Ahoge - Understanding the Meaning of this Hair Style

Ever seen anime characters with a gravity-defying strand of hair pointing straight up? What if I say it's a hairstyle called Ahoge?

The ahoge hairstyle is characterized by a single strand of hair that sticks out from the top of the head. This strand of hair is usually longer than the rest of the hair on the head.

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Ahoge - understand the meaning of this hair style

What does Ahoge mean?

Ahoge is a Japanese word meaning "beaded" or "tufted". It can be a single thick strand or a tuft of hair that rises from the center of the head.

The word describe a hairstyle in which a lock of hair stands out from the rest of the hair. Ahoge comes from the Japanese words “aho" [アホ] meaning "fool" or "idiot" and "ge" [毛] meaning "hair".

Ahoge - understand the meaning of this hair style

This hairstyle is often seen in anime and manga characters, but it is also popular in real life, despite being slightly different from the one featured in the anime.

Ahoge with 2 wires can also be called shokkaku [触角] which means antenna, this for its insect-like appearance. The number of threads can be named by the [本] counter.

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Ahoge in Real Life x Anime

While in the anime the hairstyle is portrayed with a few single strands of hair pointed over the head, in real life they end up going unnoticed because they are very thin.

If you have an unruly curl or strand of hair that stands out even after brushing or combing your hair, you probably have silly hair.

Ahoge is a natural feature of hair created without the use of tools. They also often appear near the top of the head, but can be in any corner.

Ahoge - understand the meaning of this hair style

Ahoge personality

The Ahoge hairstyle is mostly seen on young girls. In the works, he usually represents a childish, innocent, silly, clumsy, naive, pure, energetic or animated character.

Anime or manga characters who have Ahoge tend to be a little more cheerful and aloof than their peers. Even your personality depending on the author.

In real life the person who leaves their hair with Ahoge can be a bit sloppy or just have unruly hair. A pompadour can end up generating these loose strands.

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Ahoge - understand the meaning of this hair style

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The Origin of Ahoge

The origin of Ahoge is somewhat uncertain, as having strands of hair sticking out of the hairstyle may have been normal since the beginning of humanity.

We know that in anime, characters like Ahoge started to become popular after Love Hina, where its protagonist Naru Narusegawa clearly had this type of hair.

Of course there are other old manga and anime characters featuring Ahoge, one of which is the famous Asari-chan released in 1978.

Ahoge - understand the meaning of this hair style

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