Feng Shui: Learn how to apply ancient philosophy in your own home

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Having a good house, a good home goes beyond acquiring quality material goods. There are many factors that make things flow in a natural way or even generate some negative situations. Therefore, people always seek to have good energies and harmony.

Who doesn't want to live incredible moments with their family or be healthy all the time? Money is essential for some dreams to come true, in addition to that dream job. 

But when one or all is wrong, you have to ask: What's going on? Why is this not giving certo ? What needs to be done? Questions can serve as motivators for an attitude to be taken. For the better, of course. The answer to these or other questions may be Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui and where did it come from?

For those who don't know, this is a practice created in China about 3 thousand years ago. And as surprising as it may be, it still persists today. The objective is to end negative energies in environments and generate greater harmony between spaces.

This philosophy, which in literal translation means “wind-water”, emerged at a time when it was believed that choosing the right place to live would be the key to achieving a healthy and lasting life.

One of the main allies to practice is nature. It is with the application to modify the interior design that certain elements are generated in order to balance the energies. But, don't be fooled, it's not that hard to do. That's because wood, ceramics and crystals can help.

Experts say that one of the most ideal times to apply philosophy is at the end or beginning of the year. But she is welcome at any time. Just follow the tips below to develop it in the best possible way.

What are the initial steps?

Before carrying out the effective changes, one thing must be taken into consideration. Feng Shui must be implemented, first of all, within the person himself. That is, there must be a mental change to be able to expand to what is around the resident.

This is done by transforming habits, especially daily ones. The process must be done gradually, with positive energy being expelled within the residence. Showing gratitude and satisfaction will also be essential to neutralize what is bad.

Intermediate process with nature

From then on it is already possible to partir to the simplest attitudes. Elements that are environmentally friendly can be used in various rooms of the house. Plants and objects that maintain a flow of running water are some examples. Don't forget to leave an area free for circulation and leave the doors in the bathrooms always closed.

Feng shui: learn how to apply ancient philosophy in your own home


In addition, there is a tool pointed out by some specialists that can improve how the distribution of colors is done in the house. Organization is done following the direction of the sun, generating greater prosperity in all areas of life.

In summary, a map is created in the octagonal shape that divides the sectors that are part of each one's daily life. In this regard, the basis is the same for everyone: family, relationships, creativity, success, friends, prosperity, spirituality and work. And to be able to make the best combination of each one, just do the following:

  • Family — colors: blue and green/ element: wood/ shape: oval/ plan: hortelã/ stone: amazônica.
  • Relationship — colors: different shades of pink/ element: earth/ shape: square/ plant: hibiscus / stone: pink quartzo.
  • Creativity — colors: pastel and white/ element: metal/ shape: circular/ plant: parsley and zinnia/ stone: white.
  • Success — color: red / element: fire / shape: triangular / plant: rosemary and laurel / stone: agate and garnet.
  • Friends — colors: gray and white / element: metal / shape: oval and spherical / plant: daisy / stone: amethyst.
  • Prosperity — colors: purple/ element: wood/ shape: oval/ plant: basil/ stone: malachite.
  • Spirituality — colors: lilac and green/ element: earth/ shape: square/ plan: rue/ stone: lapis lazuli.
  • Job — colors: black and dark tones/ element: water/ shape: sinuous/ plant: jasmine and thyme/ stone: black tourmaline.

Rubble — do not leave at home

Storing and accumulating old objects is not a good thing on many levels. This can even pose a health risk. And it's no different with energies. Old clothes, debris and expired papers must be discarded.

The rule applies to broken objects. They represent stagnation that can disrupt family prosperity. Donate whatever is usable, but if it isn't, don't feel sorry. Throw it in the trash!

Anything messy, tidy up. When there is this stone in the way, the resident can be stressed on a regular basis, in addition to generating a waste of time. A clean, organized and clean environment leaves free for positive energies to circulate through all rooms.

Maximum home care

Over time, it is common for problems to arise in the house. But, in addition to preventing them from accumulating, fixing these problems will facilitate harmonies. Stains and mold on the wall, for example, can cause illness and, consequently, recurring sessions of bad energy.

The same goes for dirty, peeling paintwork. Don't make silly savings. Improving these details is like an investment. These attitudes will ensure that prosperity reigns in the place.

Minimalism can also be applied

This decorative technique has been very popular in recent years and has a lot in common with Feng Shui. One of the first factors is that the simple style with a more intimate connection with nature can generate good results in the life of the resident, whether in professional or personal situations.

There are also the (few) resources applied in a more widespread way. That is, without extravagances and each in its proper place. This is how this millenary Chinese philosophy can be used to organize, generate well-being and benefits for the members of the house. A powerful tool that, when well used, only generates good things!

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