Do movies and games influence people?

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Over the years, there have been many discussions about the influence that music, movies, games and other media can have on people. There are several controversial expressions that some hate to hear like “games make people violent”, “pornography spoils marriages” and many others.

Of course, playing or watching violent movies is not going to turn you into a serial killer, and many who play action games hate anything real related to violence. But the subject I want to address is exactly the fact that it is! The things that people do and like influence and are also reflections of people's personalities and cultures.

We can start by saying that people are easily influenced by each other. What makes someone use drugs or smoke? In most young people it is the influence of a friend. The environment in which we live shapes us in a certain way, it is obvious that what we watch and hear has a great influence on this mold.


The mere fact that a person denies or does not accept that he is being influenced by something is already proof that he was influenced by something. I am influenced by my lifestyle and do not deny it. Watching anime led me to pursue a career related to Japan and created the desire to learn japanese and more about the country's culture. The lifestyle that I was created meant that I didn't like most of the things that people like today.

How do people try to deny that the things they do have no influence on their personalities? We live in a generation where people follow each other and no one accepts opinions different from each other. Not to mention how much people have idolized celebrities, singers and other random things.

A cultural contrast between Brazil and Japan

On the one hand we have Japan, a country that is very open and closed at the same time. There is a social pressure to be collective and always think about others, but at the same time people live their lives individually. 

At the same time, that the Japanese care little for what others do or wear, those who try to break certain parameters end up being hammered.


On the other side is Brazil, a country where people are apparently warm and warm, but at the same time like to meddle in the lives of others. While the Japanese avoid as much disagreement as possible, Brazilians do everything they can to be right and do not usually listen contrary opinions. Unfortunately, a part of Brazilians are seen as corrupt, egotistical and evildoers.

Both countries have their problems, but Japan is one of the safest countries in the world while Brazil, a country with the potential to win against the USA, is dominated by violence, corruption and poverty. Many Brazilians blame the government, but the truth is that the lifestyle and culture of Brazilians brought this result.

Cultural contrasts

Both countries have media full of violence and immorality, which are popular with most people. Some cultural aspects influence the creation of this media that also influences the rest of the population. Below we can mention some cultural contrasts that can affect the influence of people and the media:

He has no shame or shyness.She has a lot of shame and shyness.
They do things without thinking.Think about how your choices can affect others.
Always look for the easiest and fastest way.Try to do things as ordered.
You don't care what others think.They strive to gain approval from others.
It uses language full of sexual connotations.Use formal, polite and humble language.
Loves bullshit, arguments and controversies.Avoid disagreeing, criticizing and getting into controversy.
Search only the things you want.Search for knowledge, research.
Education? What is that?Rigid education and creation.

Someone will probably want to comment "but I'm not like that". All human beings are different, understand that when I quote something about a country you must keep in mind that it is relative. Diverse people from both countries can do the reverse of each other.

Let's look at how these things are exposed in Brazilian culture and media and how this has caused catastrophic results in our country.

Jogos podem deixar as pessoas viciadas
Jogos podem deixar as pessoas viciadas.

Does culture influence the media?

Brazilian soap operas usually show the sad reality of our society. Things like betrayal, theft, corruption and sex are portrayed in a natural way as if it were something normal. Japanese dramas usually have their plots, but things tend to end well, a happy fantasy where good prevails. Shyness makes Japanese relationships so innocent that sometimes some drama ends even without a kiss.


Popular songs in Japan often have elaborate and philosophical lyrics that look like poems. In Brazil, popular songs tend to have repetitive lyrics and rhythms that support drugs, sex and violence. Despite defending these styles, the songs bring no reflection and present negative things as being cool.

We are not saying that there are no media contrary to those mentioned here, when it comes to that there are millions of genres in both countries. We are only talking about what is most popular in each country.

For most Brazilians and Japanese, their country's lifestyles and popular media are ridiculous. Both also find the other country's lifestyle and media ridiculous. There is a great diversity of tastes in both countries, however, there is the famous herd.

If you are like me and follow the comments of game sites you will see a large number of Nintendo haters which is quite popular in Japan. Most Brazilians find Nintendo games childish and colorful, here the action games are realistic and FPS are much more popular, especially among children (even though games are prohibited for minors).

Japan's media is dominated by fantasy and cute things in order to lead life positively. The media in Brazil is dominated by the reality that people do not struggle to change, but embrace with love. Do not think that the media in Japan is innocent, like most media in the world, it is dominated by fanservice.

A mídia dos jogos e animes no japão
A mídia dos jogos e animes no Japão

The media influencing people's attitudes

People are easily taken by each other. We can see this in the trends and even in the famous people who are successful at a certain time and then gradually disappear and are largely forgotten. Some end up idolizing and being dependent on a certain media or person.

Did I become a violent person because of my lifestyle? Ask yourself: If someone does something bad to you, what do you do? Do you feel like fighting with that person or don't you care? The choices will vary greatly depending on the person's age, nationality and lifestyle. This is the cultural reflection and the creation of the person.

The most practical way to end something wrong is to eliminate it. Other countries try to show through the media that certain things are wrong, but it seems that the Brazilian media has shown the wrong things to be the right or the best choices. In the same way, our country has sustained poverty instead of ending it.


I realize how easily people are carried away by false information and widespread news, some even force this opinion of others to the grave. Now come people who do not accept that things influence? Human beings are easily manipulated whether by TV, internet, games, religion, government, family and especially self or desire.

Just as I do not like certain things because I was not exposed to them during my life, most people like what is considered wrong for the simple fact that they are exposed to it or because it is considered something common and normal. Some people are very open to things, while others end up not understanding or wanting to know them.

Our world is a total disgrace and it gets worse and worse, at some point in history the lifestyle that people lead has caused it. The world has always been at war, with violence and disgrace, but we have reached astronomical proportions. Even if the effect is small, the world is still a reflection of our lives and choices.