Prejudiced stereotypes that the Japanese face


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Today we are going to see some generalizations and prejudiced stereotypes that the Japanese face from Brazilians and other nationalities. Are the Japanese prejudiced or the opposite?

Many question the fact that Japanese people are racist, prejudiced or xenophobic, but have no arguments. Many end up calling the Japanese prejudiced just because of their shyness and difficulty in socializing.

What people always forget is that prejudice and racism is found all over the world. People who rate the Japanese as prejudiced are just proving that they are prejudiced themselves.

In this article we will show some points that show the prejudice that the Japanese face in Brazil and worldwide, thus showing that the error is exactly on the opposite side.

The idea that Japanese people only like Orientals

Some think that the Japanese like to relate only to Asians. They create an idea that Japanese people want only a pure breed and befriend only Japanese people. A totally wrong idea, which results in several embarrassing situations and causes the idea that Japanese people are racist.

Many Japanese people don't relate to Westerners because of shyness, and sometimes Westerners' introversion can scare some Japanese. Still, this judgment is a complete mistake, Japanese people like to meet people and expand their circle of friendship.

Estereótipos preconceituosos que os japoneses enfrentam

How did this myth arise? Unfortunately, Japanese suffered a lot of prejudice from Brazilians after the second world war, so many descendants who live in Brazil were frowning.

Certainly there must be those traditionalist and nationalist families. But many Orientals dream of marrying Westerners, some focus entirely on that, especially the gaijin hunter.

Obsession with Japanese body and genitals

Unfortunately, some make jokes and criticisms regarding the height, the male genital organ or the size of the body or breasts of Japanese women. I consider it a great offense and lack of respect!

It is no size competition. Talking about such a useless subject only shows how much shit people have in their heads. I myself prefer the bodies of Japanese women a thousand times over these tons of fat in the West.

In fact, I even wrote an article that shows that japanese breasts they are large and proportional to their body size. Those who make fun, make jokes or care about things like that are such empty people.

Estereótipos preconceituosos que os japoneses enfrentam

Shout out random or nonexistent words

If you consider saying: takakara nomuro an kidding, you're being insensitive. Unfortunately people make fun of the oriental language, speak random words like arigatou just as mockery.

Others call the language weird, ugly and pose a difficulty that does not exist. I personally am tired of studying the language, and ignorant people arrive with jokes and criticism.

People just have no idea how rich the Japanese language can be. For wasting time with these jokes that many Brazilians cannot learn or want to speak English.

Regardless of nationality, all eyes are drawn

First of all, the Japanese can see perfectly well, and even better, since the eyes that are pulled up serve to protect the ultraviolet radiation reflected by the snow.

To send the Japanese to open their eyes, or categorize Asians, to change nationality for being similar, are degrading attitudes and sheer envy of the beauty of the slanted eyes. Do you think it's good to send a Brazilian to stop being a criminal?

In fact, the difficulty that Brazilians have to differentiate Japanese, also happens the other way around. Orientals have difficulties in differentiating westerners, this happens because of a bug in the brain due to the lack of coexistence with certain racial characteristics.

Estereótipos preconceituosos que os japoneses enfrentam

Do you eat those weird foods? only eat sushi?

Another problem is the ignorance of thinking that Japanese people eat insects, dogs and other things that are considered disgusting, or imagine that sushi is a daily dish in Japan.

In fact, eating sushi in Japan is the same as eating Pizza in Brazil, do you eat Pizza every day? In Japan you eat rice, meat, noodles, vegetables like anywhere. The Japanese just don't usually eat beans.

In Japan you don't eat insects or things that look disgusting to Westerners, since it is a rich country, while those countries that consume certain strange things, most of the time it is due to poverty.

Before insulting people, they should study a little. Another thing Unfortunately Japanese people have to put up with are dumb questions like:

  • You know how to eat with a chopstick, right?
  • Do you have a fork in your house?

Flango cake with catupili

That is the famous phrase, and one of the biggest insults for both the Chinese and the Japanese. At first this is an insult to the Chinese language, showing the range of people's ignorance.

In the Japanese language there is no “L“, See the video below showing that Japanese people actually speak FURANGO PASUTERU.

I don't know anything about Japanese people, I'm going to make things up

Being Japanese, people think they have to be super smart, make huge mathematical equations, build robots, they have to be hygienic, polite ... They think that everyone is the same, and that there is no cultural diversity between them.

Along with the various reasons cited above, Japanese people still have to endure nicknames like Japanese, or with Portuguese words that seem Japanese. Not to mention the thousands of criticisms about Japanese culture and customs that they don't even know about.

These games are nothing more than racism in disguise. Difficulty in accepting the eastern descendant as an ordinary Brazilian citizen. Before taxing prejudiced Japanese, look at your own navels.

These were just some of the factors that show who really suffers discrimination, is it Brazilians or Japanese? It is obvious that this whole subject is delicate and relative.

So before jumping to conclusions, we should also understand a little about the Japanese prejudice against Westerners. Comment and Share if possible, so that people can reflect on these attitudes.