How to type in Japanese or Chinese in games and programs you don't accept

Are you good playing your MMORPG favorite, and tries to type Japanese letters to impress friends, but can't? Only a bunch of boxes or question marks appear? Know that it can be simple to solve this problem!

What are the benefits of writing Japanese or another language in a different language? MMO?

  • You can curse someone in Japanese;
  • It can show that you know the language;
  • You can send secret messages to friends;
  • You can declare yourself to a girl;
  • Make fun;

Most games or computer programs use a format non-Unicode, preventing any non-language characters from being entered. So the solution is simple, just change the default language of the programs non-Unicode for Japanese. The following tutorial works on most Windows.


First of all, you must have the Japanese language installed on your computer's keyboard.

Step by step

  1. Go to the start menu and search for “Region"Or"Language and Region”Or go to the control panel and then“ Clock, Language and Region ”;
  2. When you are able to access the “Region"Or"Language and Region”Click on the tab Administrative.
  3. In programs non-Unicode, click Change system locale and choose the Japanese or language you want to type without problems;
  4. Restart the computer and try to write whatever you want in the game, which may work;

Unfortunately some games do not have the Japanese library included, so it may not work. But in most games they work.

I was unable to type in some games that I believed would work, so it may be because I'm using windows 10 and there may be a bug.


When changing the program language Non-Unicode from your computer, some programs will be in Japanese.

How to type in Japanese or Chinese in games and programs you don't accept