How to live in Japan without being of Japanese descent?


Have you thought about the possibility of living in Japan without having any Japanese descent? Unfortunately many people often say that only Japanese descendants can live there. That ends up being a big lie! anyone can live in Japan, just want to go after it.

Of course, being accepted in any other country is not an easy task. All countries have different rules and requirements for living in them. The USA itself is much more complicated to live in legally than Japan.

Currently more than 2 million foreigners live legally in Japan, many have no Japanese ancestry. The reason people believe that only descendants can live in Japan, is because most contractors who provide factory work prefer to choose descendants because of the ease of applying for a visa.

- Non-descendants living in Japan

Types of Japanese visas

O work visa that lasts from 1 to 3 years is one of the most sought after, mainly by descendants. Foreigners without any descendants usually obtain this visa when they are hired by companies that need people specialized in a certain area.


Another easy way to live in Japan is to get the spouse visa marrying someone of Japanese nationality. Even if you marry a descendant it is easy to get a job and get a visa.

Cidadania japonesa nacionalidade naturalização como morar no japão sem ser descendente de japonês?

One of the most sought after ways by people who are not Japanese descendants is the student visa. This visa can be obtained through an scholarship or enrollment in university or courses in Japan. The opportunity to study in Japan opens doors and gives you the chance to work and live in Japan.

The most common visa is that of tourism which allows you to stay in Japan for up to 3 months. There is another visa long-term tourism for wealthy people who have 30 million yen. Unfortunately it seems that Brazil is not eligible to apply for this visa from wealthy people.

If you are able to stay 5 years in a row in Japan you can even apply for a permanent visa or obtain Japanese citizenship. There are many things you need to know to get a visa from Japan, but that is the subject of another article.

Ways to live in Japan

The easiest way is to get a job. To make it easier to get a job without a parent, you need to know how to speak Japanese and sometimes English. And also be trained or have knowledge in any area that makes a company want you. It is not enough to say, I speak Japanese! Some companies request the Japanese language proficiency test. For that, we recommend studying or taking a course like Japanese Online Program.

Como morar no japão sem ser descendente de japonês?

Another simple way is through marriage, but it can be tricky to find a spouse or date at a distance. It is not recommended that you marry someone just for the interest in the visa.

The procedures for obtaining a spouse visa are safe and do not accept fraud. Another thing that will make it easier for you to get any type of visa in Japan is to have a completely clean record, Japan looks a lot at people's criminal record and their financial conditions to stay in the country.

In addition to studying languages and having knowledge in a certain area, doing a exchange or graduate school will help you to meet and make friends who can help you get into a big company. 

You can apply for a scholarship to Japan or plan to study there through your own investments. To get a scholarship we recommend reading our article and seek information with the Japan Foundation, Rotary, MEXT and Science Without Borders.

If you want to do an exchange to learn the language, go to college and get a visa to live in Japan. We recommend reading the Living Japan article by clicking here.

Living in Japan creating a company

One of the ways to get a visa to live in Japan is to set up your own company or business. The advantages of working on your own are endless and it also makes it possible to obtain a visa for others.


There are 2 options for opening a business in Japan individual and the company. The individual has less taxes and requirements but it is more complicated to obtain a work visa. The company already has some taxes and investments, but it makes visa for you and an employee easily.

Como morar no japão sem ser descendente de japonês?

Unfortunately creating a company sometimes requires that you already have a company in Brazil or a high investment. Sometimes expenses can reach 3,000 reais per month counting taxes, offices and other bureaucracies involved to keep the company running. In the future we will have an article addressing this subject on how to set up a company in Japan.

Non-descendants living in Japan

Some friends of mine who live in Tokyo made a video explaining all the details of how they managed to live in Japan through a work and student visa. I'll leave the video below, they are very fun, I recommend following their channel:

During my trip to Japan I personally met a friend of Luiz Rafael who lives in Osaka and another who lives in Kyoto, none of the 2 have descendants and live in Japan.

Luiz Rafael even interviewed one of them named Roberto and I will leave the video of the interview below and put an end to the myth that non-descendants cannot live in Japan.


There are many other examples of foreigners who managed to live in Japan without being of Japanese descent. Is that you? What are you waiting for? Run after your dreams that you can!

The people mentioned above are passionate about Japanese culture and have not given up on the dream of living in Japan! You shouldn't give up too! I made my dreams come true and keep running after them!