11 Types of Japanese You'll Find in Japan

People have always had a mania for defining nations and creating stereotypes of things. Some find Japanese people polite, humble and kind, while others find them prejudiced, shy and antisocial.

With that in mind, we decided to create an article listing 10 types of Japanese that you are likely to find in Japan. This article was based on article written by rocketnews24.com. Their article is gigantic and lists 6 types of Japanese, we recommend taking a look.

The Japanese that helps - Helpful Hito

in English known as “Helpful Hito” where the word hito (人) means person. This kind of Japanese helper tries to do his best to help foreigners and especially tourists. They will show up, desperate to help you in some way and make sure your impressions of Japan are positive.

If you've lived in Japan for a long time, you must have realized that being distracted in public can get the attention of a Japanese person who appears willing to help. They ask if you are lost or need to find an address.

Hito Helper is basically a tourist's best friend as they can help and guide you at the train station, bus stop or simply help you understand a restaurant or hotel menu.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

the king of time

Foreigners tend to believe that the Japanese work to death. The truth is that lazy and silly Japanese are found everywhere like weed. Some live sleepy, hair disheveled or dyed, speak in a different way and live on the street walking around without doing anything.

Some work in businesses that don't require as much effort. Others don't work or make a lot of money doing nothing. They live traveling around Japan and the world, just walk around any day in the middle of the week and you'll find tons of people who should be working but are enjoying themselves in parks and tourist spots.

In addition to these, there are students who are missing classes and walking around the street, others even sleep in the classroom. Others live aimlessly out of fear of society and are called hikikomori.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

The Alien Hunter - Gaijin Hunter

Many know alien hunters, they can be divided into several categories. Some are super generous and considerate, but they have an interest in something. It can be difficult to spot a gaijin hunter, as naturally the Japanese are thoughtful and generous.

Many gaijin hunters are women looking for foreign men to display as a trophy in public. Some are interested in marriage to get off the ground or leave the country. The fact is that you become special just by being a foreigner, it's really hard to tell the difference between an interest and a real love.

There is no problem in wanting to marry a foreigner, I think many readers of our site are interested in marrying a beautiful Japanese woman and still earn a bonus husband visa to Japan. for some, the hunters of foreigners are not a danger, the hunter ends up becoming the prey.

The big problem with foreign hunters is that they are possibly not really interested in your culture, likes, dislikes and personality. Their interest can disappear from one moment to the next if their love or friendship is not cultivated. Those who have lived in Japan for a long time can quickly identify a hunter of foreigners with their spider senses.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

the pervert

By nature the Japanese avoid slang with sexual connotations or sexual matters as in Brazil. But just walk around the stores for a bit to see thousands of bizarre things like posters of perverted cartoons, erotic stores and another ton of things that show true human nature.

Some go over the limit if related to anime characters, buying related products such as dolls and pillows. Others cross the line and steal panties and follow schoolgirls down the street to take pictures or see through an opening. The women do not escape, some spread their legs inside the train.

There are also the famous tiozão known as ero oyaji (old pervert) that are stalking. They tend to be sloppy, and try to approach girls on the street with different proposals and ideas. Some don't get much results and resort to arranged dates, hostess or something bigger.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

Shy and Antisocial

This is quite common, most Japanese have a little shyness. For this reason, most Japanese are single, relating to cell phone applications. Some find it hard to say simple words to express feeling or thanks to an innocent little girl.

Others look like normal people, but avoid human contact for fear of doing something wrong or not knowing how to help. That's why many Japanese people get away from foreigners on the train, sometimes they're afraid that we'll say something and he won't understand.

Shyness causes many Japanese people to become antisocial, which causes many not to fit in with society and school. Some even get bullied and commit suicide.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

The Suicide Robot

Some Japanese have no opinion of their own, they live under orders and work overtime to earn money and never enjoy it. Some work so hard that they end up committing suicide, that's why we call them suicide robots.

Some are robots not because they work in factories, but because they simply follow orders at school, office, and even family. They don't know how to contradict or they just end up trying too hard on a task they don't need. Some try so hard to take the entrance exam, end up not passing and self-destruct.

Most Japanese robots appear normal, peaceful and pale. An average person who spends his day working, eating instant ramen and doing some hobby. They are fearful and cannot face adversity, enforce rules, or create something original.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

the international ninja

Many Japanese people are super discreet and don't talk about their personal life. They work with you, talk to you, become your friends, but you end up knowing absolutely nothing about their lives. Although they don't talk much about themselves, they are as normal as miso soup in Japan.

Until finally one day, he drops some curious and interesting information that you really have no idea why he never said it before. Sometimes the Japanese can speak fluent English or Portuguese, but you only find out about it after a long time when the opportunity finally arises.

These Ninjas can end up hiding their knowledge for a variety of reasons. The Japanese don't like to attract attention or show off, unless you ask, you'll never know what he's really capable of until the right moment comes. many unknown secrets circulate among the Japanese.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

The Western Aspirant

We love it when the Japanese are interested in foreign countries and cultures, especially when it's the our country and culture. Learning a second language, traveling and expanding their cultural horizon are amazing things for any human being on the planet, we cannot discourage them. But some exaggerate and try to become Westerners.

Some go too far and become a pain in the ass thinking Japan is shit and crazy about traveling abroad. They frequent foreign-themed bars (and sometimes turn into Alien Hunters) and will often talk about how rigid and inflexible Japanese society is. They will refuse to speak to you in Japanese or speak from Japan. They just want to talk about where you came from.

Some don't really fit into the culture of the country they were born in, it's just that there are a lot of attitudes that can be irritating. You yourself must hate a guy who worships Japan and thinks he's perfect, and with all hatred in his heart, he's always criticizing Brazil. These wannabes from other countries can get really boring.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

The English Vampire

It doesn't matter if you speak Portuguese or even Japanese, there will always be some English vampire who will come to suck your blood. These people love to approach foreigners for the sole purpose of practicing their English. Some may feel disappointed if you cannot speak English.

Others feel that it is the duty of Western foreigners to know English. Even though you are speaking Japanese, they will insist on speaking in the English language. The English Vampire tends to be a subset of the Western wannabe. They have no idea that not everyone wants to have a conversation in English.

Luckily you don't have to talk so much, most of them like to talk non-stop about their personal life, age, hobbies and experiences abroad, just be quiet and listen. Whether you know English or not, get ready to meet these people on the street or in stores.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

The Alien Reminder

It's inevitable, but unfortunately, at one time or another some Japanese will remember that you are a foreigner. Some people insist on answering you in English, or they tend to gossip and exclude you from Japanese conversations. Some will offer you a knife and fork at the restaurant, assuming you don't know how to use chopsticks.

Many times the Japanese remind you that you are a foreigner in the greatest innocence. They believe they are making it easier for the foreigner by providing alternative options to what the Japanese do. If you say you're Brazilian, at one time or another he'll drop the words: Neymar, Futebol, Samba, Rio de Janeiro and if he jokes, he even talks about capybaras.

11 Types of Japanese You Can Find in Japan

the prejudiced

These are often a great foreigner reminder. Most of them are traditionalist factory uncles who don't like to see their country being invaded by foreigners. some can you insult, gossip badly about you to friends or exclude you and not show respect. Do they ask idiots about why you're here? Why don't you go back to your country?

Many Brazilians end up having terrible experiences because of this type of Japanese, who despite being few, end up being the most remarkable. The best thing to do is to keep your distance from this type of person and ignore everything he says. Be careful not to catch his disease and start to be prejudiced with the japanese.

I hope you enjoyed this article, have you ever come across these Japanese? We appreciate your comments and shares.

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