Best Anime Phrases in Japanese

In all anime we come across phrases or quotes that impact in different ways both on the anime and on the viewer. In this one we are going to share some of these popular Japanese anime phrases.

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You finally looked at me - Quote by Tagaki San

The phrase we are going to study now belongs to the anime Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. The sentence in question is you finally looked at me:

yatto kocchi muita.
Você finalmente olhou para mim
  • やっと -Finally; finally; almost; only;
  • こっち – Here; Here; as a pronoun it refers to me or me;
  • 向いた – Verb [向く] which means to turn towards; to look; to lean;
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"You can become a hero" - All Might Quote

The following sentence is in the memories and memories of the protagonist Deku at every moment, when his greatest Hero All Might looked at him and said: You can become a hero!

kimi wa hīrō ni nareru. you can become a hero.
  • 君 - You;
  • ヒーロー - Hero;
  • になれる - Can become something, potential form of なる;

The kimi [君] used by All Might is commonly used affectionately by both men and women. In poems and songs, and to show romantic feelings. In the case of All Might, kimi is also used by masters to their subordinates or apprentices.

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You are light - Killua's quote from Hunter x Hunter

One of the most interesting phrases that Killua says to Gon is: You are light. Sometimes you're too bright to look straight, but still, can I stay by your side? Ready to understand that phrase?

Omae wa hikari da. tokidoki mabushisugite massugu mirarenai kedo, soredemo omae no soba ni ite ii kana?
Você é luz. Às vezes, você é brilhante demais para olhar diretamente, mas mesmo assim, posso ficar ao seu lado?
  • お前 - You; in front of me;
  • 光 - light;
  • ときどき - Sometimes;
  • まぶしすぎてまっすぐ見られない - I can't see straight because it's too bright;
  • けど - “but” casual form;
  • それでも - even so; even so;
  • お前の - Yours;
  • そばに - By your side; near to you;
  • いい - It's okay; no problem;
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Quote by Kaito Kid from Detective Conan

The phrase we are going to examine next was mentioned by Kaito Kid, an iconic character from Detective Conan. The sentence in question is:

泥棒は盗むのが商売、たとえそれが人の心だとしてもね。 Dorobō wa nusumu no ga shōbai, tatoe sore ga hito no kokoro demo ne. Stealing is what thieves do best, even if it's a person's heart. =
  • 泥棒 - Thief; burglar;
  • 盗む - Steal;
  • 商売 - Trade; the business; occupation;
  • たとえ - Example;
  • それが - That one; that; good; Yes; in truth;
  • 人 - Person;
  • Heart
  • だと - If applicable;
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Kaito Kid

Escanor Quote "I'm the one who decides."

Now let's study a phrase from Nanatsu no Taizai:

Kimeru No Ware da.
It's me who decides.
  • 決める - Decide;
  • の - Possession particle;
  • 我だ - It's me;
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In the name of the moon, I will punish you! - Quote from Sailor Moon

Now let's study a Sailor Moon quote mentioned by Usagi:

tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!
In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!
  • 月 - Moon; Month;
  • に代わって - On behalf of;
  • 仕置きよ - Execution; Punishment; beating;
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Quote by Taki and Mitsuha - Kimi no namae wa

Now let's study the phrase and sort of title of the iconic film Kimi no na wa, at the end of the anime when they speak kimi no namae wa... Or literally Your name is...?

kimi no namae wa…
Your name is…
  • 君 - You;
  • 君の - Yours;
  • 名前 - Name;
  • は - Particle; It is...

The title of the name is the same, but they abbreviate it namae - name [名前] for na [名] that continues to mean name...

I will love you forever - Itachi quote

Now let's study the phrase I will love you forever from Itachi from Naruto:

俺のことをずっと許さなくていい。お前がこれからどうなろうと、俺はお前をずっと愛している。 Ore no koto o zutto yurusanakute ii. omae ga korekara dō narō to, ore wa omae o zutto aishiteiru. You never have to forgive me. No matter what you decide to do from now on, I will love you forever.


  • 俺 - Masculine, informal and rude way of saying I;
  • こと - About, to understand more read our article about koto;
  • ずっと - For a long time; from the beginning; since always;
  • 許さ - Forgive; to approve; to allow;
  • なくいい - No need;
  • いい - All right;


  • お前 - You; lit in front of me;
  • これから - From now on;
  • なろう - Change;


  • 俺 - I;
  • お前 - You;
  • ずっと - Always;
  • 愛している - Love;

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Onizuka Quote - GTO

Now let's study Onizuka Sensei's phrase from Great Teacher Onizuka:

The phrase "Gaki wa gaki rashiku yo, nikātto waratte ikō ya." is untranslatable.
Children should smile as they always do.

  • ガキ - brat; child;
  • らしく - looking like; Appearing; properly;
  • ニカーッ – Slang meaning wide smile derived from niko;
  • 笑って - Smile; to laugh;
  • いこう - Should be doing something;
"The best quotes from anime in Japanese"

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