KuneKune – The Japanese legend that no one has seen

The legend arose in Japan, where sightings of a creature in rice fields or in the open sea are reported. This being is described as humanoid and white, being the only thing that can be said about its appearance. After all, it can only be seen from afar and everyone who saw it clearly went mad or died.

Legends and folklore exist from primitive societies to the present. They arise from small concerns or facts that need an explanation by that people. An example of urban legend modern is KuneKune.

There are several factors that may suggest the reports. Such as the Japanese fields having scary scarecrows, which end up generating other stories. Another possibility is dehydration and heat stroke that can result from hotter days.

Curiosity: Kunekune is also a small breed of New Zealand domestic pig. They are furry, chubby and often have barbels. They can be black and white like dalmatian, ginger, cream, black and brown.

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The Legend of KuneKune

The reports have many modifications. The hours vary, it can be at lunch time or in the evening. They usually start in a green field or a sea with a different breeze in the air (sometimes it is cold or even warm) felt with goosebumps.

Kunekune - the Japanese legend that no one has seen

After the fact comes the sighting of a thick white mist, which slowly dissipates. In the distance, a person dressed in white is seen moving strangely. It is not possible to visualize the physical characteristics and gender, only the elongated and slender form of a white bipedal being.

When observed more closely, it is noticed that it is squirming and bending from right to left and from left to right. The movements are impressive, form incredible angles and the way he maneuvers the whole body is impossible for human limbs.

Watching KuneKune

By looking directly at the strange organism with binoculars or getting close, they give a message to the other person who almost met the same end.

  • "You should not to see...;
  • “Run by your life..."
Kunekune - the Japanese legend that no one has seen

Then the observer pales and begins to react with movements similar to those of the mysterious individual. Upon hearing the message, the victim's partner does not look at the entity and runs home.

Since by ignoring that strange organism, he was spared the sad end of his partner (relative or friend, according to the variations of the stories).

Upon arriving home, he asks for help from someone who explains that existence is KuneKune and that he narrowly escaped becoming the next victim.

Added to the end of the story are macabre and hysterical laughter from the victim and the certainty of hospitalization in mental health institutions for the rest of his life. What do you think of this Japanese legend? Will you face it?

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