8 things about Japan the rest of the world might want

When looking at history, Japan has developed its uniqueness for many years due to its “island” location. Now, the country has come to have many advantages and great points that other countries may envy. 

1 - Delicious and healthy food

Japanese cuisine is one of the most delicious and healthy in the world, resulting in good health and a high life expectancy. On the other side we have a food industry rich in varieties and flavors of everything you can imagine. In Japan there is no shortage of choices for sweets, snacks, drinks, chocolates, etc.


2 - Nature - 4 Seasons

Japan is one of the few countries in the world where you can really enjoy the 4 seasons. You will notice the presence and change of nature in your city, in the fields, in the mountains. While some countries are snowing or hot for a long time, Japan shows its beauty in several different colors and climates.

Four Seasons

3 - Modesty, education, respect

Many Japanese are modest by nature, Japanese are characterized by their simple, unpretentious and humble way of being. The Japanese do not usually value themselves so much, their actions or achievements. The country teaches from the cradle to have respect, modesty and education. Teaches you to think about your neighbor and then about yourself.

Of course, there are many who have false modesty, the fact is that in some countries being modest is not common, causing modesty to die. In Japan it is already the opposite, those who do not want to be modest feel obliged to act in this way to avoid being different.

8 things about Japan that the rest of the world might want

4 - Vending machines

Vending machines in Japan reach extreme levels. It is possible to find machines in the middle of the woods, in front of super markets, machines on every corner. There are machines of all kinds, which sell: drinks, food, sweets, ice cream, rice, eggs and more ... It is so convenient.


5 - Many translations, much reading

Japan places a high value on reading. There are thousands of original Japanese books, manga, even games with many texts. Japanese is said to be the language with the most translated versions of foreign books. If you know Japanese a new universe of reading is available to you.


6 - Mandatory social health insurance

In Japan there are no public hospitals, this is not a problem, because we know what they look like ... In Japan everyone is required to have a health plan or insurance that covers up to 80% of all hospital expenses.


7 - Low crime rate

Life in Japan is very safe, so safe that the police don't even need weapons. It is a rare thing to come across a firearm in Japan, firearm murders are almost nil. The country has a law, even criminals are ashamed of stealing and often steal on the sly. The country is so safe that it is possible to leave your things lying around and pick them up hours later. (but don't take any chances.)

8 things about Japan that the rest of the world might want

8 - Security

Japan has several earthquakes a year, but it rarely causes a problem. Traffic-accidents? People follow all the laws, so it's easier for you to die in a bathtub than in a car accident. After the incidents of World War II, Japan has been working hard to provide security for its population.

8 things about Japan that the rest of the world might want

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