Differences between Japanese Games, Movies and Media with Westerners


Do you know the differences between Western films, games, drawings and series with those of the Japanese? Japan is a country with a unique and strange culture which results in totally different tastes from the western ones, thus influencing its works and creations. In this article, we will see the differences and comparisons between Western and Eastern works from games, comics, films, series, etc.

Unfortunately, I realize that young Westerners consider Japanese children's works just because they are not violent, use fantasies, cute and colorful characters. What I think is absurd, and it motivated me to write this article about the cultural differences in Japanese and Western works. In my opinion, most Westerners today like violent and realistic action games because they are part of the environment in which they live. This is not the case in Japan as there is security there that prevents the entry of weapons and drugs into the country, and makes the death toll below 1 in 100,000.

Differences between Japanese games, films and media with westerners - gloomy bear 307

The setting of most modern Western games depicts wars, criminal life, heroic life, medieval world and fictional themes. In Japan, most action-themed games depict medieval RPGs, robots, fantasy universes, feudal Japan and yakuza. Most Japanese games are RPG, fighting and the visual novel that scares Westerners. While in the West the genres that are successful are FPS, TPS, arena, running and sports.


What causes this cultural difference?

Western culture considers animation to be somewhat childish, which ends up causing discussions between manga and anime fans with Westerners who do not respect and say it is a child thing and prefer to watch series because they are realistic. The same thing happens in games, several people accuse Mario as a children's game, although he covers audiences of all ages. Something ironic because most kids today who don't play Minecraft are playing GTAV or some FPS while Mario's players are always over 20. In my opinion, Westerners can't accept the fact that fantasy is better than reality.

Differences between Japanese games, films and media with Westerners

Japan is very fond of fictional and colorful characters because this has been included in Japanese culture for a long time, mainly with the invention of manga. Nowadays, mascots of prefectures, clothes and fashion, signs and signs, leaflets, websites, paintings and Japanese decorations kawaii a term that indicates cute and colorful things. This immersion in the kawaii culture makes all ages see animations, fictional and cute characters as something normal, while the West sees them as children's things.

Things like education, culture, religion were also influential for the themes found in Japanese works. Shinto and Buddhism allowed the creation of Japanese mythologies and fantasy universes that we find today in JRPGs, manga and anime. I have to say that the works reflect the culture and personality of the nation. We can take Brazilian music as an example, most of them talk about picking up women, drinking or partying that reflects Brazilian culture. In Japan the contents of the songs are usually beautiful poetic and romantic lyrics, which represents the shyness and the problem of the Japanese to relate.

Have you ever stopped to think about it? What is your opinion?