Aiaigasa – Romantic gesture of sharing the umbrella

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Aiaigasa [相合傘] is a Japanese word that literally means sharing the umbrella, but its meaning is much deeper and more romantic than some realize. In this article, we are going to talk about this gesture called aiaigasa.

In the west it is common to open a car door for a lady, borrow a coat or even walk outside the sidewalk. In Japan, one of the gestures that most conquers women is the famous aiaigasa.

Aiaigasa - Romantic Gesture for Sharing the Umbrella

The aiaigasa is nothing more than the gesture of sharing the umbrella along with a person who forgot to prevent that person from getting wet. This is very common when returning from school or work. Friends can do this, but when two people of the opposite sex share an umbrella, a romance can be in the air.

The word ayay [相合] means doing things together, while gas [傘] comes from kasa which means umbrella or things like that. How your pronunciation is ayay, this resembles the Japanese word love which is there [愛], giving a romantic meaning.

That is, aiaigasa [アイアイ傘] can literally mean umbrella of love.

It is very romantic to see a couple or person with a romantic interest sharing the umbrella in Japan. The archaic meaning of ayay [相合] it also gives the idea of being on an equal footing with the other person, becoming a signal for the couple to be together.

Aiaigasa - Romantic Gesture for Sharing the Umbrella

Many girls purposely forget their umbrella during the summer on a rainy day in hopes of a boy sharing their umbrella with her. If he does, it is one of the first gestures and signs that the two can start dating soon.

Aiaigasa - Writing the couple's names on the umbrella

Some people draw an umbrella with their name and the name of their passion underneath one on each side. Just like some people do by writing their name and the name of the loved one in some heart.

There are thousands of anime and dramas that depict aiaigasa and you probably have seen it somewhere. Always remember to bring your umbrella on a rainy day to share it with your crush.

Aiaigasa - Romantic Gesture for Sharing the Umbrella

Japanese women appreciate this gesture, although some men are stupid and die of shame. There is not much to say about aiaigasa, it is something very simple, just know that it is a very appreciated gesture in Japan, so never leave a woman wet in the rain.

It seems like a simple gesture here in the West, but in Japan it is something iconic. I hope you enjoyed this short article, if you did, share it with friends and leave your comments. What do you think of the Japanese romantic gesture called aiaigasa?

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