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Have you had a chance to watch the anime Hunter x Hunter? This is one of my favorite anime that unfortunately ended. In this article, we will see some information, curiosities, videos and images of Hunter x Hunter. We will also see if there is any likelihood of a new season or continuation on TV. We will also analyze the original material of the work.

Unfortunately the situation of Hunter x Hunter it's not good, but we always intend to update this post with spoilers, tips and trivia in the future. The question is, will it release a continuation of the Hunter x Hunter anime? Most want to know if it can happen! To understand this, we have to inspect the popularity and profit that Hunter x Hunter has made in Japan.

First let's look at some information and curiosities about the original work of Hunter x Hunter. We even set up a menu to help you navigate the post:

Hunter X Hunter? - info - continuation - spoilers

Hunter x Hunter Information and Trivia

Description: – The series tells the story of Gon Freecss, a 12-year-old boy who aims to become a Hunter, a hunter of treasures, lost places and strange creatures. Despite the simple synopsis, the anime goes well beyond it with several arcs and a gripping story.

Work information: - The work was done by the lazy Yoshihiro Togashi in 1998, since then the manga has had several pauses and the author is known as the king of hiatus (pauses). The work won 2 TV adaptations, the first being by the studios Pierrot in 1998 and the second by Mad House in 2011. The first version is incomplete while the second one was completed with 2 new arcs of the manga in a total of 148 episodes.

Where to watch the anime Hunter x Hunter: -

Hunter x Hunter trivia:

  • The characters of Hunter x Hunter bear a lot of resemblance to Yu Yu Hakusho, both in the appearance and in the personality of the protagonists;
  • The naruto author was inspired by one of the characters from Hunter x Hunter (Kurapika) to create the Sharigan and other characteristics of Sasuke;
  • Chimera Ants is everyone's favorite arc and also the longest. It took about 7 years to complete, probably because of the hiatuses;
  • Neferpitou has the largest En, with a range of 2.2 km;
  • Gon, Killua, Kurapika and other male characters from the anime are voiced by women;
  • Pariston Hill is a reference to Paris Hilton, and Isaac Netero is a reference to Isaac Newton;

New season or continuation of Hunter x Hunter

Our website Suki Desu did an online search about new anime season Hunter x Hunter and behold what we have acquired.

The possibilities for a new season or continuation of the Hunter x Hunter anime are:

Virtually Zero! Unfortunately, the Hunter x Hunter manga lives still, even though some volumes came out after the anime, the author Togashi lives procrastinating and using the column as an excuse. He might as well have someone draw while he's working out the story, since his features aren't all that. As long as the manga is stopped, the chances of a new season of Hunter x Hunter are practically zero.

Read the original work of the Hunter x Hunter anime

You can read the sequel to Hunter x Hunter by reading its source material (sleeves):

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Hunter x Hunter anime videos

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