Negative People – Why so much negativism on the Internet?

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For more than 5 years I have been writing on the internet and I also follow comments on websites and Youtube, and one thing that bothers me a lot is the amount of negativism on the internet. I would like to know where so many negative people like that come from, but first we have to understand the situation.

For those who don't know, negativism involves a spirit of systematic denial, saying negative things or saying no frequently, rejecting the proposals and opinions of others. A negative person has an attitude of always expecting the worst, looking only on the bad side of things with extreme pessimism.

In psychology, negativism also involves gestures and attitudes contrary to what we expect. Ie? Whenever I write something good, someone will come along to say something bad that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject. This is the most common I see!

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

I can already see that this article is going to cause some beef between critical and negative people. I just want to make it clear that I am a person who likes positive environments, positive things, good things! It's good things that attract people, not criticism and bad things.

Cultivate positive energies so that the universe works in your favor. Negative energies don't help anything, only destruction.

What does a negative person do?

I'm a negative person, but these internet users are on another level! I live regretting my life, because I'm lonely, because I can't be doing what I want, but I've never in my life wasted hours of my time criticizing something positive or that I don't agree with.

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

When researching negativism, we can list some behaviors below:

  • Worrying about things that cannot be changed;
  • Giving up when something gets difficult;
  • Taking things too seriously;
  • Focus on impossible things;
  • Focus only on the bad side of things;
  • Spending too much time on the internet;
  • Worrying too much about what others think;
  • Speak ill of others and criticize their opinions;
  • Worry only about yourself;
  • He hopes for the failure of others;
  • Complaints are part of these people's lives;
  • It does not know the relativity of things;
  • They consider things without being informed;
  • Tries to criticize or say something negative even though it has nothing to do with the current issue;
  • Stress, fatigue;

Negative people are most often the haters (haters) who waste time on the internet criticizing brands, games, people, music, series and other things including Japan and the Japanese.

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

They only care about what they think about a subject, completely ignoring the opinions of others. If he doesn't like a certain thing, he will hardly see good things in it, leaving a Zero impartiality! 

What is the result of being a negative person? 

  • It pushes other people away;
  • It is always getting into trouble;
  • It is never happy;
  • You will never solve the problems you want;

Negative Brazilians in Japan

What I see most on the internet when writing good things about Japan are people commenting on negative things that no one asked. I think everyone knows that Japan isn't perfect and has its problems, but what's the need to come up with negative things when we write something positive?

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

There is even a Facebook page… (no names to be mentioned) where I know the owner and she says that the things she writes are to help those who live in Japan. But it seems that every post she makes is to want to make Brazilians leave.

She must be a very negative person, since whenever we talk, I'm talking about a subject that has absolutely nothing to do with her and she drops some message to criticize something from Japan. Even if I'm realistic and expose bad things, she finds a way to make it worse.

Negative or realistic people?

Some say they're just being realistic, and that we shouldn't live in a dream world. I'm a realistic person, I'm an anxious person who calculates everything and keeps thinking about bad things that are unlikely to happen, but I don't have this attitude of wanting to refute something someone has presented.

Haters are not people! Instead of complaining, make a difference! No positivity no success!

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

Some don't have a very satisfying and happy routine, I can understand perfectly why they appear with this negative climate towards Japan and the Japanese. I've tried to discuss this subject several times with some articles like:

Instead of following negative people or sharing the same thoughts, why not follow happy people like Coelho in Japan? Santana Fonsceca? Japan our everyday? Roberto Pedraça? Redneck in Japan? These people motivated me a lot and made my routine much happier!

Some examples of negativism

Haven't you noticed these negative people yet? Just browse any facebook post on any subject and there will always be someone criticizing or negative something, even if it's something happy or positive.

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

People can have many reasons to be negative, sometimes insecurity, low self-esteem, tiring routine, bad past, lack of self-confidence, failed social life, tragic relationships and many others.

The negative people who usually surround my daily life are those who comment on my articles in a derogatory way. I post a picture or write a text talking about something beautiful in Japan and they start talking about suicide, overwork, earthquakes, political crises, prejudices and other things in an exaggerated and generalized way. Who asked? 

A recent example of negative people was when I posted on that page full of negative people about the Spocha, a place full of fun. Someone commented: Exhaust valve… I find it depressing… I wonder what is the need for this?

Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution;

What to do with these negative people?

Is it worth trying to help these people? Most of the time they are hardheaded and do not accept criticism or contrary opinions. Consider a few points below on this subject:

  • Don't waste time arguing with negative people;
  • If someone has criticized something you like, try to resist;
  • If someone disagrees with your opinion, try to resist responding;
  • Looking for positive people will increase your productivity and your results;
  • Seeing the bright side of things in the midst of difficulties helps you to stand up;
  • It's not our place to try to cheer up negative people;
  • You can support negative people, thus avoiding problems;
  • Try to change the direction of the conversation;
  • Try to stop negative rumination;

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

What can I do to stop being a negative person?

  • Always walk with a smile on your face;
  • Try to understand the point of view of others;
  • Don't think that everyone's reality is the same as yours;
  • Think about the good things instead of the bad things;
  • Be a kind and cheerful person;
  • Do not disagree with the opinion of others;
  • Be prepared to take risks and have new adventures;
  • Remember that the only mistake is to give up! Worse yet is never to try!
  • Be grateful for the things and opportunities you have;
  • Look for solutions and not problems;

In this troubled and troubled world, negativism has become something common among people. Just understand that there is a difference between having negative thoughts about yourself (these people need help), with those who only know how to complain and seeing things in a bad light.

I have failed several times in trying to resist and avoid negative people. I was a negative person, I thought I was a failure, I never fulfilled my desires, I never felt joy, I lived complaining and regretting about Brazil and this culture, until I finally realized that I don't gain anything by criticizing.

Negative people - why so much negativity on the internet?

There are still some traces of negativity left, mainly because I don't really like Brazil and its Culture, but I try my best to be impartial. So much so that I'm currently a fan of Nintendo, but I strongly defend Xbox and PS4 from haters.

Therefore! Be positive! Spread good things, not bad things! Completely eliminate the evils from our lives and they will disappear on their own! The only thing I want from negative things is distance!

Is that you? What do you think of negativism? What do you think of these negative people who only know how to complain? Criticize and look at the bad side of things? Finally, I will share some self-help books (⌒‿⌒)…

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