Aki – Autumn Season in Japan

autumn is one of four seasons of japan which in the Japanese language is called aki [秋]. The season or season starts September 23 and runs until December 21. In this article, we are going to see a little bit of Autumn in Japan.

How is autumn in Japan?

In the Japanese autumn, the leaves of the trees turn yellow and red, making the streets, gardens and Japanese landscapes more beautiful. In my opinion it is one of the best times to visit Japan, I always do my travels around October.

Autumn weather is comfortable and cool in most parts of Japan. Leaves begin to turn red early in Hokkaido around September, making it a good time to visit the north of the country. There are some holidays during this time such as Halloween.

Aki - autumn season in Japan

The rice is golden, colorful fruits such as chestnuts, pears and grapes decorate the window. During autumn we have many fruits such as tangerine, yuzu, persimmon, apples, pears and strawberries. Small typhoons and rains can linger into early autumn.

The nights get longer and you can clearly see the moon and stars. As the morning chill and the evening chill gradually increase, the temperature difference between day and night becomes large.

Aki - autumn season in Japan

Autumn facts in Japan

Autumn flowers in Japan – The famous autumn flowers are called the 7 herbs of autumn or Aki no nanakusa [秋の七草]. These are wild grasses and vegetables such as Chrysanthemum, Higanbana, Cosmos and Miscanthus.

Moon Festival in Autumn - In Japan there is the word Tsukimi [月見] which literally means "moon watching", are Japanese festivals in honor of the autumn moon. During autumn we can still see remnants of the Tanabata, Obon and Nakamoto.

During autumn we have many athletic events like the National Sports Day holiday, festivals and athletic meetings are held in many schools like undokai, festivals like gakugeikai and bunkasai It is also usually performed in autumn.

Aki - autumn season in Japan

Cities to Enjoy Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Kyoto takes place around November to December. Many temples, castles and gardens often represent the largest collection of colorful flowers in Japan. Kyoto is full of places to enjoy the fall of the autumn leaves making it one of the most popular places to visit, in addition to its great culture, beauty and traditionalism.

The city of Tokyo It offers large urban parks and Edo-era gardens to enjoy the autumn leaves. Even the streets of Tokyo can have a good view, like Icho Namiki Avenue and also the fields of the University of Tokyo.

Aki - autumn season in Japan

A city of Nara It's also a great location, as it was the first capital of Japan. As with any ancient capital of Japan, it is full of good places like temples, shrines, parks and gardens.

The city of Osaka is also a great tourist spot to enjoy the beauty of autumn. There is Osaka Castle, Minoo's Garden and many other attractions, not to mention some streets that are a delight to enjoy in autumn.

Aki - autumn season in Japan

Nikko a city 2 hours from Tokyo in the middle of the mountains making a beautiful setting to spend the autumn, not to mention the osen, lakes, temples and the mausoleum of the shogun Tokugawa, a great tourist spot.

One of the best gardens to see autumn leaves is the Kanazawa which took over 200 years to build and is dotted with lakes. The 5 lakes around Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture are another great spot to enjoy the scenery during autumn.

Aki - autumn season in Japan

A small island near Hiroshima called Miyajima has beautiful forests, and trees with up to 700 years of life known as Momijidani. There are numerous other hiking trails and some temples.

We will leave some wonderful photos below, and then one of some cities and the season where you can enjoy the autumn leaves.

Aki - autumn season in Japan

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Autumn leaves season table

The list below shows the best time to visit a particular region to see the red of autumn and the fall of leaves in Japan. We have a list with the city, beginning of fall and end of fall. Each region starts on a different date.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table sideways with your finger >>
City/ProvinceStartThe end
Hokkaidomid septemberend of october
Tohokubeginning of octoberat the beginning of november
Nikkobeginning of octobermid November
Kyushumid octoberend of november
Koyasanend of octobermid November
Fuji five lakesend of octobermid November
Hakoneat the beginning of novemberend of november
Tokyoat the beginning of novembermid december
Yoshinoat the beginning of novemberend of november
Kanazawamid NovemberBeginning of December
Izu Peninsulamid NovemberBeginning of December
Naramid NovemberBeginning of December
Kyotomid NovemberBeginning of December
Osakamid NovemberBeginning of December
Miyajimamid Novemberend of november
Shikokumid Novemberend of november
Himejimid NovemberBeginning of December
Kamakuraend of novemberBeginning of December
Aki - autumn season in Japan

Autumn Words in Japanese

Below are some words and vocabularies related to Autumn in the Japanese language:

Responsive Table: Scroll the table sideways with your finger >>
Pleasant雨の Rainy
go to school学校に行く Back to school
there isSheet
Harowīnハロウィーン Halloween
kanshasai感謝祭 Thanksgiving
kaze風邪 Cold
kaze no tsuyoi風の強い Windy
kisetsu no kawarime季節の変わり目 change of season
kōyō紅葉 autumn foliage
nagasode no shatsu長袖のシャツ long sleeve shirt
panpukin fatherパンプキンパイ Pumpkin pie
rakuyō落葉 falling leaves
arrowセーター Sweater
shūbun秋分 autumn equinox
cool涼しい Nice

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