Young Boys and Old Worms from Japan

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Problematic people exist everywhere, but my friend Bumpkin nicknamed the troubled foreigners living in Japan as Little Young Boys and Old Scabies. In this article, we will see how to identify them, avoid them and not become one of them.

Many foreigners end up joining the bad customs of their home country together with the bad customs of Japan. This mixture of cultures ends up creating something totally rotten and that harms the person himself and those who live with him.

Why Carcomida Vein? The word eaten away means something spoiled, old, gnawed, destroyed, ruined and worn out. Why Youth? The word refers to people who have not grown up mentally or live like children without knowledge.

Juvenile boys and old, worn-out women from Japan
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If you follow the channel Bumpkin in Japan you must have seen him several times using the expressions juvenile boy and worm-eaten vein to characterize some specific types of Brazilians or foreigners living in Japan.

Among these characteristics we see pride, superiority complex and selfishness taking over. The Caipira video below talks a little about how to identify these people. Then I will comment a little on these characteristics and their consequences.

YouTube video

There is no difference between young boys and old worms, both are the same, they are just different nicknames. This article specifically talks about foreigners who live in Japan and create problems, regardless of age.

Aversion to Japanese language

One of the characteristics of young boys and gnawed old women is their aversion to the Japanese language. Some foreigners are so used to stewardship that they live in the country without learning the native language.

Some people don't bother to learn Japanese because they find it difficult and because of the ease they have in Japan. what am I going to learn japanese if I have a community of Brazilians, translators, magazines and boards in English?

Japanese alphabet
Aishiteru - Do you really love?

Over time, he ends up realizing that he cannot evolve, they only live in the same factory jobs working overtime and overloading yourself. Still, he refuses to learn the Japanese language, thinking it won't change anything.

Unfortunately, many cannot learn due to lack of time. But there are young people who do almost nothing and don't even try to learn the language. And there are no age excuses, if the person wants to, they learn.

Young little boys are envious

Unfortunately, among the Brazilian community in Japan there are many envious people. Many Brazilians deny the possibility of working in Japan in alternative ways and believe there is only the factory as an option for foreigners.

I'm tired of seeing Brazilians discouraging people from going to Japan saying that life is just work, at the same time I see a lot of people idly on the street. Many do not accept that others have achieved alternative forms of live in japan without working hard.

Not only in Japan, but all over the world, there are thousands of envious people. They have no idea how harmful this feeling of envy is. It can destroy friendships, generate sadness, and harm both the sender and the target.

Juvenile boys and old, worn-out women from Japan
Money, savings, kane!

The mutt complex also speaks loudly when an envious one is eaten up when someone is successful. He probably suspects something is wrong with that, like the guy is a mobster or drug dealer, because for him there is no other way to be in that position.

The envious just gnash their teeth, groan and complain, but do not take any action to run after the same targets or seek to know how he achieved those results. Your envy mixed with pride prevents you from taking action.

The envious person only criticizes and looks for error in others. I myself have come across several envious people making baseless criticisms of my work. They want to know more than others and do not accept being left behind.

Juvenile little boy is never wrong - Pride

Young boys and gnawed veins are never wrong. Their pride does not allow them to receive and accept advice, they cannot see their path full of mistakes, nor do they want to accept it. Even good advice they criticize and reject.

In addition to not accepting being wrong, they root for the misfortune of others. They don't want to see anyone grow, they want others to fall to their level. They simply level themselves down, never accepting being wrong and not seeking knowledge.

These feelings are those of failed people, who take pleasure in seeing others fall. People who will never accept being wrong, nor will they accept these criticisms we made regarding envy and language.

Juvenile boys and old, worn-out women from Japan
Shopping and more shopping…

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Do not obey the laws of Japan

Troubled foreigners also don't follow Japan's laws. They think they are in Brazil and can do whatever they want, without worrying about small things. Many have already chipped for thinking like that, you could be next if you are on this course.

Who doesn't remember the events of the 2008 crisis? Where did Brazilians leave cars at airports and steal iPhones and other products before leaving Japan, leaving a lot of accumulated debt?

Unfortunately today people think that breaking rules is something beautiful, and it's a reason to be ashamed. Anyone who disobeys the laws has to be damned. Brazil is in this shit because of these little laws that the population and government take.

Once again, the person thinking only about himself ends up harming him and the next. Their desperation has reached a gigantic level, they don't know how to wait and do things right. I wrote one myself article talking about it, I recommend reading.

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