How to take money to Japan or another country on your trip?


One question that many people who travel for the first time ask is how to take money. Do I convert to a currency exchange in Brazil? Do I convert to a currency exchange in Japan? Do I buy the dollar instead of the yen? Do I use a credit card? There are many doubts and in this article we will try to help you take your money to Japan without any problems.

Some recommend sites that convert currencies without paying absurd and uncomplicated fees. One of the most popular sites in this modality is transferwise, but I personally find it a bit of a pain to use this method to take money, even though it is more economical.

Some try to use travel cards and credit cards which is a good option, but they usually have limits. In addition to being necessary to transfer your money to these cards that are not part of your bank account. If your bank card does not have a limit of 10,000, it is impossible to use just it.

How to take money to japan or another country on your trip?

What did I do to take money to Japan?

Currency exchange is a robbery, my father kind of forced me to take at least 30,000 yen in cash to avoid problems when I arrived in the country. 100 yen it came to cost 1 real more than its original value. Of course I did this at a currency exchange at the airport, since where I live it was almost impossible to find a currency exchange that exchanges yen.

The main means I used to take money to Japan was my debit card. In Japan and some countries there are ATMs that make withdrawals directly from your bank account paying only the IOF and a fee of 10 to 15 reais per withdrawal. I could withdraw up to 50,000 yen at a time from these machines that are easily found in convenience stores.

Japan's international tellers are in Portuguese and work without any problem. Of course, you need to make sure that your debit card is international, you also need to activate this international functionality. The best way to resolve this is by talking to your bank, there may be extra fees, but mine did not.

How to take money to japan or another country on your trip?

My bank is Itau and I had no problem with it. I was just a little desperate because there was a day that I couldn't withdraw any more money, but that happened because there is a weekly withdrawal limit at the banks. Soon the week passed and everything went perfectly well.

For me, using the bank's debit card is the easiest and most practical way to take money, without any bureaucracy and worry. I hope you enjoyed the article, we appreciate the comments and shares. We recommend reading:

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