Mistakes many make when trying to live in Japan


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The idea of dropping everything and trying a new life in Japan passes through the minds of many Brazilians, mainly descendants. But before doing that, people need to take this big step that will change their life calmly. Ask yourself: Am I going to work too hard? Will I get enough money? Will I be able to get used to the culture? In this article we will examine some mistakes that people make when trying to live in Japan.

Thinking that life in Japan is going to be beautiful and wonderful

Living in Japan is good and has its advantages. But people forget that all countries have their problems and defects. Some are better, others are worse. Some people go through problems, others don't.

Don't think that when you get there everything will be perfect! Our mind has a habit of creating illusions and desires, thinking that the neighbor's grass is always greener. What we should do is analyze whether we are going to be prepared to endure the problems of living abroad like:

  • Stay away from family;
  • Heavy and repetitive work;
  • Different culture;
  • Withstand social pressures and prejudice;
  • The barrier of learning a new language;

Erros que muitos cometem ao tentar uma vida no japão

Of course, despite the problems, we must think about the benefits of living in Japan, such as: Security, honesty, hospitality, power of consumption and others. Personally, just for safety and culture, I am able to face all problems, and you?

To think you're going to get rich in Japan and go back to Brazil

Many go to Japan with the idea of getting rich, saving money and returning to Brazil. In the past this was possible, but today it is not so easy. This is because both the cost of living in Japan and Brazil are more expensive than in the past, even if the Japanese salary exceeds 5,000 reais, this money will be totally spent in your life in Japan.

The person must move to Japan thinking about having a good life there! But unfortunately the majority go with intentions to earn money, they end up working too much, not enjoying it or having fun and then they start complaining and blaming Japan. Don't try to work too hard or save like crazy, don't also spend all your income on futile things that hinder you from having a social life.

Erros que muitos cometem ao tentar uma vida no japão

Do not leave your comfort zone

Many follow the same routine, becoming increasingly unhappy. One should always look for different paths, do different things, look for different sources of income. Some simply want to arrive in Japan, work, sleep and spend. These people end up not learning the language, do not look for alternative jobs, sources of extra income and end up in the same routine as always.

Think about how your life could be better if you try different things and you like it! Many Brazilians tried their own businesses in Japan and were successful, because they went after and left the comfort zone. You must not depend on 100% from others, contractor or jobs! You must be prepared for any situation. Lack of preparation can end up pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Erros que muitos cometem ao tentar uma vida no japão

Do not control the fear of things

Many before moving to Japan already have fears in their heads. However, these fears are only in the head, some tend to be afraid of things like: working 12 hours a day, suffering prejudice in factories or schools, being afraid of getting around, going hungry, communicating and so on.

The person needs to understand that fear is normal and that it ends up protecting us. I am afraid of many things myself, but I do not stop doing them. Fear ends up making us more alert and helps when making decisions. Fear is connected with negative thoughts, and having these types of thoughts can bring unhappiness and turn people into people who complain about everything.

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