5 anime about bakery and confectionery


In this article we will see 5 anime about the bakery and confectionery. for those who like to make sweets, or eat, these anime are inspiring. The dreams of the following characters are something that impels anyone to want to make sweets with excellence. The Japanese show how effort and consideration pay off. And then you understand a little of why Japanese sweets and breads are so beautiful and well-crafted. Get inspired!

Bonjour Koiaji Pâtisserie (Bonjour Sweet Love Pâtisserie)

Classic anime in the harem style. Sayuri Haruno, the protagonist, enrolls at the famous Fleurir academy, an elite school for confectioners. There she is surrounded by 4 charming boys who show her true passion for sweets. The anime has 24 episodes of 5 minutes each.

Yakitate !! Japan (2004)

Azuma Kazuma is great at making bread. His dream is to create the perfect bread and be famous internationally. He is hired to Pantasy Bakery, where he begins his journey to achieve his goals. This anime is great, with 69 episodes of 20 minutes.

Yumeiro Pâtissierè (2009)

This story tells the adventures of Ichigo Amano, who dreams of being a professional patisserie, just like his grandmother was in the past. For that, she will have the help of 3 candy geniuses. This story is great for understanding how to make international sweets with a history and decoration suggestions. It has 24 episodes.

Bakery and confectionery

Yumeiro Pâtissierè Professional (2010)

The second season of Yumeiro Patissiere follows, where Ichigo and his friends aim to maintain a store in a large shopping center. This is recommended for anyone looking to open a business. There are several operating and planning tips. It has 13 episodes of 20 minutes each.

Antique Bakery (2002)

Antique Bakery tells the story of 4 men who work in a small bakery. Each character has their own personality problems that, even different, manage to make Antique a success. This anime even yielded a Japanese drama and a Korean film in 2008.

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