Stop mimimi and focus on good examples!

Over the years I come across the same complaints, generalizations and the same mimimi on social media and in everyday life. I've written several articles trying to explain people about generalizations, relativity and focusing on positive things, but unfortunately it seems that people don't learn.

I also kept complaining about the situation in Brazil, although I had convincing reasons, I noticed that it really is a waste of time and I started to focus on good things, despite still having a certain disgust and fear of Brazil, but for cultural aspects. The thing is, I can hardly read comments on social networks without someone complaining and disagreeing in a generalized way and with nonsense points.

I don't want to waste my time talking about this again, the focus of this article is to try to show exactly that there are people who don't follow the same pattern, people are different so disagreement is normal as well as the reason for disagreement. I want to try to analyze how focusing on the good things instead of the bad things will improve your life in every way.

From all countries and people in the world, we can take good and bad examples, but as this site is focused on Japan and Japanese Culture, we will try to use examples related to Japan.

Stop mimimi and focus on good examples!

People are not accepting the good examples

There are several Facebook pages and sites that spread good examples from the Japanese or from other countries, but it seems that some Brazilians feel pain when seeing someone praise another country, instead of trying to copy the example, they mimimi, generalizing and looking for flaws.

One of the main issues that these mimizentos use to disagree with a publication or article is an example he experienced. I'm tired of talking about things being relative, people urgently need to stop focusing on an example or the example of the minority.

in certain facebook post who spoke of the examples of japan cleaning, when we read the comments we find 3 types of people:

  • People complaining about Brazil not being that way;
  • People praising and talking about Japanese education;
  • People saying that Japanese were dirty, disgusting and that the post was fiction;

I don't think it's wrong to complain about the cultural situation in Brazil in relation to public cleaning, if we don't do that, it will continue as it is. But some take it too seriously to the point of ending Brazil, and now when I look back I see that I did the same thing. I also don't think people should imagine a perfect Japan, because it's far from it.

It's just that these arguments that the Japanese are dirty and pigs to try to reduce the cleaning problem in our country is hilarious. Some even lead to the question of suicide to try to minimize the situation of Brazil in the post. Ironically, the post never talks about Brazil or anything like that. Since when is praising a country the same as criticizing Brazil?

Stop mimimi and focus on good examples!

The mimizentos aren't wrong, but they aren't right

It is obvious that there are dirty Japanese and pigs, many and mainly hikikomori they don't take care of the internal cleaning of their house and live on appearances. Not only related to cleaning or Japan, but where there are good people there are also bad people are not the same!

Of course, culturally speaking, the vast majority will follow a certain pattern, and the Japanese really follow strict standards of politeness and honesty. At no time does it mean that there will be no people who escape this pattern either publicly or secretly. I don't think anyone is used to following rules or doing something they don't like.

Back to the cleaning post. After comments saying that a Japanese man's house was filthy, some smart person commented:

The difference between Brazilian and Japanese is exactly there. Japanese don't mind living in a dirty or disorganized house. Well, it doesn't bother anyone. The dirt is his. From the door in, that's his problem. Brazilians are the opposite. If my house is clean, let them clean outside.

That thought also applies perfectly to the conversation we are having in this article. We can take away the aspects of cleanliness and reflect the kind of person we should be, always looking out for others and not ourselves.

Stop mimimi and focus on good examples!

Both the positive and negative aspects of each country need to be balanced in a balance. Even though Brazil is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, there are still honest and humble Brazilians. And just as Brazil has a reputation for being warm with each other, it's easy to find the opposite, because not all people are the same!

When you see a post praising Brazil or a foreign country, try to reflect on the council instead of trying to complain! In case you see a person madly complaining using general arguments and erroneous and partial ideas, try sharing this article for that person to reflect on. We also recommend reading:

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