Do you know what a Hikikomori or NEET is?

Have you seen in any anime or people talking about hikikomori or NEET? Ever wondered what those words mean? In this article, we will try to explain in detail what a Neet and a Hikikomori are, what the differences are and how these terms came about. First let's start by talking about the Japanese word hikikomori.

Hikikomori (引き篭り) is a term that literally means isolated at home, it is used to refer to people who have severe levels of isolation, usually young people between 13 and 39 years old who are often supported by their parents or work online. NEET is basically the same thing but it has its differences.

The problems of a Hikikomori or Neet

It is estimated that there are more than 1 million hikikomori or neet scattered throughout Japan. This number cannot be counted exactly as they do not participate in anything in Japanese society, being true ghosts like the Johatsu that disappear without a trace.

Those Japanese who live in isolation inside the room are already a serious case of public health. Thousands of young people find themselves in this situation due to the high degree of perfection demanded by Japanese society. Many people end up being under so much pressure that they create psychological problems.

Most of the time Hikikomori or Neet tend to have low self-esteem, fear of people, fear of leaving the room and in some cases even sociopathic tendencies. There are cases of 40-year-olds who are dependent on their parents and live in isolation in the bedroom, living on social media and anonymity.

Often times, young Hikikomoris are socially excluded even from their families, where mothers leave their snacks at the door of their rooms so they can catch them. They interact with mangas, anime, games, and the infinite amount of choices they can have with the world otaku.

Do you know what a hikikomori or neet is?

What makes someone Hikikomori?

People tend to become a Hikikomori for the following reasons:

  • The high level of perfection required by society;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Many isolate themselves by preferring fantasy to reality;
  • Psychological disorders;
  • Traumatic experiences;
  • Excessive shyness;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Panic Syndrome; Bipolarity;
  • Schizoid personality, among other disorders;
  • The ijime (bullying);

Many suffered bullying or traumatic experiences at work or at school, causing these people to end up being disappointed with society, as a whole, generating a distance from social life with all those around them. At least some of the problems listed above are reasons for someone to be a hikikomori or Neet.

Do you know what a hikikomori or neet is?

What is the difference between Hikikomori and Neet?

The word NEET (nitto; ニート) originated from the United Kingdom and started to be used in other countries like Japan. This acronym literally means “Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training”Which translating means“ Currently without a job, education (without studying) and professional training.

They are basically two words with different definitions. Hikikomori is used to refer to people who live in isolation inside the house and never leave, since NEET are vagabond people who neither study nor work, who consequently stay at home, but most of the time they go out into the street without fear of human beings .

The word NEET is very broad and is used not only for vagrants but for people who work from home or are looking for a job. Basically NEET are people who do not contribute to society, most of the time hikikomori.

Do you know what a hikikomori or neet is?

Hikikomori Treatment Program

In 2007, the Japanese government implemented a program to assist hikikomoris, social workers establish contact with them through letters, phone calls and then invite them to go out to the cinema, squares, shopping malls, stimulating social contact and, consequently, reducing the state of isolation .

These social workers are called "Super Sisters", because they are female and are able to raise many young men in this situation. We can see a great example when watching the anime NHK ni Youkoso! In England, support groups for those who suffer from the same problem have proven to be quite effective.

Treatment is done by encouraging young people to social, cultural and sports activities. The first step is to be a trustworthy person and show that the patient can trust him, as hikikomoris are extremely sensitive to human interactions and have become so precisely because they do not trust people.

Do you know what a hikikomori or neet is?

Anime that experience the life of Hikikomoris

In addition to the above NHK ni Youkoso that we strongly recommend, there are other interesting anime that show the life and personality of a Hikikomori. See some below:

No game No life - Brothers Sora and Shiro are inseparable, both in the real world and in the world of games. Their combined individual skills make them an invincible team: Sora, with her amazing intuition and knowledge; and Shiro, with his intelligence that goes beyond a genius prodigy. In the real world, they are hikikomori, inmates and antisocial, but in the gaming world, they are both part of 『』 (Kuuhaku (空白? Lit. “Blank”)), a mysterious group of online players who win all games with an incredible score. Player account names are always left blank, so they are known as "white".

One day, after defeating a mysterious opponent in an online chess game, the brothers receive an offer from their opponent to be reborn in their world, Disboard - a fantasy world, where everything is determined through games. When they accept the proposal, Sora and Shiro are summoned to Disboard by the God of that world, Tet, and begin to meet their opponents. Together, the brothers begin their journey to rescue Imanity's weak human race and conquer the world and then challenge Tet to the title of God.

Kamisama no Memochou - This anime tells an investigative story where detective Alice and student Fujishima Narumi uncover mysterious urban cases with the help of several NEET.

List of Hikikomori or Neet Anime

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
Anime NameYear
KonoSuba - God's blessing on this wonderful world! Movie: Legend of Crimson2019
No game No life2014
Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-2016
KonoSuba - God's blessing on this wonderful world! two2017
Welcome to the NHK!2006
KonoSuba - God's blessing on this wonderful world! 2 OVA2017
KonoSuba - God's blessing on this wonderful world!2016
Eden of the East2009
Recovery of an MMO Junkie2017
KonoSuba - God's blessing on this wonderful world! OVA2016
Osomatsu-san The Movie2019
Mr. Osomatsu2015
Mr. Osomatsu 2nd Season2017
Recovery of an MMO Junkie Special2017
Heaven's Memo Pad2011
Neeko ga VTuber Debut Shite Mita2018
Mr. Osomatsu 3rd Season2020

Some isolated anime characters from our friend Thunderbout:

There are many other anime that have at least one character and show their life as hikikomori, some famous are:

  • Denpa Kyoushi;
  • Rozen Maiden;
  • Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai;
  • ReLIFE;
  • Chaos; Head;
  • Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken;
  • Btooom;
  • Satou Tatsuhiro (absolute favorite) - Welcome to the NHK
  • Kaoru Yamazaki - NHK ni Youkoso!
  • Kuroki Tomoko - NHK ni Youkoso!
  • Jintan - Ano Hana
  • Oreki Houtarou - Hyouka
  • Lain - Serial Experiments Lain
  • Ryuunosuke Akasaka - Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

What do you think of Neet or Hikikomori? Do you know anyone? Do you know any anime or drama that portrays this situation? Comment and share with friends.

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