MyanimeList - Knowing and learning to use MAL

Myanimelist is a very popular site in English, where you can create your list of anime that you are watching or intend to watch, in addition to giving your rating and opinion. The website is also called BAD intimate.

The website myanimelist goes further, it also allows you to search for anime by genre and popularity, and also find lists of manga, voice actors and authors.

In this article, we have prepared some guides and curiosities related to myanimelist. In fact I want to go further, I want to show how useful the myanimelist it can be, in addition to putting together your list of watched anime.

English knowledge is not required to use the myanimelist, just use the translator in the google chrome browser or some extension if you use another browser, or even risk browsing the site in English, something that is not difficult.

Starting to use myanimelist

Upon entering the site myanimelist, you must register. In the upper left corner you will find “Sing Up" that means register, just click and register using the email or any social network you have.

Remembering that your ID (login) will be the URL (link) of your myanimelist, so invent something easy to remember for you to share with your friends the link to your anime list. See as an example my link from my anime list: (I need to update xd)…

Myanimelist - knowing and learning to use

Once you have completed and confirmed your registration by email, you can search for anime you’ve watched and add them to your personal list and share the link with friends.

To make it easier to remember the anime you’ve watched, look for a list with the site’s TOP Ranking, so you can browse the most popular ones and mark them as watched! There are many anime that you will be lost.

To do this, just click on the anime tab and TOP Anime. You can separate anime movies by clicking TOP TV Series. Be sure to do this, you will never remember all the anime you have watched alone.

Myanimelist - knowing and learning to use evil - banner

Adding Anime to your myanimelist

By clicking on Add to List you will find some options before adding the anime to your list. Let’s see some information below:

  • Status - Indicates whether you have watched the anime or not;
    • Watching - Watching;
    • Completed - Watched everything;
    • On-hold - Waiting or paused list;
    • Dropped - Stopped watching;
    • Plan to watch - Plan to watch;
  • Your Score - Anime score from 1 to 10;
  • Show Advanced - Shows advanced options;
Myanimelist - knowing and learning to use

With the advanced options you can give more details about how many times you've watched, make a comment and even specify where you stored the anime. The possibilities for using the myanimelist.

If you have knowledge of CSS you can even completely modify your anime list. You can edit the anime information at any time after adding the list, just click on the same option completed or edit.

Myanimelist - knowing and learning to use evil - nihongo Curso

Details about an anime on my anime list

At any time you can click on the name of the anime on the various pages and lists on the website and thus access the anime page with all possible details about it. On the anime page you will find information such as:

  • Number of episodes;
  • Release date and end of TV show;
  • Producers, licensors and studios;
  • Source (If it was a manga, game or light novel);
  • Genres;
  • Duration of the episode or movie;
  • Popularity statistics, scores, members who watched and favored;
  • A detailed synopsis and additional background information;
  • List of related anime (such as other seasons or movies);
  • Actors and voice actors of anime characters and producers;
  • Opening and closing songs; Japanese anime name;
  • Comments from other members along with their rating;
  • Recent news;
  • Recommendations;
  • Forum discussions;
  • Featured articles;,
  • Promotional videos (Trailers and PV);
  • And much more;
Myanimelist - knowing and learning to use

How to use 100% from My Anime List

There is no secret to using myanimelist, but I use it for many things besides searching and making anime lists. I made a list of the things that the website provided, making my life easier:

  • I use the anime cover image for articles on my website;
  • Find out how to spell the name of the anime in Japanese;
  • Search for the best anime of a certain genre;
  • Search for subjects and discussions in forums and articles on the site;
Myanimelist - knowing and learning to use evil

Below I will leave some alerts and tips that can help you to handle my anime list in the best way:

  • Beware of the English name of anime, it is sometimes different from what we know here;
  • Do not be fooled by the position, rating or ranking of an anime on a given list;
  • You can use myanimelist to mark which episodeŊ of a particular anime has stopped;
  • Know the date or number of episodes that will have an anime that has not yet come out;
  • You can ignore and block users on the forum;
  • You can make and read anime and manga reviews;

Without a doubt, the BAD or myanimelist is the largest database on anime and manga on the internet. Do you already have a registration? Share your myanimelist in the comments! If you have any tips or suggestions about this site, we would like to hear it too. We appreciate comments and shares.

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