Hunter x Hunter Vocabulary in Japanese

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Have you watched or read Hunter x Hunter? Both the anime and the manga are very successful in Brazil and Japan. In this artigo we are going to learn several Japanese words related to the anime/manga of Yoshihiro Togashi. Get ready to greatly expand your vocabulary!

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About Hunter x Hunter in Japanese

Hunter X Hunter is a manga that has two animated versions (1999 and 2011) and currently accumulates 36 volumes (almost 400 chapters). The series tells the adventures of Gon Freecss, a boy who lives on Whale Island and intends to become a hunter (hunter) to find his father. The manga began in 1998, written and illustrated by the famous and brilliant mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi 冨樫義博 (とがしよしひろ), also known for his long hiatuses (pauses in the publication of chapters).

Hunter x Hunter, in Japanese, is spelled ハンターハンター (Hantaa Hantaa). We know that ハンター (hantaa) is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "Hunter", which is usually translated as "Hunter". In free translation, Hunter x Hunter can be translated as Caçador x Caçador, although the Brazilian versions of the anime and manga kept the original title "Hunter x Hunter".

In this anime, there are many specific terms, such as 念 (ねん) - Nen, which has different translations: "sensation", "idea", "thought", "desire", "attention" and "care". In the plot, the baby refers to the energy or "aura" of the hunter world, equivalent to the Ki from Dragon Ball or to Cosmos of Saint Seiya (although Nen is much more complex than both).

Hunter x Hunter Vocabulary in Japanese

Read below some words from the universe of Hunter x Hunter:

  • ハンター Hantaa - Hunter.
  • 念 (ねん) Nen - It's the aura of the world of Hunter x Hunter. It can be translated as "sensation", "idea", "thought", "desire", "attention" and "care".
  • 念能力 (ねんのうりょく) Nen Nouryoku - Nen Power, Nen Ability, Nen Skill.
  • 系統 (けいとう) Keitou - System (generally refers to the entire Nen system, with its branches and types). When expressed together with other kanji, it can be abbreviated to 系 (けい, kei).
  • 四大行 (よんだいこう) Yondaikou - The 4 Great Actions (literal translation). In the Hunter x Hunter universe, this word refers to the four great Nen techniques (Ten 纏, Zetsu 絶, Ren 錬 and Hatsu 発).
  • 纏、点 (てん) Ten - This kanji is the same as the verb 纏める (まとめる, matomeru), which carries the ideas of "gather", "collect", "finalize" or "join". The kanji for dot - 点 (てん, ten) is also used.
  • 絶、舌 (ぜつ) zetsu - Stands for "corte" or "suppression". It is the ability to block the flow of aura and thus hide one's presence in combat.
  • 錬、練 (れん) Ren - Means "refine", "improve" or "polish". That's when Nen comes to a boil. With the kanji 練 it emphasizes the idea of "practice" (putting Nen skills into practice).
  • 発 (はつ) Hatsu - It means, among other things, "emitting" (launching Nen with a blow or skill).
  • 陰 (いん) In - Means "shadow", "hiding place", "concealment" or something similar. It is the technique of hiding the aura of a certain part of the body.
  • 円 (えん) En - It means "circle". It is the act of expanding the aura in a certain territory.
  • 凝 (ぎょう) Gyou - Means "coagulation", "freezing" or "concentration". It is the Nen technique of storing the entire aura in a single point on the body (usually the eyes).
  • 強化 (きょうか) Kyouka - Reinforcement, Intensification (one of the 6 types of Nen).
  • 放出 (ほうしゅつ) Houshutsu - Emission (one of the 6 types of Nen).
  • 変化 (へんか) Henka - Transformation (one of the 6 types of Nen).
  • 操作 (そうさ) Sousa - Manipulation (one of the 6 types of Nen).
  • 具現化 (ぐげんか) Gugenka - Materialization (one of the 6 types of Nen).
  • 特質 (とくしつ) Tokushitsu - Specialization, Special Nen Type (one of the 6 types of Nen).
  • ゾルディック家編 Zorudikkuka Hen - Zoldick Saga.
  • 天空闘技場編 (てんくうとうぎじょうへん) Tenkuu Tougijou Hen - Heavenly Tower Saga (Sky Arena).
  • フロアマスター Furoa Masutaa - Floor Masters, Floor Masters.
  • ヨークシン編 Yookushin Hen - Saga of York Shin. New York saga. "Shin" is probably composed of the Kanji 新 meaning "new".
  • 流星街 (りゅうせいがい) Ryuuseigai - Meteor City.
  • グリードアイランド編 Guriido Airando Hen - Greed Island Saga. Greed Island Saga.
  • キメラ蟻 (キメラアント) Kimera Anto - Chimera ants.
  • ハンター試験 (はんたーしけん) Hantaa Shiken - Hunter exam.
  • 試練 (しれん) Shiren - Quiz, Proof, Exam, Ordeal, Challenge.
  • 試験 (しけん) Shiken - Exam, Test.
  • 受験生 (じゅけんせい) Jukensei - Pa1TP29Exam participant.
  • 受験者 (じゅけんしゃ) Jukensha - Examiner.
  • ルーキー Ruukii - Rookie, Rookie.
  • プロハンター Pure Hantaa - Professional Hunter.
  • 賞金首ハンター (ブラックリストハンター) Burakku Risuto Hantaa - Blacklist Hunter. Hunter Mercenary.
  • 賞金首 (しょうきんくび) Shoukinkubi - Wanted Person, Person with a bounty on his head.
  • 一ツ星 (シングルハンター) Shinguru Hantaa - 1 Star Hunter.
  • 二ツ星 (ダブルハンター) Daburu Hantaa - 2 Star Hunter.
  • 三ツ星(トリプルハンター) Toripuru Hantaa - 3 Star Hunter.
  • ハンター資格 (はんたーしかく) Hantaa Shikaku - Requirements to become a Hunter, Hunter Qualifications.
  • オーラ Oora - Aura.
  • 暗黒大陸 (あんこくたいりく) Ankoku Tairiku - Dark Continent.
  • 会長選挙・アルカ編 (かいちょうせんきょ、あるかへん) Kaichou Senkyo, Aruka Hen - Hunter Association President Election Saga, Saga Alluka.
  • 十二支ん (じゅうにしん) Juunishin - Zodiacs, The 12 of the Zodiac. Originally the correct term would be 十二支 (じゅうにし) Juunishi, but the author added one more letter at the end of the word, the ん (n).
  • 念獣 (ねんじゅう) Nenjuu - Beast of Nen.
  • 魔獣 (まじゅう) Majuu - Magical Creature(s).
  • 釣竿 (つりざお) Tsurizao - Fishing rod.
  • ハンターライセンス Hantaa Raisensu - Hunter License.
  • ハンター協会 (はんたーきょうかい) Hantaa Kyoukai - Hunter Association.
  • くじら島 (くじらとう) Kujira Tou - Whale Island.
  • 珍獣 (ちんじゅう) Chinjuu - Rare Animals, Rare Creatures.
  • 怪獣 (かいじゅう) Kaijuu - Monsters, Creatures, Beings.
  • 幻獣 (げんじゅう) Genjuu - Mythical Animals, Unlisted Animals.
  • 財宝 (ざいほう) Zaihou - Treasures.
  • 秘宝 (ひほう) Hihou - Hidden Treasures, Hidden Riches.
  • 魔境 (まきょう) Makyou - Sinister Places, Monster Infested Places.
  • 秘境 (ひきょう) Hikyou - Unexplored Territories, Hidden Places.
  • 未知 (みち) Michi - The Unknown, The Unexplored.
  • 既知 (きち) Kichi - The Already Known, The Already Explored.
  • 血は争えない (ちはあらそえない) Chi Wa Arasoenai - “Like father, like son”, “You can't fight with blood”, “You can't argue with blood”.
  • 死体ごっこ (したいごっこ) Shitai Gokko - If you pretend to morto.
  • 縄張り (ナワバリ) Nawabari - Territory (of an animal).
  • 小熊、子熊 (こぐま) Koguma - Bear cub.
  • キツネグマ Kitsune Guma - Fox Bear.
  • ゴン - Gon.
  • レオリオ - Leorio.
  • クラピカ - Kurapika.
  • キルア Kirua - Killua.
  • ヒソカ - Hisoka.
  • バンジーガム Banjii Gamu - Chewing Gum (Histoka's Nen skill). Elastic Gum.
  • 幻影旅団 (げんえいりょだん) Gen'ei Ryodan - Phantom Troupe.
  • 競売 (きょうばい) Kyoubai - Auction.
  • オークション Ookushon - Auction.
  • クルタ族 (くるたぞく) Kuruta Zoku - Kuruta clan.
  • 王位継承 (おういけいしょう) Oui Keishou - Succession (to the throne).
  • カキン帝国 (かきんていこく) Kakin Teikoku - Empire of Kakin.
  • 5大厄災 (ごだいやくさい) Godai Yakusai - The 5 Great Calamities.

If you want to practice Japanese with Hunter x Hunter, you can read some pages of the manga, for free, on the Japan ebook website, clicking here!

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