Dragon Ball Vocabulary in Japanese

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Let's learn Japanese by discovering the meaning of words from the Dragon Ball universe!

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Japanese dragon ball vocabulary

dragonball in japanese

Dragon Ball Vocabulary in Japanese

  • Doragon Booru ドラゴンボール - Dragon Balls, Dragon Ball.
  • Doragon Booru Zetto ドラゴンボールゼット - Dragon Ball Z.
  • Doragon Booru Suupaaドラゴンボール超 - Dragon Ball Super. The kanji 超 is also read as ちょう (chou) and means "super".
  • Doragon Booru Kaiドラゴンボール改 - Dragon Ball Kai.改 (かい, kai) means "revision".
  • Doragon Booru Jii Tii ドラゴンボールジーティー - Dragon Ball GT.
  • Toriyama Akira 鳥山明 - Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball).
  • Kageyama Hironobu 影山ヒロノブ - Hironobu Kageyama (singer of the anime's abellations).
  • Budoukai 武道会 - Martial Artes Encounter, Martial Artes Tournament, Fighting Tournament. "Budou" 武道 means "martial skills".
  • Tenkaichi 天下一 - The Best in the World, The Best in the Universe.
  • Tenkaichi Budoukai 天下一武道会 - Martial Artes Tournament to decide the best fighter in the world.
  • Shenron 神龍、シェンロン - Shenron.
  • Ki 気 - Spiritual Energy, Mind, Spirit, Energy.
  • Sentouryoku 戦闘力 - Fighting Power.
  • Ikikaeru 生き返る - Revive, Return to Life.
  • Pierced Fushi 不老不死 - Imortality, Ability to Never Grow Old or Die.
  • Majin 魔人 - Demon, Evil Spirit.
  • sound Gokuu 孫悟空 - Son Goku.
  • Son Gohan 孫悟飯 - Son Gohan. "Gohan" written ご飯 or 御飯 means "rice" (boiled) and "meal".
  • Son Goten 孫悟天 - Son Goten.
  • Son Gokuu Shounen Hen 孫悟空少年編 - Little Goku Saga.少年 (しょうねん, shounen) means "boy" and 編 (へん, hen) means "volume", "edition" or "saga".
  • Bejiita ベジータ - Vegeta. A pun on the word ベジタブル which means "vegetable".
  • Krillin クリリン - Krillin. A pun on the word クリ (kuri) meaning "chestnut" and リン (rin) which may come from Shaolin Kung Fu.
  • kame - Tartaruga.
  • Kame Sennin 亀仙人 - Master kame. Literally "Hermit of the Tartaruga".
  • Sukautaa スカウター - Scouter.
  • Doragon Reedaa ドラゴンレーダー - Dragon Radar.
  • Senzu 仙豆 - Hermit Beans.
  • Zetto Soodo ゼットソード - Z Sword, Zetto Sword.
  • Kapuseru Kooporeeshon カプセルコーポレーション - Capsule Corporation.
  • kamehameha かめはめ波 - Kamehameha. "Ha" 波 means "wave".
  • Gyarikkuhou ギャリック砲 - Galick Ho. Name of Vegeta's main technique. It's a pun on the word "garlic" which means "garlic".砲 (hou) means "cannon" or "weapon".
  • Kienzan 気円斬 - Kienzan. Blow used by Krillin. It means something like "decapitating ki circle". Formed by the kanji of 気 (ki, energy), 円 (en, maru, circle) and 斬 (zan, decapitation).
  • Masenkou 魔閃光 - Evil Flash of Light, Demonic Flash of Light, Evil Ray of Light. Name of a technique used by Gohan and developed by Piccolo.
  • Gattai 合体 - Fusion, Union, Combination.
  • Potara no Gattai ポタラの合体 - Potara Fusion.
  • Potara ポタラ - Name of the earrings used by the Kaioshins.
  • Fyuujon フュージョン - Fusion.
  • Suupaa Saiyan, Chou Saiyan 超サイヤ人 - Super Saiyan.
  • Suupaa Saiyan Goddo 超サイヤ人ゴッド - Super Saiyan God.
  • Genkidama 元気玉 - Energy sphere.
  • Kaiou 界王 - King of the Worlds.
  • Kaiouken 界王拳 - Fist of the King of the Worlds.
  • Kaioshin 界王神 - God King of the Worlds.
  • Rou Kaioshin 老界王神 - Old Kaioshin.
  • Kami-Sama 神様 - God.
  • Chikara no Taikai 力の大会 - Tournament of Power.
  • Hakaishin 破壊神 - God of destruction.
  • Zen'ou Sama 全王様 - King of All. Zeno.
  • Oozaru 大猿 - Giant Monkey.
  • Reddo Ribon Gun レッドリボン軍 - Red Belt Army, Red Ribbon Army, Red Ribbon.
  • Ginyuu Tokusentai ギニュー特戦隊 - Ginyuu Special Forces.
  • Wakusei 惑星 - Planet.
  • Tengoku 天国 - Paradise, Heaven.
  • Jigoku 地獄 - Hell.
  • Hebi no Michi 蛇の道 - Path of the Serpent.
  • Anoyo あの世 - The Otherworld.
  • Enma Daiou 閻魔大王 - Great King Enma.
  • Namek ナメック星人 - People from Planet Namek.
  • Jinzou Ningen 人造人間 - Android.
  • Pikkoro ピッコロ - Piccolo.
  • Daimaou 大魔王 - Daimaoh. Great Demon King.
  • Tenshinhan 天津飯 - Tenshinran. It is the name of a food dish similar to a crab and rice omelette.
  • kikohouhou 気功砲 - Name of Tenshinran's most powerful move. It means something like "breath control weapon".気功 (kikou) means "breath control" or "spiritual energy cultivation exercise", also known as "chi kung".砲 (hou) means "weapon", "artillery" and "cannon".
  • Chikyuujin 地球人 - Earthlings, People of the Earth, Inhabitants of Planet Earth.
  • Ankokuseijin 暗黒星人 - People from the Planet of Darkness.
  • Neko Majin 猫魔人 - Demon Cat. It is a race of super powerful felines from the Dragon Ball universe. There's also an entire one-shot dedicated to them.
  • Shinjin 芯人 - Core People, Center People. They are the Kaioshins.
  • oni 鬼 - Oni, Demon, Monster (a specific type of entity from Japanese culture. It has no relation to Western religion).
  • Furiizaa Zoku フリーザー族 - Frieza clan.
  • Furiizaa フリーザー - Frieza.
  • Seru セル - Cell.
  • Majin Buu 魔人ブウ - Majin Boo.
  • Kyuushuu Suru 吸収する - Absorb.
  • Ottamageru おっ魂消る - Be Very Surprised.
  • Tsufurujin ツフル人 - Tsufurujin. It was an extinct race from the universe of Dragon Ball Z. They had advanced knowledge in technology.
  • Saibaiman 栽培マン - "Cultivation Men" (literal translation). Saibai 栽培 means "cultivation" or "cultivation". They are small and green beings that are born from the soil.
  • Shunkan Idou 瞬間移動 - Teleporte, Teletransporte.
  • Terepooto テレポート - Teleporte.
  • Shippo 尻尾 - Tail, Tail.
  • Inakamon いなかもん - Caipira, Countryside Person, Matuto.
  • Inakamono 田舎者 - Caipira, Countryside Person, Matuto.
  • Uchuu 宇宙 - Universe.
  • Hikareru 惹かれる - Be Attracted by, Be Enchanted by.
  • He no Kappa 屁の河童 - Molezinha, Something Very Easy, Facinho. This expression appears more than once in various Dragon Ball abellations.
  • Muteki 無敵 - Invincible.
  • Shugyou 修行 - Training.
  • Bujutsu 武術 - A1TP28Martial Tes.
  • Kintoun 筋斗雲 - Kintoun (name of Goku's flying cloud).
  • Haroo ハロー - Halo. Circle that is on top of mortos characters' heads in the series.

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