A nameless monster - Namae no nai kibutibut - Monster

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Monster is a famous manga published in 1994 that received its anime adaptation in 2004 with 74 episodes. Because it is old, few had the chance to appreciate this wonderful work, I myself was very reluctant because of the lines and the square canvas. Finally, I had the opportunity to watch this masterpiece that involves suspense, psychological thriller and questions the existence of a monster inside people. If you haven't already, run and watch!

The anime has nothing supernatural, the story takes place in Germany and shows a doctor named Tenma who decides to choose to save a boy who was shot in the head, but this boy ends up becoming one Serial killer psychopath who manipulates people. The anime shows how simple words and actions can turn people into monsters without feelings.

An unnamed monster

In the anime's back story, an illustrated book appears under the name of Namae no nai Kaibutsu (なまえのないかいぶつ) which literally means an unnamed monster. Original name in Czech is Obluda, Kierá Nemá Své Jméno. This book has an interesting story that was important in anime, especially the sentence:


Look at me, look at me! The monster growing inside me is so big! (Boku wo mite! Boku wo mite! Boku no naka no kaibutsu ga konnani ookikunattayo)

This story is very complex, just watching the anime you can understand the meaning behind it. In this article, I decided to use it to study some expressions in Japanese. You can see the story by watching the video below:

(I did not find the original video with original audio, but I did find the audio);

You can use this story to learn Japanese. I liked it because it is told in the style of a children's story, with simple words, onomatopoeia, etc. In this article, I want to let you examine the story yourself, sentence by sentence, word by word, ideogram by ideogram. I recommend using the site jisho to search for the meaning of the words if you want to understand them. So you can create your own sentences for Anki and still study at the same time.


Studying history in Japanese

mukashi mukashi, aru tokoro ni namae no nai kaibutsu ga imashita.
A long time ago, there was an unnamed monster.

kaibutsu ha namae ga hoshikute hoshikute, shikata arimasen deshita.
The monster wanted so badly to have a name that he couldn't take it anymore.

kaibutsu soko ha tabi ni deta namae wo sagasukoto ni narimashita.
So he decided to go on a journey to find a name, name.


demo sekai ha hiroi node kaibutsu ha futatsu ni wakarete tabi ni toohita.
But the world was a big place, so the monster split in two to complete the journey.

ippiki ha higashi he, ippiki ha nishi he.
One went east and the other west.

higashi he itta kaibutsu ha mura wo mitsukemashita.
The monster that went east has found a village.


mura no iriguchi ni ha kajiya ga imashita.
there was a blacksmith at the entrance to the village.

"Kajiya no ojisan, boku ni anata no namae kudasai."
- "Senhor Ferreiro, please give me your name."

“Namae nante agerarerumono ka.”
- "I can't give you my name"

“Namae wo kuretara, i prayed ni ojisan no naka ni haitte, chikarawo tsuyoku shite ageru yo.”
- "If you give me your name, I will go into your stomach and make you the strongest man in the world in return."

“Hontou? chikara ga tsuyoku naru nara, namae wo ageyou. ”
- "Truth? I will give you my name if you make me stronger in return ”

kaibutsu ha kajiya no naka ni haitteikimashita.
And the monster entered the blacksmith's stomach.

kaibutsu ha kajiya in Otto ni narimashita.
The monster became Otto the Blacksmith

kajiya at Otto ha mura ichiban chikaramochi
Otto was the strongest in the village


demo aru hi
but one day:

"Boku wo mite, boku wo mite, boku no naka no kaibutsu ga konnani ookiku natta yo."
Look at me, look at me. The monster in me has grown so much!

baribari, kushakusha, bakibaki, gokun
Bite Bite, Chew Chew, Grind Grind, Swallow.

onaka no suita kaibutsu ha Otto wo naka kara tabete shimaimashita.
The hungry monster ate Otto from the inside out

kaibutsu ha mata namae no na kibutibutu ni gyaku modori, kutsuya no Hans no naka ni haitte mo
and went back to being an unnamed monster. Even so it entered the shoemaker Hans's stomach but:


baribari, kushakusha, bakibaki, gokun
Bite Bite, Chew Chew, Grind Grind, Swallow.

kills, namae no nai kaibutsu ni gyaku modori, karyuudo Thomas ni haitte mo
And he went back to being an unnamed monster. Still it entered the hunter Thomas’s stomach but:

baribari, kushakusha, bakibaki, gokun
Bite Bite, Chew Chew, Grind Grind, Swallow.

yappari, namae no nai kaibutsu ni gyaku modori.
And he went back to being an unnamed monster.

kaibutsu ha oshiro no naka ni suteki na nae wo sagashini ikimashita.
The monster went to the castle in search of a wonderful name.


oshiro no naka ni ha by ouki no otoko no ko ga imashita.
Inside the castle there was a very sick boy.

"Kimi no namae wo boku ni kuretara, tsuyoku shite ageru yo."
- "I will make you healthy if you give me your name"

"Byouki ga naotte tsuyoku naru nara, namae wo ageru yo."
- "I will give you my name if you cure my disease and make me stronger"

kaibutsu ha otoko no ko no naka ni haitteikimashita.
The monster entered the boy.

otoko no ko ha totemo genki ni narimashita.
The boy became healthy.


王さまは大喜び 「王子は元気になった!王子は元気になった!」
ousama ha ooyorokobi “ouji ha genki ni natta! ouji ha genki ni natta! ”
The king was impressed. - “The prince is fine! The prince is fine! ”

kaibutsu ha otoko no ko no namae ga ki ni irimashita.
The monster was pleased with the boy's name

oshiro no kurashi mo ki ni irimashita.
and he was also satisfied with life in the castle.

dakara, onaka ga suitemo gaman shimashita.
For that reason he endured even when he was hungry.

mainichi, mainichi, onaka ga pekopeko by mo gaman shimashita.
Every day, even when his stomach was empty, he endured it.

demo, amari onaka ga suite shimatta node
But, due to the fact that he became very hungry:

"Boku wo mite, boku wo mite, boku no naka no kaibutsu ga konnani ookiku natta yo."
Look at me, look at me. The monster in me has grown so much!

otoko no ko ha ousama mo kerai mo minna tabete shimaimashita.
The boy ate his father, the servants and everyone else.

baribari, kushakusha, bakibaki, gokun
Bite Bite, Chew Chew, Grind Grind, Swallow.

dare mo inaku natte shimattanode, otoko no ko ha tabi ni toohita.
Because there was no one else, the boy went on a journey and ate everyone he met on his way, until he found no one else.

nannichi mo, nannichi mo, arukitsudsukete.
He walked and walked for days.

aru hi, otoko no ko ha nishi he itta kaibutsu wo deaimashita.
one day, the boy found the monster that went west.

“Namae ga tsuita yo. suteki na nae na nan da. ”
- “I have a name. I have a wonderful name. ”

nishi he itta kaibutsu iimashita: “namae nante iranai ha.
And then the monster that went west said:

namae nante nakutemo shiawase yo. watashitachi ha namae no nai kaibutsu desu mono. ”
- “I don't need a name. I'm happy even though I don't have a name. Because we are nameless monsters. ”

otoko no ko ha nishi he itta kaibutsu wo tabete shimaimashita.
The boy ate the monster that went west.

namae wo tsuita noni namae wo yonde kureru hito ha inaku narimashita.
Despite having a name, there was no one left to call him by name.

Johann Suteki at Namae Nanoni.
Johan. It's a wonderful name.