How to get a job in Japan?

Have you ever dreamed of working in Japan without any descendants and in areas of interest? Getting a job in Japan is not an easy task as most of them require to be living in Japan and have a knowledge of Japanese and English languages, but in this article we will see how you can get a job in Japan even without living there.

Requirements for getting a job in Japan

If you already live in Japan and want a different job, the tips in this article will also be of great help to you! The first requirement is to have knowledge in Japanese or English and if you know both better.

Secondly you need to have knowledge and experience in some area such as tourism, languages, engineering, design, programming, advertising, technology, etc. Being specialized in any field will open doors for you to find the job you want.

And it is not enough to have knowledge in the language and in a certain area if you do not go after it! You need to run and run a lot, talk to people, look for various options, do different research and persist!

Currently more than 2 million foreigners live legally in Japan, many have no Japanese ancestry.

How to get a job in japan?

Where to look for a job in Japan?

Now that you know the requirements for getting a job in Japan, where do you find them? Below we will leave a list of sites for you to find the jobs you want:

  • Gaijinpot - Site specializing in jobs for foreigners;
  • JREC-In - Site recommended for those who already have a master's or doctorate;
  • JobsinJapan Loves - Another famous site for looking for jobs in Japan;
  • Craigslist – World famous site for finding jobs anywhere in the world. 
  • Daijob – Site for people who are fluent in Japanese to compete for vacancies with Japanese;
  • Career-Cross - Recommended for bilingual jobs.    
  • Active connector - Company that serves as a bridge for foreign students to find jobs in Japan;
  • More Job Opportunities in

Getting a job in Japan is not out of this world. It's like in any country, you show your resume, your skills and do an interview. Companies are looking for flexible people who are able to adapt to situations and changes. Having a degree will help a lot when it comes to getting a job. Remember that you will receive many no before a yes!

As is to be expected, 90% of the jobs found on this site require you to be in Japan. So how can a foreigner living in Brazil get a job directly in Japan?

How to get a job in japan?

The great myth of the visa for descendants

People believe that Japan is a closed country, which only allows descendants to live and work in the country, but that is a big lie. It is true that Japanese descendants have facilities to obtain a visa, but nothing but Japan's obligation to provide such facilities.

Living in Japan is no different than trying to live in the USA, Europe or any other country. Even to work and live in Brazil, things are not easy as some imagine. They say that Japan makes things harder for Brazilians because Brazilians also make things difficult for Japanese people in terms of visa and immigration.

Virtually every country does not matter if it is Japan or France, descendants will always have privileges and facilities to obtain a housing visa. Just don't think that Japan is more closed than other countries, in fact it is one of the most open with a gigantic number of foreigners from all over the world living in the country.

The reason people believe that only descendants can live in Japan, is because most contractors who provide factory work prefer to choose descendants because of the ease of applying for a visa.

How to get a job in japan?

And who is not in Japan? What to do?

It is a thousand times easier for you to get a job being present in Japan. It is very difficult to find a company that takes care of your visa with you while in Brazil, but it is not impossible! So keep talking and looking ... This path will be easier if you have contacts in Brazil and Japan with companies related to your area.

You don't need to find a job first to get a visa and go to Japan, you can do the other way around. You can pay one Japanese course for 6 months or a year and during your stay there look for jobs. Even with a tourist visa, it is possible to find a company that wants to hire you and thus apply for a work visa that can last 1 or 3 years. We only recommend to be careful when doing this with a tourist visa, the process of getting a work visa can be long.

The best way to get a job in Japan without being a descendant is during your stay as a student in Japan. There are numerous scholarships that can finance courses and colleges in Japan. During this time you must dedicate yourself, do research, participate in interviews to find a job that provides a work visa. Remember that some types of visa prohibit you from doing paid work in Japan, so get a work visa before you start working.

Below we will leave a video of our friend Rodrigo Coelho who had the opportunity to get a job in Japan without any kind of descendants. He will explain more details on this subject: (Template letter to send to a sensei.) 

We recommend reading our article showing that it is possible to live in Japan without working in factories.

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