Naita Aka Oni - The Red Ogre Who Cried

Stories, tales, fables and legends are present in all parts of the world. Some are just for fun and entertainment, others have a deeper meaning. For example, fables always come with some kind of moral lesson. But we will tell the tale of Naita Aka Oni, The Red Ogre Who Cried.

Anyway, these stories are always interesting to hear and learn their lessons. And as our focus is Japan, there is nothing more fair than bringing a history of that country. It is a tale about a red ogre and a blue ogre. It is one of the most popular in Japan.

It may be a story aimed at children, but it is still interesting for all audiences. And if you like this story, we have another very interesting one here on the site, the old man's tale of flowering trees.

Naita aka oni - the red ogre who cried

You may have heard this story in an anime or manga. I already noticed something related in Ore Monogatari, Darling in the franxx, DBZ and even Monster.

Naita Aka Oni - The Red Ogre Who Cried

Once, there were two ogres. One was red and the other was blue. The red ogre wanted to befriend the children who lived in a nearby village. With that, the red ogre placed a sign in front of his house:

  • House of a Gentle Ogre
  • Are all welcome
  • Tasty tea and cakes available

However, no one came, and the red ogre was puzzled, sad and angry. "I am such a kind ogre, why wouldn't anyone visit me?" In despair and torment, the red ogre dropped the sign: "This is useless".

His friend, the blue ogre, moved by his friend's feelings, said to him: "Look, I have a plan".

The blue ogre's plan was for him to pretend to terrorize the children. However, as long as he was terrorizing the children, the ogre would appear. And he would rescue the children by pretending to chase and chase the blue ogre.

And so it was done, and the whole plan went smoothly. Making the red ogre the most popular creature among children, and everyone came to play with him.

Naita aka oni - the red ogre who cried

After enjoying the company of the children for a while, the red ogre found a letter from the blue ogre. The letter said: “My dear Red Ogre, if people discover that you are a friend of the Bad Blue Ogre, they will no longer let the children come to you. So, I'm leaving. Please live happily with the children Goodbye, Blue Ogre. “

Desperate for not knowing what to do, the red ogre shouted: “The blue ogre is gone! A dear friend of mine! He's gone! ” And he cried. However, her tears could no longer undo what had happened.

The red ogre and the blue ogre would never meet again. Because of his negligence, he ended up losing his dear friend.

Did you like Naita Aka Oni, The Red Ogre Who Cried?

When we stop to reflect on the story, we see that we can draw some good lessons from it. However, we also see that we made several mistakes similar to this one without even realizing it.

Naita aka oni - the red ogre who cried

It is as they say, "we only value what we have when we lose". We have a lot of amazing things on our side, and we don't even care about most of them. Stories like these serve to give us a new look at the things around us.

Another very interesting thing that we can learn from this story is the notion of true friendship. We don't all have friends that we can count on for everything. These friendships are truly rare for us.

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