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Despite Japan being an evolved country, when it comes to banking, the country offers few digital options. In this article, we are going to talk about one of these options that has been very successful in Japan, the famous PayPay [ペイペイ].

PayPay is a payment service using a smartphone operated by “PayPay Co., Ltd.”, established by SoftBank and Yahoo. In stores that support the app, you can pay with your smartphone instead of using cash.

Unlike Suica mobile, PayPay does not require the smartphone terminal to support the Osaifu-Keitai function and uses the QR code and barcode displayed on the app installed on the smartphone to make payments, making it easy for anyone to use.

It is very reminiscent of the Mercado Livre payment system and others that have emerged in Brazil. It works the same way as scanning the codes Line's QR available in several stores in Japan, I myself noticed this a lot in the onsen.

PS: Be careful not to confuse the Japan PayPay App with the payment solutions site

Paypay - app for payments in japan
Cachless Payments

What are the advantages of PayPay?

In addition to making payments, paypay allows you to send money between family and friends who also use the app. Perfect for splitting the bills after enjoying a restaurant or karaoke with several people.

You can even send yen units. It can be used in the same way as bank transfers or remittances. These functions are attractive because there are no transaction fees and no time limits.

Paypay also allows you to accumulate points on T Point Card [T ポイントカード], as well as offering some options for cashback and other offers to bring many benefits to the user and increase the usage of the application.

There are some similar services, but paypay is more convenient as there are many stores that accept the app. It is a payment service recommended for daily use. What are you waiting for to download the app?

To generate invoices online, we recommend Vantazo.

Paypay - app for payments in japan
Brand logo

How to use PayPay?

See how simple it is to use Pay Pay!

  • 1- Download the appPaypay” which is available for iOS and Android;
  • 2- Open the app and make your registration putting your cell phone and a password;
  • 3- When you do this, you will receive a message with a confirmation code;
  • 4- Enter the code for confirmation;
  • 5- Yours barcode will appear on the screen, and you can now use the application;

You can also register for the app using Yahoo! JAPAN ID, just click on “New registration with Yahoo!” at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the Yahoo! JAPAN ID.

To deposit money on PayPay you can register your credit card, top up with prepaid credit using Seven Bank ATM, and using your bank account registered in Yahoo's virtual wallet (Yahoo! Wallet).

PayPay requires 500 yen to work. So if you top up a small amount, you can use it right away. To make transfers and payments, all you need to do is enter the amount and scan the other party's barcode.

There are two ways to transact with the app, depending on your location. You can scan the QR code on the cash register, enter the payment amount, and ask the clerk to confirm. Or it must display the barcode for an employee to read.

When carrying out the transaction you can choose between using the app balance, Yahoo! or credit card. What are you waiting for to use this app in Japan?

If you are a tourist, you may need to have a local phone number. If you get such a phone, you will still need a knowledge of the japanese language to use the app.

Paypay - app for payments in japan
Account creation and balance addition

Where to use PayPay?

To find a store that uses the app, simply click on the “List of stores nationwide” on the app's home screen. Then the stores where PayPay can be used are displayed as icons on the surrounding map of the current location.

You can use it on all konbinis famous like Seven Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson and MiniStop. The stores that accept the application have the “PayPay” brand. They are usually:

  • Convenience Stores - Konbini;
  • Supermarket;
  • Drugstore;
  • Bookstore;
  • clothing;
  • Department stores;
  • General stores;
  • leisure facilities;
  • Hotels, travel websites;
  • Restaurant;
  • Delivery, home delivery, delivery service;
  • Izakaya;
  • electrical appliance stores;

Anyone can make use of the app available on their store. For this reason there are always many stores in the city where you can use PayPay. You can see a complete list of stores on the website.

Paypay - app for payments in japan
Stores that accept Paypay

Other popular alternatives in Japan are R Pay and Line Pay. Both have good range of use, option to link with card and many other perks. Maybe we don't talk in detail about these options in the future?

Have you had the chance to use this app? What is your experience with the app? If you liked the article, don't forget to share and leave your comments. Thank you and see you next time! Finally, I'll leave some videos that talk more about the subject:

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