Gourmet Lamen - Learn how to make your own ramen


Lamen or ramen is one of the most popular foods in Japan and other countries in Asia. Unfortunately it is quite unusual to find this delight in much of Brazil. Why don't we expand this business?

Lamen is a simple dish consisting of noodle soup with a variety of ingredients and flavors. The art of lamen is infinite and can provide infinite flavors. Do not confuse lamen with instant noodles.

It is impossible not to love this dish of Japanese cuisine that is so successful in Japan. A tasty, healthy, cheap and unique dish. Tired of being frustrated at not being able to try this dish near your home?

Gourmet lamen - learn how to make your own ramen

There are thousands of lamen houses in Japan. Why don't we make Brazil the same? So I am pleased to announce Lamen Gourmet, an online course that will teach you how to make your own ramen.

I hope this course will reach as many people as possible, be it ordinary people who want to prepare their own lamen, entrepreneurs who want to innovate in cooking or sushi restaurants who need to improve their menu. So don't be excited to share!

What is the proposal for the Lamen Gourmet course?

The Lamen Gourmet course will teach you how to make your own lamen, especially the 5 most popular types of ramens in Japan. You will learn how to make Shio Lamen, Shoyu Lamen, Misso Lamen, Tantan Lamen and Tsukemen.

The course will teach you step by step from the choice of ingredients, the initial preparations and the ideal accompaniments. As a freebie he will still teach you how to make the famous karaague, unique Japanese fried chicken.

Ramen is not as easy to prepare as some imagine. Sometimes it takes hours to prepare the ingredients, not to mention the difficulty of finding such ingredients. All of this will be resolved with Lamen Gourmet.

Gourmet lamen - learn how to make your own ramen

Some of the things you will learn in the course are:

  • What are the 05 Fundamental Elements of Lamen
  • How to Cook Your Pasta in the Right Spot
  • How to Prepare Dashi, Basic Broth of Japanese Cuisine
  • How to Cook the Egg with the Soft Yolk for Lamen
  • How to Prepare Chashu, Very Soft and Tasty Pork
  • How to Make Mayu, the Aromatic Element that Gives Your Recipes a Special Flavor

What are the minds behind Lamen Gourmet?

The course is organized by the Food Web team from Hiro creator of the Sushibilidade Program. The teacher of this course is the Willian Sesaki founding partner of Lamen Açu, a very famous lamen house in São Paulo.

Willian Sesaki was one of the pioneers to open a ramen house in the Praça da Árvore region, a region where many Japanese descendants live in São Paulo. The house has a concept of fusing Japanese cuisine with Amazonian cuisine and characteristics of Pará.

Willian learned to prepare Lamen when he interned at a Casa de Lamen in Japan. Since 2015 he has been perfecting his Recipes and serving a demanding public in Lamen Açu.

How does the Lamen Gourmet course work?

The course is entirely online on a platform with more than 3,500 students. You will have access for one year to any platform from any device at any time. In addition to the classes you have full support from the team and community.

The course can be done quickly in 2 weeks or at the speed you want. You can watch as many times as you want to perfect your techniques and make the best ramen ever.

Gourmet lamen - learn how to make your own ramen

The course is distributed on the Eduzz platform, responsible for distributing online courses as well as the famous Hotmart and Monetizze. The course has a 7-day guarantee from Eduzz itself, without any risk.

The course can be purchased in cash or in installments with interest at a monthly rate cheaper than a lamen dish in my city. There are different payment methods provided by the Eduzz platform.

The course also offers the bonus that teaches you how to prepare karaage. In addition to a 15% discount coupon to buy ingredients to prepare your ramen at the Konbini online store.

The ramen taught in the Lamen Gourmet course

To finish the article, I will leave some details and information about the main ramens taught in the course. Remembering that ramen preparation goes much further! If you liked the article, share and leave your comments.

Shio Lamen - This ramen has the broth in the salt base. But don't imagine that he is the simplest than the others. Although salt is its base, knowledge goes much further and the amount of ingredients also.

Shoyu Lamen - One of the most balanced and traditional type of Lamen, as it is based on soy sauce. It is tasty without being cloying.

Gourmet lamen - learn how to make your own ramen

Miso Lamen - Lamen with an extra flavor, the miso which is the Japanese soybean paste gives this broth much more depth.

Tsuke Men - Ramen where the pasta is served separately and you have to dip it in the thick sauce while eating. I had the chance to eat at a restaurant in largest electronics store in the world along with my friend Rodrigo Coelho.

TanTan Men - Lamen originated in China, well seasoned, for those who like stronger and more spicy flavors.

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