What makes Japan such a safe country?

Have you ever wondered why Japan is safe? Not just in terms of crime, but in general Japan brings a huge sense of security to those who live in it. Even despite natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes, Japan manages to prepare for these events. Of course, not everything is 100%, but we can analyze what makes Japan so much safer than many countries around the globe.

Don't you think Japan Safe?

Before criticizing or imagining that I'm saying too many good things and missing negative points! Read the topic of the article! The article is for talking what makes japan safe! I will only talk about these things and keep in mind that not everything is 100% and there is something called relativity!

People tend to read things looking for disagreements or ways to criticize the subject. It is obvious that as in any country, Japan has crimes, it has bullying, it has sexual violence and many bad things that human beings are capable of doing.

But, in my experience, nothing in Japan compares with the crime and violence rates in Brazil or even in Western countries like the United States. I myself had the chance to read several comments from Americans in Japan.

What makes Japan such a safe country?
Students work together to take care of the school

I'm not just talking about Brazil, but first world countries where tourists who traveled to Japan were impressed to see vending machines on the street. Some even asked the Japanese how this was possible, the Japanese did not even understand the question.

When a Japanese man was asked how it is possible for young people not to vandalize, steal or buy drinks from vending machines, the answer was simple: "Because they know better than to." (although some minors buy beers in konbini).

All over the world children are taught what they should and should not do, but unfortunately in most countries they are attracted to doing what is wrong. This is a cultural difference that stands out in Japan, and that is undeniable!

What makes Japan such a safe country?
It reminded me of one strange story I witnessed

The Japanese Mafia Makes Japan Safe

This sentence seems kind of ironic, but it's really one of the points to make about Japan's security. We know that in every country there are criminals, but even though Japan has the biggest Mafia in the world, it contributes to the country's security.

The police coexist with the Yakuza, unfortunately this causes some crimes to end up not being solved or disclosed. But generally the yakuza does not commit crimes against law-abiding citizens, in fact the yakuza has appeared several times doing charities and saving people.

Usually the yakuza works by providing 'services' that may not be considered desirable by the majority of society, but usually they are responsible for the security of various locations for some monthly fee.

Although they sometimes deal with things impolitely, perhaps even violently, you won't have any problems with the Yakuza unless you look for it. They will not break into your house to steal, nor will they rob you in the street.

What makes Japan such a safe country?
Yakuza participating in a Japanese Festival

The history of Japan contributes to security

Japan has not always been a safe and peaceful country, throughout its history Japan has been filled with civil wars and international wars with a lot of violence of all kinds. Despite that, some things worked in Japan today.

Japan is a group of islands with 127 million inhabitants. Despite this, Japan's 80% is uninhabitable for being mountains and green fields. Which throws a large part of the population into large cities or small towns scattered across the country.

Despite all this, there is no lack of space, cities are ghosted for lack of residents, the Japanese apparently prefer to stay in big cities instead of the peaceful countryside. This puts many in Tokyo and Osaka living in small rooms.

Many of these rooms have fragile walls, some even made of paper. It has always been that way, since the time of the samurai, without bars, walls and fences. Usually the Japanese served in castles, lived together, thus learning to live together.

The danger presented in feudal Japan created social norms of politeness, honesty, non-confrontation and so on have become today's reality. Even with westernization, the culture of shame never left Japan.

What makes Japan such a safe country?
Osaka Castle and Shin Sekai

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No tolerance for wrong things

Japan does not tolerate drunk driving, drug use and does not allow firearms. As long as the law is upheld, the numbers of people who do wrong things will be much lower. Imagine a Brazil where every criminal caught is imprisoned for a long time...

The fact that Japan is an island helps protect against the importation of drugs and firearms. Japan has a strong and heavy law, where littering on the street or drunk driving can result in imprisonment and a fine of R$20,000.

The fact that Japan does not tolerate wrong things makes society accustomed to doing what is right! We all have a greater strength to do wrong things, luckily the law in Japan makes people think carefully before making mistakes.

What makes Japan such a safe country?

Even those who insist on making mistakes do so lightly, like stealing panties instead of raping girls, and cheating for their own benefit. They know that if they get caught, they will suffer for the strict Japanese penal system.

While some countries end up tolerating the wrong things when they are done by celebrities or politicians. Japan even barred famous people from entering Japan for their involvement with drugs. When a Japanese actress or singer is caught in a scandal they go on TV to apologize nationally and serve their sentence.

Even politicians resign when they are caught committing theft, even in very small numbers. The law is fulfilled! Everyone should know that the Immigration policy in Japan is very strict, making the country even safer.

What makes Japan such a safe country?

Society makes Japan safe

Japan values teamwork! Despite society being quite individualistic, when it comes to working or developing things, this individuality leads to failure. Each one fulfills its role and does what is defined, without trying to change, moderate or accelerate. The gears of Japanese society tend to flow correctly.

We can see this in the commitments they make, they are never late, they obey the rules and they do what is ordered. The Japanese take pleasure in doing what is right, even in a society where it is easier to do wrong.

While finding money without any identification and handing it over to the police would be unusual in the West, the Japanese deliver! all this is result of an education and culture taught at home and during student life.

What makes Japan such a safe country?
Police stations spread across Japanese neighborhoods

The person who steals or commits crimes is stupid! The fact that Japan has 99% of the literate population, job vacancies, a stable economy and a high consumption power, makes people have no interest in committing crimes.

Everything in Japan is made to make our lives easier, the train stations, convenience stores, vending machines, service and support. The police are available at small posts called koban. There is even lost and found at train stations.

Taxes are also well used in Japan! They are made to protect the population with tidy lanes, disaster protection and security means, even for the disabled. The fact is that Japan really cares about the safety of its people!

What makes Japan such a safe country?

The relationship of influence and lifestyle with security

Japanese culture has a formal and polite language, there are not many sexual connotation slang nor swear words, and those that do exist are rarely used in everyday conversation. Such vocabulary widespread in Western culture negatively influences a person to do wrong things.

From my own experience, I believe that the media and things that a person consumes and lives with is capable of influencing people's attitudes and thoughts. There is a big difference between western and eastern entertainment.

Western taste is based on violence, just look at the games and movies that are successful in the west. Of course, watching violent things doesn't turn anyone into a thug, but it creates a certain tolerance on the subject.

Japan is also the author of several action works, but there is a great cultural bridge that separates them. The fact is that crimes happen because the conscience does not accuse before the error, letting the mind tolerate these things causes these results.

What makes Japan such a safe country?

Where does so much aggression and lack of patience in people today come from? Brazilian for a little thing already wants to fight. The Japanese, on the other hand, solve problems with patience and without aggression, which results in fewer tragedies.

It's really remarkable the cultural difference between the West and Japan regarding the influence of things. Just walk the streets of Japan to notice! If you doubt what I'm talking about, just make a deep comparison between Japanese culture and Western culture.

Another thing I notice is that Japan is open to different opinions. No Japanese is used to meddling in other people's lives, not even asking about other people's lives. The Japanese follow the golden rule: They treat others as they would like to be treated.

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Checklist - Things that make Japan Safe

The article was full of texts, very explanatory and with a lot of personal opinion. Maybe you're looking for a summary of things that make Japan safe, so I decided to make the checklist below:

  1. Difficulty finding firearms;
  2. Culture of Shame;
  3. Culture of Humility;
  4. Culture of living in a group;
  5. Culture of effort;
  6. Few shameless criminals;
  7. High fine for driving drunk;
  8. Few slang and swear words with sexual connotation;
  9. Difference in the type of entertainment chosen;
  10. Zero tolerance towards drugs in the country;
  11. Police stations scattered around the city;
  12. Taught from a young age what they should or should not do;
  13. Low or zero unemployment rate;
  14. The country is economically stable;
  15. The cost of living for Japanese people is low;
  16. Surveillance cameras discourage crimes;
  17. Criminal justice system discourages crimes;
  18. Lost and found area at the stations;
  19. Parking lots have guards.
  20. Strict immigration policy;

What do you think? Did you remember any other points? Did you detect anything in Japan that contributes to the country's security? Leave it in the comments and share this article with friends.

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