Guide on how to live well in Japan

Whether as a tourist or immigrant, everyone who goes to Japan wants to get along. Avoid problems, make friends, get a good job and have a happy life. Unfortunately what I see are Brazilians living in routine and complaining about the country. With that in mind, I'm going to write this guide on how to live well in Japan.

During the text, in addition to the main tips I will leave in bold some phrases that serve as tips to get along in Japan, but I won't go into them too much because they are obvious things.

I will also end each topic with a list of highlighted points in addition to a quote that serves to alleviate the concerns of people who are in Japan. I hope you enjoy this guide on how to live well in Japan.

Don't get stuck in the Brazilian community

The mistake of most Brazilians who go to Japan is to be trapped in the Brazilian community and not associate with the Japanese. By doing this in an extreme way you end up leaving learn Japanese habits and customs.

Often some end up corrupted by negativity of some foreigners and for the criticisms that foreigners make towards the Japanese, their culture and country. Many love to speak ill of Japan, just browse social media to see it.

Guide on how to live well in japan

You may still end up falling into a comfort zone and stop study the japanese language, doing things yourself and letting others make decisions for you, based on someone else's experience.


To summarize this topic, to live well in Japan we need:

  • Associate with Japanese;
  • Learn Japanese habits and customs;
  • Do not let yourself be affected by the negativity of others;
  • Do not listen to criticism and generalizations from others;
  • Study the Japanese language;
  • Do not settle with the facilities or fall into the comfort zone;
  • We must not let others make decisions for you;

Fear of earthquake and tsunami? Remember, it's easier for you to get hit by a cow!

Be a tourist even if you are not a tourist

If you appear to live in Japan for many years, the Japanese need not necessarily make a super impression and expect you to be fluent in the language. One tip is always walk around with a camera around your neck looking like a tourist.


This way you are obliged to exclude yourself from knowing the Japanese language and the Japanese will give you the best treatment and be very patient with you. We are not saying that you will be treated differently if you are not a tourist, but my friend even realized that when he was with my camera several things that he had never seen happened.

Guide on how to live well in japan

Japanese people turn a blind eye to many things that tourists do and often offer perks. It is even easier to make friends, because the Japanese end up having more courage to communicate with tourists than with citizens of their country. They will not care if they know that you have lived in Japan for many years.


So even if you have an Iphone XS in your pocket, it is best to always carry a camera around your neck. Remember that the best thing is to travel, I know Brazilians who have lived in Japan for more than 10 years and never left their province. Don't just try to look like a tourist, be a tourist! Don't have time to travel? Make time! Discover all of Japan! Is not expensive…

In summary, we recommend that:

  • Always walk with a camera around your neck;
  • Don't be ashamed to ask things;
  • Travel! Discover all of Japan!
  • Don't have time? Make time!

Taking time to travel and visit places does away with any stress or worry.

Have common sense and don't make things difficult

As already mentioned, don't be a negative person who complains about things or takes them in general. It has been scientifically proven that negative people drive other people away, are always confused, are never happy and live full of problems and stress.

If a Japanese man bothers you, keep your distance. If all Japanese people bother you, then the problem is you! Remember that you are not in your country, do not be selfish and be grateful for the opportunity instead of complaining and generalizing.

Guide on how to live well in japan

Work less and have more fun! Some people are obsessive about earning and collecting money, which is a bit complicated in capitalist Japan. If you don't like working overtime, don't work overtime, you don't have to!

If the boss demands it, show the labor rights. If he fires you, enjoy your book time with unemployment insurance and you will enjoy life as my friend did. Jobs in Japan abound, so don't get stuck in factories or contractors.


Many foreigners end up being duped by contractors who hide labor rights, paid vacations, unemployment insurance and even pay less for overtime. The purpose of contractors is to profit and not to help people. Always read the contract before making hasty decisions.

Guide on how to live well in japan

Want to get another job, so study and learn the language. No matter what age, there are plenty of opportunities, the only mistake is to give up before trying. Just don't do something you don't like and then you can take it out in the country and be sorry and suffering all your life.

To summarize this topic:

  • Don't be negative and don't complain about things;
  • Stay away from people who bother you;
  • Be grateful for the opportunity to be in Japan;
  • Work less and have more fun;
  • Don't get stuck in factories or contractors;
  • Always read the contract and look for your rights;
  • Don't give up before trying;
  • Do not discount your problems in the country;

As much as it may seem, the Japanese are usually a group and not individualists.

little tips for getting along in Japan

No matter what you do, you will always stand out for being different, and unfortunately there is a saying in Japan that nail that stands out is hammered. The best thing to do is to accept that you are a foreigner living this way, both good and bad things will happen.

If you try not to stand out so much and follow the rules and customs you will be able to have a good life in Japan, there will come a time when you will say that Japan was one of the best experiences you had in your life.

Guide on how to live well in japan

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to do well in Japan, if you liked it share it and leave your comments. To finish the article we will leave a list with other quick tips for you to do well in Japan:

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