Japanese phrases from Dragon Ball Z

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In today's article we will present a video by Sensei Luiz Rafael where he teaches some Japanese phrases from the Dragon Ball Z anime. I will also add some extra phrases at the end of this video lesson.

YouTube video

Índice de Conteúdo

List of sentences for this class

How much is Kakarotto's fighting power!
What is Kakarotto's fighting power?

  • カカロット:Kakarotto
  • 戦闘力(せんとうりょく):fighting power
  • いくつ: how many

Hassen jouda!
It's over 8,000!

  • 以上(いじょう): more than

Ganbare Kakarotto... you're number 1!
Go Kakarot! You are number 1!

  • がんばる: to do one's best
  • カカロット:Kakarotto
  • おまえ: you
  • ナンバー:number

クリリンのカタキを討つんだ!!!あいつは2度死んだ!!! もうドラゴンボールでも生き返れない!
Krillin no kataki o utsu nda!!! Aitsu wa 2-do shinda!!! Mō doragonbōru demo ikikaerenai!
I will avenge Krillin! He died for the second time! It will no longer come back to life even with the Dragon Balls!

  • クリリン:Kuririn
  • カタキ:enemy, rival
  • 討つ(うつ):defeat
  • あいつ: he/she
  • 2度(ふたたび):again, for the second time
  • 死ぬ(しぬ):die
  • もう:no longer
  • ドラゴンボール:Dragon Balls
  • でも:same
  • 生き返る(いきかえる):come back to life

Omaetachi ni korosa reta min'na no tame ni mo, omae o buttobasu!
For all those who were killed by you, I will destroy you!

  • おめぇ達(おまえたち):you all
  • 殺す(ころす):kill
  • みんな:people
  • ために:for
  • おめぇ:you
  • ブッ飛ばす(ぶっとばす):defeat, destroy

Extra Material

In this part the Suki Desu website adds extra material to complement this article. I'll add a few more Japanese phrases that appear in Dragon Ball anime. Can you identify them and find out who speaks them?

If you die, the Dragon Balls will also disappear.
The Dragon Balls will disappear if you die.

Futari I take you the dasanaide kure.
Stay out of it you two.

Their main goal is to become like me.
Looks like I'm the only one they want.

Defeating Kakarot is my job.
I will be the one who will defeat kakarotto

"Now it's my turn."
I can keep secrets.

You guys came to kill.
I came to kill you.

The future peace will be achieved through fighting and overcoming.
We will fight and win to bring peace to the future.

I hope you enjoyed this Japanese class taught by our sensei Luiz Rafael and complemented by me.

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