Gamer school in Japan - e-sports course

Have you ever imagined yourself studying at a gamer school? Have you considered the possibility of graduating from a course to work in the area of e-sports? The growth of e-sports competitions has brought people from all over the world to dream of being a professional electronic game player. Games like League of Legends, Overwatch, CS-GO, among many others, are on the rise, thus leading to many events, competitions and excellent prizes for the winners.

And on Tokyo school of anime you can learn how to be a professional electronic games or sports player. The Japanese school Tokyo School of Anime was the first to launch the course for those who wish to be professionals in the world of video games.

Practical game tactics and training such as five clicks of the mouse in a second, 180º rotation with the mouse, transmission of games, among other activities are taught to students, as well as specializations in the field of e-Sports such as game, business and fostering e-Sports, comments and events.

Gamer school in japan - e-sports course

Even professional players come to teach you. In addition to offering training for players, the course also aims at teaching to organize and produce matches and competitions in this environment.

What do you learn in Japan’s gamer school?

The courses offer practical lessons in various electronic sports title games, such as FPS, RTS and fighting games, thus training skills to compete in the international arena. Basic business knowledge and the type of marketing used in the industry are also taught.

You will be able to learn how to develop and produce events by organizing and promoting e-sports and you can become a producer of related events. The courses are not only focused on PC games, but also on application games. The courses offer game planning, programming and other subjects, to develop new e-sports titles and disseminate them to the world.

Gamer school in japan - e-sports course

Now see some courses included in the school

  • Game playing I - Skills and techniques for training professional teams
  • English for Gamers - Teaching English conversation skills focused on game terminology
  • Communication Skills - In this course, you will work on developing basic social interaction skills, including communicating with other players;
  • Game Playing Basic - Learn basic knowledge about several famous e-sports games. Things like rules, strategies and tactics that can work on the international stage;
  • Self Managment - Surviving in the electronic sports arena is difficult. This course offers opportunities for greater self-awareness and empowerment;
  • Business Manner - Learn ways and social mindsets to work in the field of electronic sports;

Autonomy and professionalism are essential for the evolution towards success. Support is offered to acquire good professional customs in obtaining work and conduct yourself correctly and necessary at work. The school's devices are of high performance and are the same ones used in real e-sport competitions. It looks like a dream!

Gamer school in japan - e-sports course

Other Tokyo School of Anime courses

Don't like games? The Japanese school Tokyo School of Anime offers courses in the creation and production of anime, 3d and 2d drawings, in the dubbing part the school trains you to become a voice actor for both games and anime, sound effects, music, modeling of figures elaboration and creation of plots, stories and much more. I wish such a school in Brazil!

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