The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

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Fish is one of the most famous foods in Japanese cuisine, and also one of the most consumed. Let's talk about the main types of fish consumed by the Japanese in this article.

We will see several well-known fish in Brazil, such as Salmon and Tuna, and fish not so consumed as Shishamo and Katsuo. Have you had a chance to eat them all?

1 - Salmon - Sake [鮭]

In Japan, salmon is preferably eaten as sashimi. This fish is commonly served grilled and is part of the breakfast of many Japanese people. Salmon can also be served with sashimi, sushi, boiled, roasted and fried.

Salmon plays an important role in the health of the Japanese, it protects against inflammation, helps with the brain and mood, is good for the eyes, helps with cardiovascular health, skin and hair.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

2 - Tuna - Maguro [鮪]

The atum is known for its strong flavor, moderate content and firm consistency, but this depends on the part of the fish as some parts may be firmer or softer than others.

Most often it is served as sashimi or as sushi. This fish has an elongated, spindle-shaped body, a large, elongated mouth and two well-spaced dorsal fins. Tuna helps with weight loss, growth and even weight.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

3 - Agulhao and Sauro - Sanma [秋刀魚]

The sanma it is usually consumed in autumn, due to its high fat content at that time. Like shishamo, this fish is usually grilled whole.

This fish is so popular in Japan that it even won a festival where people gather to eat it roasted over a charcoal fire. The festival is called sanma matsuri [さんま祭り] and usually takes place in September.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

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4 - Beautiful - Katsuo [鰹]

Bonito can weigh up to 10 kilos and is very popular among the Japanese. This fish can be served in two different ways, it can be served as dehydrated bonito flakes, the so-called Katsuo bushi, which is very famous in takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

This fish can also be served with the outside grilled and the middle remaining raw. From the same family as tuna and mackerel, the meat's fat content varies from medium to high and its flavor is stronger than that of tuna.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

5 - willow - Shishamo [柳葉魚]

This is a saltwater fish about 15 centimeters long. Its name literally means willow leaf fish. It is usually grilled and eaten whole, and is often served in school lunches.

This fish is usually served alongside its eggs, which are considered by many people to be the best part of this dish. This fish can also be found a lot in the izakaya, which are Japanese bars.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

6 - Japanese amber - Buri [鰤]

Buri can reach up to 15 kilos and 1.3 meters in length and is known in Brazil as the bull's eye. It can be eaten raw or in the form of sashimi or sushi.

Another way to serve this fish is to cook it with soy sauce, sugar mirim and vegetables such as daikon (Japanese radish). This fish has tender, flavorful meat and a medium fat content.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

7 - Snapper - Tai [鯛]

The snapper is a fish associated with luck and is often used in celebrations, usually at weddings. But it is also consumed on ordinary days, either as sushi or grilled.

Snapper is a mild-tasting, low-fat fish. This fish is characterized by having a rounded and vertically flattened body shape and the presence of canine teeth.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

8 - Horsetail - Saba [サバ]

Saba is a fish that has a low price and can be easily found in supermarkets. It is usually served boiled, roasted or grilled.

Another not so common way to serve this fish is in the form of battera, which is a type of pressed sushi. This fish has an average of 25 centimeters and normally weighs 1 kilo.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

9 - Eel - Unagi [鰻]

The Unagi it's a freshwater eel. This fish is traditionally grilled over charcoal with kabayaki sauce and served with rice in a delicious dish called Unadon or Unaju. You can try these dishes in Gyudon restaurants.

The Japanese believe that this fish helps to withstand the heat and humidity, so they are usually eaten in hot months like August. Still, you can easily find them at any time of year.

Lake Hamana in Hamamatsu, Shizouka Prefecture, is famous for being the land of the finest unagi. This lake is surrounded by several restaurants specializing in different types of dishes made with unagui.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

10 - Mackerel - Aji [鯵]

Horse mackerel has a tasty and light meat. It measures between 15 and 20 centimeters and weighs up to 1 kilo. This fish is usually eaten fried, but it can also be served boiled, grilled, baked or breaded. AND

This fish is characterized by having a fusiform body, a lateral line ending in shield-shaped scales, and a layer of red muscle on the side of the body.

The 10 most consumed types of fish in Japan

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