴谷甘太朗), illustrated by Abidi Inoue and written by Tensei Hagiwara, presents delicious options.

For those who like and follow about Japanese culture you won't be surprised by the exaggerated, comical way and the funny faces of some characters, but those who don't know it will find some parts bizarre.

If you were curious and want to know a little more see a brief presentation of this Japanese drama available on Brazilian Netflix that also fits perfectly in the term known as food porn.

Despite the name focus is to bring beautiful images instigating your desire to taste the most varied illustrated foods. In this specific case, the most delicious sweets in the Tokyo region are presented.

Altogether they are 12 24-minute episodes that were made by TV Tokyo in association with Netflix.

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

The series tells the daily life of Kantaro, who for loving sweets (I suspect that more than people) decides to quit his job, system engineer (programmer), and start working at a magazine publisher, in the sales department, in order to reconcile work with your love of sweets.

With this change, he can, during business hours, enjoy his hobby, as he is extremely efficient in his work and ends quickly leaving time for him.

During the course of the series you will often see him go into ecstasy while eating the different types of sweets that appear in each episode. See the trailer below:

While tasting, he goes on to describe in detail the flavor, method of preparation and the ingredients that were used. After he finishes eating he usually posts in your blog called Sweet Knight an analysis.


The protagonist is Kantarou Ametani (Matsuya Onoe) who plays the candy fanatic, but we have some other characters that make this Japanese series even better.

Kanako Dobashi (Ren Ishikawa) plays his co-worker who is suspicious about Kantaro keeping a secret. He works with internet sales.

Toru Miyake (Sarutoki Minagawa) is your boss and is very concerned with sales in your department.

Daisuke Yamaji (Hiroyuki Onoue) another salesperson who usually fails to hit the sales target and takes a lot of scolding from Toru.

Erika Sano (Hazuki Shimizu) works with the publishing and sales part of magazines.

Cast kantaro: the sweet tooth salaryman
Image: Asiawiki


Some make a small participation in certain episodes, more details.

Kentaro Ito (伊藤健太郎) as Takarabe Yutaka
Yagi Masayasu (八木将康) as Gogase Hiroki
Nakamura Yasuhi (中村靖日) as Matsuzawa Fuufu
Moriguchi Yoko (森口瑤子) as Ametani Eriko (Kantaro's mother)

List of sweets in Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

Each episode has the title of the sweet that will be the “main attraction”, but sometimes others are mentioned. To make it easier I will make a short description of each one that was indicated / quoted.

To make it even more complete I will also put the name of the store plus a link to Google Maps if you already live or go travel to japan.

Episode 1 - Anmitsu

Upon entering the store, ordering and waiting for it to be ready Kantaro mentions some sweets that he sees people eating.


Similar to a soup with a thick broth, it has as ingredients the red beans or azuki that are mashed, becoming like a paste (anko), and glutinous rice balls (mochi).

Apricot Parfait

Dessert of French origin that you find with the most varied fruits plus a cream. It is usually served chilled.


They are Japanese rice balls (mochi) made with the starch powder from the root of the kudzu plant and served cold.


What Kantaro asks for is the Shiratama ogura anmitsu (white dumplings made of glutinous rice with shiratamako flour) that has some ingredients like anko / tsubuan of blue beans, agar made by the store owner himself, different fruits, etc. As an accompaniment (topping) we have brown and white sugar syrup.


Store: Kanmidokoro Hatsune 【甘味処初音】

Local: Chuo, Tokyo, Japan

On YT Michelle Shirai's channel she tastes this Japanese sweet:

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Episode 2 - Kakigori

That day it was over 37 ° C in Tokyo and to enjoy it he decided to eat Kakigori which is the Japanese scratch card that has several flavors.

As usual, he chooses the store that is closest to the bookstores that he will have to pass to fulfill his work tasks.

Despite having already planned, there was an unforeseen event that the first store is full and there would be no time for waiting, but as I already foresaw this he went to the second place that he had already made a reservation.

Melon Kakigori

At first he is undecided with so many good options on the menu, but ends up being convinced by the attendant because he is in the melon season. He then chooses this flavor that has ingredients such as sherbet, the fruit itself in balls, syrup (Andean) and gelatin that are all made from fresh melon.

Caramel kakigori

After seeing a customer eating the caramel scratch card he also decides to order the same. He accompanies the preparation from scraping the ice, adding whipped cream to the salted caramel.


Store 1: Amaikko 【甘いっ子】

Location 1: Suginami, Tokyo, Japan

Store 2: Kooriya Peace 【氷屋ぴぃす】

Location 2: Musashino, Tokyo, Japan

Episode 3 - Mamekan

Coincidentally he is given the task of having to pass and 3 bookstores that are close to stores that are famous for their mamekan. He takes the opportunity to do a “triathlon” to try each one, as they all have their own characteristics that differ from each other.


All have agar, red beans and brown or white sugar syrup. What makes the difference between these 3 stores he visited are the method of preparation and where the ingredients come from, especially beans.

Store 1: IRIE 【甘味処いり江】

Location 1: Koto, Tokyo, Japan

Store 2: Umemura 【梅むら】

Location 2: Taito, Tokyo, Japan

Store 3: Sagamiya 【有限会社相模屋】

Location 3:  Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Episode 4 - Parfait

Before starting his visits to the bookstores that were assigned to him that day, Dobashi offers him a candy that bought in Ningyocho.


Despite the kindness to find out if Kantaro is the sweet Knight, he refuses. This candy is similar to a pancake with anko stuffing most of the time, but there may be another one.

Peach Parfait

Arriving at the store we can already see that the menu has several types of fruit for the most varied sweets. He chose the most popular seasonal Parfait of that month which was the peach.

The cream can have ingredients such as egg yolk, yogurt, whipped cream, sour cream, milk among others and is served with fruit.

Peach Parfait
Peach Parfait

Store: Kajitsuen Libre 【果実園リーベル新宿店】

Local: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Episode 5 - Hotcakes (Pancakes)

Before making his visits, he finds an obstacle to his boss asking a novice who is not doing well in sales to accompany him. When leaving to start making his sales Kantaro mentions three stores in the region plus a food / sweet from each one.


Kintsuba is similar to dorayaki, it is made with a thin mass that goes on the plate and with yokan filling. It is also known as Imagawayaki which, depending on the region, has another name.

Store: Asakusaumegen 【江戸昔菓子あさくさ梅源】

Local: Taito, Tokyo, Japan

Fruit sandwich

Sandwiches made with bread and filled with the most varied fruits.

Store: Fruits Parlor Gotō【フルーツパーラーゴトー】

Local: Taito, Tokyo, Japan


Created in France it has a sugary pastry and the filling can vary, but we usually find it with cream, ice cream, etc.

Store: Rusurusu 【菓子工房ルスルス】

Local:  Taito, Tokyo, Japan


The dough is simple and in general only flour and eggs, but you can also have milk. The pancake that the store owner made is traditional and made on a copper plate. The roof had two options; butter and maple syrup.

Hotcake (pancake)
Hotcake (Pancake)

Store: Coffee Tengoku 【珈琲天国】

Local: Taito, Tokyo, Japan

Episode 6 - Bavaroise de matcha

After receiving a comment on his blog asking about the origin (European or Japanese?) Of a certain sweet, once again Ametani is "lucky" to pass by a store that can answer this question.

However there is a mangaka who is working in partnership with the publisher who was fascinated by him and begins to pursue him. Kantaro is cornered, but is saved by the artist's wife. As he has no choice, he invites them to the shop / pastry shop.

Pig shaped biscuit

As an aperitif the store offers a pork-shaped biscuit made from haenuki rice with Britain's salt plus tea.


The manga artist ends asking for the Kamameshi which is rice cooked in an iron pan and can come with meat, seafood and vegetables.

Matcha cake

This cake was the inspiration of the store owner to create her most popular sweet. Its ingredients are wheat flour, sour cream, egg, powdered matcha, etc.

Apple pie with ice cream

A very popular type of food and hardly anyone does not know or has eaten a pie. The dough will make wheat flour, yolk, butter, salt and sugar in most recipes. In the filling it is already explicit that apple, wheat flour, etc. will go. It is served with ice cream and was another inspiration for the store owner too.

Matcha bavaroise

After much trial and error the current version has become very popular. In order to have that aspect, in addition to using the matcha itself, she added gelatin, whipped cream and other ingredients.

The ready dish goes whipped cream made with a high percentage of pure milk cream, bavaroise and anko.

Matcha bavaroise
Matcha bavaroise

Store: Kinozen 【紀の善】

Local: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Name of Brazilian actress

A curiosity is that in this episode 6 a Brazilian actress participates playing Maria the mangaka's wife.

Simone is from São Paulo and has lived in Japan since 1993 and has participated in many variety shows, films, series and advertisements. Although her Japanese has a very strong accent on the Kantaro series, I believe it was purposeful.

Brazilian actress in kantaro: the sweet tooth salaryman
Simone Brazilian Actress in Kantaro

In addition to Japanese, she speaks English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. Below I will leave the links of her social networks.

Wikipedia | Instagram | Twitter | Ameblo | Inagawamotoko Profile

I hope you have tasted liked the article! You already have the second part with the last 6 episodes of Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman at the link below.

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